Plat V- Plat V 5 times in a row

Hi there, i understand that it’s easy to say that this is where I belong skill wise. But I’ve played very well every game, and I’ve now won 7 in a row 5 times, each time I stayed in plat V. the first few I lost 3 or so, then 4-5, but the last two 7 win streaks I only lost 1 game and 2 games respectively. And yet every single time I rank up its just plat V. I’m so mentally drained and burnt out. I know I’m performing better than a plat V standard. Please let me out of this hell.

I have just finished another 7 wins in ranked mode and i haven’t got new rank ? I was plat 3 and what i have got is plat 3 ? Is it possible, is this how it should work ? If its because of mmr how am i supposed to climb ? Like i know that i have sh*t mmr because i have played more then thousands games, but i know how win games, otherwise i wouldnt hit master when i played OW1 last time.