Perma banned becuse of pc

Hey my pc has been having issues and have been turning off mid comp game and got me perma banned whole season and if someone at blizzard support is it some way that you can unban me or is it someone who has been having the same issue,

how many times do you need to get suspended before something clicks in you head to maybe stop playing comp?


all you dude not games falt

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im asuming you got banned a lot before to get the perma

how about you just don’t fkn play comp if you know your computer is gonna crash?


I guess second perma ban would do the trick. Most likely season 13 will be the one he finally understands :smiley:


i had connection problems last season and went from 24 hour to perma ban :frowning: . I send a ticket to blizzard but they wont unban you cause they cannot see if you are legit losing connection or just pulling the plug.

This season i fixed my connection (turned out it was on my end) so i would suggest you do the same before attempting to play competetive again.


How many games do you have to ruin before you learn to stop q’ing up for comp?? :joy: imagine how much sr you have caused people to lose.


Don’t want to sound rude, but you got what you deserved.

You knew that your PC was having issues and made you crash, yet you still chose to join comp with a potential to ruin games because of the disconnects.

You’ve had plenty of warnings as well about it, at least 6.
10 min ban
30 min ban
1 hour ban
6 hour ban
12 hour ban
24 hour ban
and now the seasonal ban.

You knew the risks by playing with a liable computer, yet still decided to play. Now the consequences are for you as well.


How do you even manage to get banned. I’m playing since game launch never got suspended more than few minutes from competitive (all 11 seasons). And my pc is not great by any means…


Sorry, OP. They can’t unban you:

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties:

If your network connection is not reliable be courteous and don’t play comp. Fix your junk then come back.

That’s something like 600 SR that you’ve cost your teammates so far.

This really frustrates me as Blizzard and players like myself work hard in the tech support problem to help other players resolve technical issues. No they can’t reverse penalties but we can help prevent the issue from reoccurring through troubleshooting. However, since there was negligence on your end to not stop playing Competitive and resolve the issue, the penalty must stand appropriately.

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