Pink Mercy Remix

With the newly announced remix event the first thing that came to my mind is that pink mercy might finally be coming back? They mentioned it will be their most popular skins ever released… so remixed pink mercy? :nerd_face:


Here some some that were teased

Wow that is with the exception of maybe Mercy and, about the worst set of skins for an event yet.

Yeah I like the event… sad to see that the Bastet Skin will be de-valued tho. Was a nice skin to flex… yes I like it that way. Sad but glad for the people who really wanted this skins.

No pink mercy tho

Edit: all of the top used skins recolor versions are looking perfect with golden weapons! Nice touch!

nope, only seasonal in game skins. Pink Mercy was not a seasonal skin.

Oh… oooooh… oh these aren’t great now, ain’t it… oh dear… Like i was expecting retextures for sure but i figured they’d get a bit more creative with the colors, or going a bit wilder with new patterns, paints and such but… oooooooh… :worried:

They are essentially “away” OWL team variants of legendary skins. Its all white and a secondary color shoved in there…

Reinhardt looks like Genji wearing his armor. My Genji tank fantasies have come true

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Excited for the skin because is my fav but wow this is bad.

Only recolors and not even new challenge skins? Srsly?

Some of these are nice.

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Not exactly creative reskins either. Its all just white with a secondary colors thrown in. Given the standard blizz set themselves with HOTS skins variants this is… very disapointing in contrast

Sorry guys, AndyB just debunked the possibility of Pink Mercy returning, unfortunately.


I think its fair they don’t bring back pink mercy itself but i feel like they missed the opportunity to have a variant with new colors as a compromise like rainbow mercy or something.

Like the Kerrigan and Nova skin both exists and one is still hell of a lot rarer than the other so it wouldnt have made the pink one lose its value.

Pink Mercy is one of the most popular and you don’t return it, this is a shame, you can put a recolor on it and everyone is happy, but nothing.

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Make magenta pink mercy bliz, i dare ya ! :stuck_out_tongue:

The entitlement/desperation for this skin is outstanding. it is just a cosmetic, and i understand why they wouldnt recolor it bc it would be considered a rip off skin or a bootleg towards those who actually donated. The only way you should be able to obtain this skin is to DONATE like the rest of us. That being said, i am not against pink mercy returning.

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For this skin, I get keeping it paid content. It was a specific charity event and they need to maintain the integrity of it if they want to do a similar event in the future.

But the cause for which it was released is still ongoing. Why not do a 2nd round for those that missed it. Can be the same price and they can cut a 2nd check to the foundation.

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my thoughts exactly. It would be so tacky to bring back a recolored off ver of it when the original was made specifically for charity. They should either bring back the original pink ver and let others get a chance to donate and get it, or not bring it back at all.

I want a remix beach Torb. Uninstalled. :pleading_face:

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They arnt working with bcf.Last I saw bcf were working with street fighter on a ryu and chin li pink skin.
Also bcf would never work with blizz again esp after the scandal… they’re a charity and now with a black mark next to blizz name they would sue if they were ever associated with blizz in future

FOMO shouldn’t be a thing for free skins.