Pink Mercy isn’t coming back, be quiet

Yea, I’d like to see it come back, because I don’t have the Skin.

BUT I have LEGO Bastion and I was super Relieved when it didn’t come back during the Anniversary Remix Events, because I get to keep my Exclusive Skin, well, Exclusive.

Think of how all the people with Pink Mercy would feel if it was no-longer Exclusive to them? Especially if it was made Free.

And if you want a Skin as an Incentive to Donate to Charity, you don’t Deserve the Skin. You don’t need Blizzard to tell you to Donate, just do it for the sake of doing it.

Plus, and this might come as a shock to some of you, but Blizzard is a bad Company that’s in a lot of Hot Water right now involving a few little Controversies that only slightly permanently and severely Crippled their Brand’s Identity. LEGO and Breast Cancer Awareness are NEVER going to do another Collab with Blizzard, because of all of the Allegations.


Anti Pink Mercy threads are just as obnoxious as the ones asking for it to return.


I’d argue that I’m providing actual evidence as to why it won’t / shouldn’t come back, while the Pro Pink Mercy Threads just Spam Emojis and go “BUUUT BLIZAAAARRRRDD, I WAAAAANT IIT!!!1!!”.

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Lol it isn’t exclusive to me though. Literally everyone I know has Pink Mercy. If you were playing the game the year it came out, you know, peak Overwatch time, you probably have the skin. That’s thousands of people. Hardly exclusive.


To be honest, I don’t care. People shouldn’t want skins just so they can feel better about having something that other people can’t get.

That being said, I don’t really care all that much about whether or not it comes back. I only think it should return if they do another charity event with a new skin and do another run of pink Mercy as well.


In my opinion it seems unfair that many other limited-time skins have returned but not pink mercy…

The same treatment should be given to all of the limited time skins…

If some of them return then pink mercy should also return…

They got five years of exclusivity which is more than a fair deal in my opinion…

Actually they have stated that they would be delighted for a return of the skin and to partner with blizzard… (paraphrasing because I can’t remember exactly what they said in the Twitter)…



Given that there are about 900,000 instances of the Pink Mercy skin, I dont see the “exclusivity” argument at all

If nine people had it, sure

but 900,000? not so much


It’s not even about this.

It’s about people behaving like children after being told an answer they don’t like.

"We have no plans to bring this back"

People don’t like that, so they whine they 5 year olds and make a new thread everyday. I want the skin to come back and it’s very possible it MIGHT in the future, but that doesn’t mean I am entitled to make a thread 3 times a week asking for the return of Pink Mercy just because I want it.


While I believe that the above statement is an exaggeration (and contains an inflammatory and personal attack) I would note that Blizzard has in fact caved to pressure to change things before like the monetization system as well as the matchmaking…

It does seem like the loudest voices win out in the end…


They haven’t caved to anything. Their skins are still massively overpriced and if they were going to change that it would be because people aren’t buying cosmetics, not because people on the forums asked for change.

I would also add the example of matchmaking changes…

Hulk, it is a sad and unfortunate reality of this forum that certain forum members come into certain threads to attack other forum members, even though such attacks are against both the rules and the spirit of this forum

Its quite clear to most forum members that when person A wishes to buy item x, and item x isnt available, it isnt childish at all for Person A to ask for item x. Happens every day, millions of times, all across the world.

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They didn’t even address anything players have been asking for?

“It’s more important that I feel special for having a skin in a video game than it is to raise 12,000,000 dollars for cancer charity”


You just can’t handle being wrong so your last resort is to turn into a snowflake and act like being called childish has killed you.

The minute you can’t argue your point anymore all you do is act offended, it’s obvious in all your posts lol thats why no one bothers arguing with you. Someone literally asked you to reference where BCRF stated they would love to bring Pink Mercy back and you asked them to not attack you.

Do you know what is against the rules? Creating duplicate threads about topics that already exist. Considering there are over 50 new Pink Mercy threads every week, I would consider all of those to be breaking the rules.

When your parents say you can’t have ice cream do you continue to ask and ask and ask for it even after they say no? Because that’s exactly what a child does.


Not a believable Argument, not enough Emojis.

Just spam :two_hearts: and :pleading_face: everywhere.

The above post contains multiple personal attacks and is against forum code of conduct. Flagged inappropriate

I wonder who’s alt this is :rofl: :thinking:

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Light Red Mercie skin will never come back. Its owned by BCRF and i don’t think they want to collab with ABK anymore knowing their employees drink breast milk.

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…The same way so many other skins were re-released later? Besides, Lego Bastion was a free skin anyway.

The only reason Lego Bastion wasn’t re-released because Lego cut ties with Blizzard. On the other hand, BCRF even to this day says that they are in contact with Overwatch and wouldn’t mind bringing the pink Mercy back.

Plus re-releasing the Pink Mercy skin won’t stop it from being exclusive or a time-limited skins, as long is it is limited time again.

And take this from someone who has Blizzcon Bastion and Winston, Raynor Reinhardt, Noire Widow, Medic Brig, a dozen of OWL skins, I wouldn’t mind any of these skins returning as long as it isn’t permanently.

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