Petras Act of 2042

I just realise that on the French version of Recall, Athena is saying that the Pertas Act was signed in 2042… it seem’s weird to me, because on the English version, there is no date… so I’m really confused right now.

I’m wondering if the Petras Act was signed in 2042 to create Overwatch? And was later “changed/canceled” (sorry, I don’t have the English specific words for that) to offically disband Overwatch? Because 2042 seems to be in the middle of the Omnic Crisis, not at the end of Overwatch that was more in the end of 2060’s- early 2070’s?

Or is it an easter Egg for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? 42?

What do you think of that? Is there any other Recall short with this date too?

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If I recall correctly Overwatch would have been formed 30 years prior to the present year in the timeline which should still be 2076, so Overwatch wouldn’t have been formed until 2046, the same year as the crisis. Seems odd that the Petras Act would be signed in 2042 when there wasn’t any clear need for it as it was to disband Overwatch. Strange


I looked a bit more and according to some wiki, the 2042 is only on the French, Korean and Spanish versions of Recall… That’s so weird!

In the Brazilian-Portuguese version Athena says the year 2042 as well.

Overwatch supposedly fell “7 years ago”, give or take. So approx. in 2070, which is when the Act was signed.

Yeah, I think 2042 is a miscalculation on their part.

The game officially took place 60 years into the future. We can decide the “year zero” based on the release of the game (2016) + 60 = 2076

Overwatch should “in theory” be set between 2076 (along with all the events of sabotage or the lume by sombra) and 2077 (towards the beginning of the year the release of doomfist and the construction of Orisa in the Efi interview). Present speaking, the lore breaks between the comic of Zarya and that of Doomfist.

However, we know that Uprising happened 7 years earlier: 2076-7 = 2069 (Uprising date). Retribution was 8 years earlier= 2068

it is interesting how these dates coincide as “the 60s and 70s” for the protagonists of the game, a period that for us millennials marks in the imagination the era of espionage and world plots (the cold war)

from recent archives information, Rumbotico has undergone changes in 2060 (this event)

even in the Italian translation, in recall, it is said that the act of Petras was signed in 2042. some might say that it is actually the date of the beginning of the Omnic crisis, but it may not be exact:
Tracer in the introduction of the uprising mission says that 20 years have passed since the Omnic Crisis ended. We therefore calculate 2069 (uprising date) - 20 years = 2049. as you can well understand, it is impossible that the Petras act was born well before the end of the Omnic crisis.

Maybe the development team changed the script over time by not realizing this conflict of figures (there was no uprising at the time). we also remember that they had the graphic novel “first strike” in the works, where (according to them) the Overwatch plot took a different path than today. Maybe they had previously sent a script to all the other countries with this information and at the last moment they changed it before the release of the short film.

I hope that Michael Chu can confirm the “international translate error” and put some order to the timeline (even in future projects)


The versions that do not include the date are correct.


Thank you for your answer!

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He answered a necroed thread. Did he break his own rules?