Pink Mercy waiting room

“You were supposed to destroy the sith not join them!”


I’m not expecting it either but a lot of people would be so happy about it.


it’s not a valentines skin. It’s a charity skin.

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Even though it’s not a valentines skin I think it still think it would fit pretty well since valentines day are about sharing love.


I agree. Especially with the Hanzo cupid skin that would look pretty good with Pink Mercy in the shop


That’s why I said pink 2.0…they totally missed the opportunity.


Totally. Man the Pink Mercy skin would look so good besides Cupid Hanzo in the game shop.


I have some new information. Apparently this was sent to someone a week ago who asked about the Pink Mercy skin


alright. this means it up to blizzard to decide to add it back


Bruh. I don’t understand why people get soo anal about other players wanting this skin. It’s a good skin! I even have it and I love it! I hope it comes back so others can have it also!


I’ve seen no obsession, personally

what I have seen a lot of in pink mercy threads is forum members using attacking words like “obsessed” to attack forum members who simply wish to purchase a legitimate item

actually, the skin will return when and if Blizzard decides it is coming back, regardless of how many forum members declare that it cant or wont ever happen

no need to do so

this topic is a legitimate ow-related topic on a forum explicitly set up to discuss ow-related topics

actually, every day is a day when Pink Mercy can return.

there is no one day or set of days that it has to return on

acually, many folks have claimed that BCRF has some control over whether it comes back or not, but to date, no one has ever proven that

in the meantime, BCRF has stated in writing multiple times that they’d love for this offer to return

actually, many folks who already have the skin have stated on these forums and in other internet discussion media that they will buy the skin again if it is offered again for new accounts they have created since that time

in any case, while I have always supported the idea of new charity skins, they dont exist at this time, and if they did, much more money would be brought in for charity if BOTH the original skin and the theoretical new skin were both offered

except - there isnt a new Pink Mercy skin posted every day, or even close

at times, it has been weeks and even months between new Pink Mercy threads

so no, this simply isnt the case


It is obsession, and it is pathetic. It is a single, ugly, skin, time to make like frozen and let it go.


I hate to be THAT guy, but considering the controversies Blizzard has seem to be involved in… I don’t know that the Breast Cancer Foundation would even want to work with them again; however, I am open to being surprised.

At the end of the day though, it was described as limited. Gatekeeping aside, that would really peeve a lot of people.

There are plenty of skins people won’t be able to get again, ex. Blizzcon event skins. I would love to have Symmetra Tyrande, but it won’t happen.

I’d be upset if they released Pink Mercy again, but not something like the Tyrande skin.

If they made it fair like that, I’d be down.

Sometimes it’s best to move on and accept the fact it’s very unlikely to come back.

Or at the very least, accept the fact that making another thread about it is not going to change a single thing.


BCRF has stated in writing multiple times that they’d love for the offer to return


I don’t accept that, personally, nor do many of the others who would like to see this skin return

Its perfectly acceptable that some folks have chosen to move on, but there is certainly no requirement or need to do so

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Where, and more importantly, when? Would appreciate the info! And my statement still stands, I would be okay with it if they brought all exclusive items back. =) Thanks!

this has been covered in multiple recent Pink Mercy related threads, including this one

awesome, thank you for the support


Hello again friend, you may see I have very few replies. New to the forums. If you can’t provide the sources, that’s quite alright. Thanks

They are there to read.

It is of course entirely up to you whether you choose to read them or not

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