Perma banned for no reason

What you do not view as toxic, others might…

There are people here in this community that think telling someone to off themselves is a “friendly banter”… I am not saying this is what you are doing but we both agree that this is unacceptable right?

Yet when they do it, and get banned they would say the same thing you are saying here… That they are not toxic…

Bottom line is, even if you think you didn’t say anything toxic, some one clearly thought so. I can’t point you to a specific thing you said, since I was not there, and maybe I would also agree with you that there was no toxic behavior.

Yeah, I forgot about this feature… If some one is flagged for cheating their duo also is flagged this days.

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I think people are honestly too quick to judge. All because someone was banned does not mean they are actually guilty, especially when it comes to Blizzard because we all know how useless their report system is, and how incompetent their support staff are (if there even are any).

Can we seriously say we have complete faith in Blizzard’s report system? Because I don’t…


Indeed, the report system is flawed. But posting here is not likely to improve the situation for anyone falsely banned.

What i mean by “ i dont text toxic stuff” i meant that the only things i write in chat are “ gg wp”. Thats ALL. People who got perma banned for being toxic received an email specifically telling them they have been toxic to other players resulting in ban. My original email says “ various and continuous inappropiate actions”, which basically explains nothing specific and they refuse to mention more

No ofc not, but neither is contacting Blizzard support to be honest. I have never come across such a useless group of people (again if they are actually people).

Assuming they actually respond to your ticket in the first place, and then give you a non-automated detailed response as to why you were banned showing evidence. Once you’re banned in this game there is very little chance of actually getting unbanned even if you did nothing wrong.


Ty for the support, im honestly wholesome af and a very peaceful person But i cant convince strangers of that. At this point all i want and ask them of is an explanation But they clearly dont wanna help me out

You’re better off not playing Blizzard games.

At least game devs like Riot will tell you exactly why you were banned and show logs of text chat and if they find you innocent you actually get unbanned.

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If you are perma banned without prior suspensions then you have been manually banned or the system has detected know cheats.

Some Anti cheat also regocnizes cheats for other games :wink:


I dont cheat in Any game, Im very much against cheating and other exploits and always reported players that cheat.

To get banned in this game without any prior suspensions is a difficult thing to do as its usually automated and if it were because of abusive chat you would first get a 7 day mute and then a 1 week suspension etc.

They also started banning people for frequently grouping with accounts that have been suspended for cheating


Believe it or not, but some people do report for that if you write it first as a winning side.

It was always considered BM to write “gg” after the game first if you won. That privilege was for defeated person.

So there is that.

So, a person who has never done anything wrong nor said anything bad to anyone gets randomly banned for being a being continuous inappropriate behavior.
I don’t know, but that sounds like overdose of copium.
Sure blizz has given wrongful bans in the past, but if I remember right, perma is always a manual ban, therefore this sounds quite fishy.


I know Im a stranger and you have no reason to believe me. However i wouldnt start a whole thread to make myself look like a clown on purpose. If i was toxic the email would have stated so, as far as i know. Or at least receive some proof or explanation??? If i had Any reason to believe i deserve this punishment i wouldnt be here rn asking people for their opinions.

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Its been happening to me since the beginning of march, I can’t even play an account for longer than a day without it getting locked / closed.

They keep getting locked, in ticket they just tell me to verify the phone number which I have done as I was playing it previously.

Then I have had a few get closed for breaching the code of conduct, And just 2 days ago I had one permanently banned for cheating.

I even had some accounts closed I haven’t played on in over 2 years, A lot of them had skins too which I paid for, one of them was even lvl 11 from OW1 that I hadn’t even logged into for 1.5 years.

You aren’t the only one dw, Its happening to a lot of people.

No chance you’ll get your account back though, or even a response from support.

Well, I’ve seen several hundreds of these kinds of posts through the years of OW1, you are just the latest one.

Oh okay, “glad” someone understands, i also put a lot of money into the Game and energy and its terrible to lose everything But Yeah

You’re wrong about a lot of things, none of the bans are manual, its all automatic, hence why you get banned 15 seconds after a game ends and you’ve been reported X amount of times.

I have been permanently banned for toxicity on OW1 10+ times and I have always been free to make a new account and continue playing.

Recently, accounts are getting closed/banned for cheating, exploiting, breach of conduct, Or whatever reason they make up.

I have a friend who has never been banned for toxicity once and is a mercy 1 trick with 900 hours that got perm’d for cheating just last week.

If Blizzard actually made a statement saying why they are giving these bans, I wouldn’t mind, if they told me im toxic and they don’t want me to play anymore, I would understand, but they haven’t done any of that, If you get banned for toxicity they’ll tell you themselves to make a new account, They are just throwing out random bans for any reason they choose like cheating.

And I have lost multiple accounts and at least 150 euro in skins.

@tdr Not much point arguing with people here, they are clueless, just go to g2g and try to continue playing.


Im also a mercy main with 700 hours lmao, Im super friendly and positive, the only explanation is that i have been trapped in a ban wave, Ty so much for the support tho

is your friend banned as well?

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Maybe that’s why then. If you don’t communicate at a higher rank like diamond and masters then maybe that’s why you’re being reported. Or your friend is the issue and because you duo with him you take blame too.

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