Pink Mercy isn’t coming back, be quiet

I always see a lot of people talking about this skin, and loverwatch has rekindled this “hope” a lot. Well, I think no one should be too negative or positive about her coming back.

Why would you stop being persistent about his return?
mainly this is aimed at those who start the speech with “for charity”, which is a rather ridiculous method to justify a good work that could be done anyway, as it is quite obvious that if the skin returns, it will do it with the same previous methods. Especially considering that Blizzard could not afford any more scandals after the ones that occurred in 2021 in which they were distrusted by various other charities. And of course we also have to talk about “License”: as with Bastion Brick (with LEGO), Mercy Pink would also need an external license. Permission that the BCRF may re-grant with another skin type in the future or never, just like so many other organizations have done with other Blizzard games (especially WoW in its charity content). So it makes a lot of sense to praise the skin in its quality, but if you insist too much you end up overestimating what is in effect a digital content. and perhaps go so far as to use charity as a gimmick or contact the BCRF directly…seems a bit over the top.

Why should you avoid being overly defeatist with those asking for the skin?
I really like this type of response :rofl::

BUT I think it’s fair to point out that the skin is really good for many reasons compared to the others: medical research theme and function great for the character concept, a “Sailor Moon” style that never displeases, a topic that interests many people who suffers or know the importance of this quest, a symbol and good technical quality that makes it a legendary skin interesting in effects. it is absolutely normal that people are very interested in this skin more than it has ever been done for blizzcon skins that for example do not show particular effects (unfortunately, I would say) or preorder skins like Widowmaker noire. We also remember how limited it was, with “only” two weeks of availability for purchase, in a period in which the passage of data between other platforms could not be done … nor the existence of a community switch. And let’s not forget that Blizzard has a horrible flaw that it has already demonstrated with the OWL skins: not specifying exclusivity for the simple convenience of its marketing. and already continues to do so with the OW1 weekly event skins never returning or not talking at all about when the OW2 shop skins should return.

In my opinion Mercy Pink COULD (and shouldn’t) come back, but you just have to be polite and consistent with why people want to have it: it’s just a good skin. we would probably see the same effect if (in an alternate universe) it was a Hanzo Okami who was exclusive (although here I’m excluding an important thematic correlation like health) or… maybe even with the next skin on Doomfist One Punch Man :man_shrugging:

There’s a difference between having the same idea, such as asking for nerfs for a broken hero, and asking for something that already has an answer.

Technically creating numerous threads asking for hero buffs/nerfs is duplicate threads, but they are at least awaiting a response from Blizzard. Pink Mercy has already had a response and all anyone can do now is wait, or talk about Pink Mercy in ONE thread instead of feeling the need to make a new one every week.

Sure, Blizzard did say they have no plans or re-releasing pink mercy. However I’ve noticed that the company tends to be incredibly vague. They worded it as if they’re saying that they currently don’t plan on releasing the skin. Meaning that it can possibly be released in the future. They never give definite answers. People are only reminding the company about their commitment to the skin because of the company’s wording on specific subjects that can create an uncertainty.

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“We have no plans to bring back the Pink Mercy skin or icons”

To me that sounds pretty definite. Nothing about “currently no plans”. But still, considering we have been given this answer there is literally no need to make a thread every week asking the same question when it could all be compiled into one thread.

The skin may eventually come back, but why can’t people accept that right now they have been told “no”.

One thing is certain since you mentioned Anniversary Remix.
Pink Mercy aint coming back as pink mercy, but we might see some recolors coming back


Actually looking at the context and thread in which it was posted, it was about an event so it could easily mean no plans for that event…

The topic was regarding anniversary remix events…

I have asked Andy for clarification…

So the question is what was Andy replying to?

He was replying to that post…

That post was talking about remix events…

I really don’t know what else “We have no plans to bring back the Pink Mercy skin” could mean.

Look, you can try and interpret whatever meaning you want if it gives you hope of it coming back, but that statement is pretty clear. Again, I have no idea whether it will eventually come back but when you’ve been told “no” you don’t keep asking, at least not in a new thread every week.

I got the lego bastion aswell but don’t really care if it comes back.

Stop being so entitled about skins…

Exclusives are terrible and I hate that blizzard takes part in them in all their games. Everyone should have the opportunity to get cool skins. not just the “special” people that were playing 5 years ago

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Many other limited-time skins have not returned, not just pink Mercy.

  • Raynhardt
  • Winston Blizcon 2017
  • Zarya Alien Skin
  • Bastion Brick
  • Bastion Blizcon 2016
  • Bastion Overgrown
  • Genji's Illidan
  • Pharah's Security Chief
  • Reaper Dusk
  • Reaper Blackwatch Reyes
  • Soldier: 76 Strike Commander Morrison
  • Symmerta Tyrande
  • Tracer Slipstream
  • Widowmaker Kerrigan
  • Widowmaker Noire
  • Brigitte's Medic (I think)
  • Mercy Pink
  • There is a lot of skin that has not made a return in the game.

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    as was already stated, all of the proceeds went to the charity

    There has been no “victim complex” related to any of this discussion, actually

    I want the skin because of the skin. Charity is just a bonus for me (and many more people). Nobody is really trying to hide, that they are after skin…
    I still find it funny tho, that people like you are trying so hard to tell people, what they should or should not do.
    Bro, if you are so triggered by someone´s request, scroll away I guess…
    People would never stop just because you told them.

    Weren’t all of these included in the Watch point pack? Since they are included with Legendary Edition which watchpoint pack includes…

    Like I said if they’re going to bring the some of them back then might as well bring all of them back otherwise it’s not fair…


    just because you and your friends have it doesn’t mean its exclusive?? what

    Clearly it is exclusive, because we see a whole bunch of threads asking for it to come back.

    And does the 900,000 instances all play the game at once? where is this data and do they make up the entirety of OW2?

    It IS exclusive, stop bluffing.

    The 900,000 is from taking the proceeds declared in the charitable contribution announcement and dividing it by the cost of the skin

    Exclusivity isn’t really an issue here. It’s more so the repercussions of bringing it back for anything that isn’t for breast cancer. And since that requires breast cancer awareness to approve it may not happen again. Who know. But frankly if the devs sold it they would get some bad PR. And if they gave it away for free again they would get bad PR. The only way pink mercy should return is if it’s for charity again and nothing else.

    actually, BCRF has stated multiple times recently in writing that they’d love to see the skin re-released

    indeed, it needs to remain a charity skin, with all proceeds going to BCRF

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    Oh. Then blizzard just suck. Weird (kind of)

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