Petra is too big

This is why character switching is still part of the game.

I was getting that afk message literally every few seconds all because i couldn’t find anyone it was ridiculous there’s just too many places people can be on this map.

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There is only 3 ways i can see this map getting fixed, either…

  • close off some of the walls and different levels of land and make them open dynamically.
  • increase the allowed player amount between 10-12.
  • take it off the game temporarily so they can redesign and release on PTR

what do y’all think?

Getting afk warning constantly because you just can’t find anyone. Was just winning one by 5 kills and still I’m “afk”

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Even more annoying, the map is massive but the spawns are so poorly placed that they can easily be camped, particularly by a Widow.

I’ve fpund this too but it doesn’t help that I really don’t know my way around the map. Maybe when it’s been out a while and people learn the dead spots and the really good fighting areas it will change.

If you’re getting AFK warnings in Petra, which is actually quite small, then you’re not gravitating towards the center or the jump pads.

Petra isn’t that much larger than Chateau.

Hey folks, we appreciate the feedback on AFK timings for Petra. We’ve been looking into this and are planning an adjustment to the timing in an upcoming patch or hotfix. I don’t have an ETA, but I wanted to let you know that we’re on it.



As always, thanks for the communication, Bill.



Very Interesting news as always.

good to hear :smiley:

would this be a global change or do AFK timers already differ per map?

If Petra is the size it is, the player limit should be bumped up to 12


Really glad to hear. At least, make it so the inactivity timer doesn’t kick in. I really couldn’t find anyone

Extended time for AFK to kick in is all I ask, specially just this map. I’ve played a few games thus far and received zilch XP because of the AFK warning. Good to hear Blizz is on it.

Why not remove the AFK kick unless someone literally presses no buttons at all? If a player is pressing buttons, they’re playing the game and should not be kicked.

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