Perma banned for no reason

Yesterday when i wanted to launch the Game i notice that i have been banned permanently without Any prior warnings or penalties. This came as a huge shock, Im still in shock since i have always been on my best behaviour while playing overwatch. I never flame, Im not toxic, i never cheated, never done anything Even remotely bad or give players a reason to report me and the Cherry on top is that the email i received didnt Even specifiy Why i am being banned. From what i read, in order to be perma banned out of the blue you must have done extremely serious stuff which i havent at all. I invested so much time, energy and money into this game and to say Im dissapointed wouldnt Even explain how i feel. I wrote a ban appeal and now i wait, just wanted to know if anyone had this happen to them before.


You should have received an email explaining why.

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I received an email But there was no actual reason specified. I read that people that have been perma banned received very specific reasons such as cheating, being toxic, etc, mine simply Said “ continuous inappropiate actions”??? Which is so vague and i dont know what Could it possibly mean


It’s horrible… When they ban/suspend without giving the reason.
What’s the point in banning without giving a reason? I guess they WANT every new player to not know so that they can get sudden bans without notice.


Probably offensive chat/toxicity

My friend also received a ban today


I mean, what you think isn’t toxic, might actually be toxic. Not saying you were this terrible human in-game, but we all have a different idea of what that means. As does Blizzard.

You sure you weren’t suspended/muted multiple times before? Do you say “gg ez” a lot or something? Or do you throw games? Even if unintentional.


No!!! Thats what Im saying, i have no reason to come to this forum and lie, i dont Even Interact with people and i mostly play competitive as a Diamond supp so i take the Game seriously. No toxicity, no throwing, i play with my friend and we take this Game seriously, imagine my Shock when i wake up to a PERMANENT ban which is applied for horrible things and usually you receive other warnings before which i didnt


Translation: Toxic!

But they gave it…

OP was reported for toxicity.


Plenty of people have done so in the past. I’m not saying that is what you are doing. But we have genuinely had people say they’re innocent, only for it to later transpire they had absolutely done something ban-worthy.

You said you play with a friend: has their account been actioned? If so, your friend may have been cheating and got your account roped in with theirs.

Other things you may have been banned for outside of toxicity/cheating would be boosting or deranking. If someone you play with on the regular got actioned for any of the above and the reports mention them being grouped with you, they may have taken action on your account as well for the same reason.

Do you share your PC with anyone? Could someone have accessed the account unbeknownst to you? If so, it would be worth telling CS about this so they can give you details about the incident.

Getting perma’d without prior conviction could mean one several things:

  • You were previously actioned (and are not mentioning it here).
  • You have done something serious (continuous could mean ‘over several hours of gameplay’.)
  • You account has been compromised and someone else has done something awful under your name.
  • I am not going to rule out the possibility this was a false positive and you’ve been caught in a ban wave. But without evidence no one can prove either way.

Whatever the reason is, you need to sort it out with customer services. It may help to mention that it was not explained adequitely in the email sent to you, and that you have no idea what they’re talking about.

Tell them that, if you’re going to lose the account anyway, you at least deserve to know why, with examples of the behaviour in question (ostensibly so you can avoid making the same mistake in the future and/or make sure the account has not been compromised.)

Definitely think about changing your password anyway (tell CS you have done this) to make sure your account hasn’t been compromised.


Thank you, i already asked them for an explanation and they refuse to give me one But i will keep trying. Thats all i wanna know really, if they really wanna Close my account i deserve a proper reason at least, not anything vague.


I hope you get answers at least.

I am not toxic to anyone, as i mentioned above, i dont Even Interact with people, i dont flame, I dont write “ gg ez” or stuff like that. I was always on my best behaviour since i care about this Game

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I’m not accusing you of lying, but people come here and do it all the time. They think it’s fun.


I understand, Im a stranger after all But i came here as a last resort/ act of desperation. If i had the slighest idea Why i got banned i wouldnt start a whole thread like an idiot


This is sad! I hope you get a better explanation.

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Thank you, i appreciate it! I started a new ticket and re-explained the situation in more details, hopefully they will take the time to try and understand that i would never harm this community and the punishment is simply not justified.

Maybe your account has been hacked. Do you use an authenticator?

Well we have no way of confirming nor denying this.

But, people did report you for toxicity. I am not saying you were toxic, but people that played with you saw you as toxic.

Do you use VC at all?

Do you use text chats at all?

A lot of thing can be viewed as toxic, even if you think they were not.

Never use voice and i dont text toxic stuff, last time i played was arcade and it was very wholesome

Could be multiple false reports or you got reported for pocketing someone that was cheating.