People say snipers are stronger in 5v5 but what about rez?

People say snipers were so much stronger in 5v5 which is true but what about one of the most impactful abilities in the whole game?

Mercy’s rez is much stronger in 5v5 compared to 6v6. I honestly don’t think it’s an ability that’s ever been good for the game, I do think it should be completely removed, it’s a major pain point in OW’s life.

A lot of people don’t think one shots have a place in OW but a rez does? that’s a bit strange to me.

You shouldn’t be able to Hanzo one shot which is earned but Mercy should be able to take an earned kill away?

There’s also an oxymoron on this topic that people say you should be good enough to not let her rez, aka kill her but a good Mercy should also be getting rezes off.

So, of course good Mercy’s have to exist, it’s a strange argument.

People also like to say one shots are “unfun” but do you think your earned kill being taken away from you is fun?

Similarily to one shots making support players not want to play the game. Rez is making me and other players not want to play the game.

But for some reason people are expected to just put up with it.


Rez is also stronger in 5v5. It goes without saying.
I still think it should be at least moved to an ult and getting rid of valk completely.


Hm, well, I’ll tell you what, OP: put Widow’s one-shot on the same thirty second cooldown that Rez is, give it a couple of months, and get back to me on the number of complaints about Widow.

I would take the fall off nerf instead if I were you. It’s not like Widows will be prevented from one-shotting altogether.


Oneshots aren’t getting removed though?

Widow will still be able to oneshot within 50 meters. Hanzo can still oneshot like 95% of the dps roster and probably 100% of the support roster. That’s not the same as removing rez altogether.


A lot of people don’t think one shots have a place in OW

You shouldn’t be able to Hanzo one shot

My post is about perception of balance in OW from what I read often, which is people commonly say one shots have no place in the game.

And because of this, they have nerfed his one shotting ability somewhat. My post isn’t really about the changes directly though.

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Imo mercy is the strongest hero in the game rn. I worry that the devs should have balanced mercy before nerfing every single hitscan that pairs with her in the game.

It’s not the dps fault that they are unkillable, doing %30 more dmg, and if they die they are resurrected.

Not to mention one shots only do max 300dmg.

Mercy can Rez a tank full hp. On a cd.


Rez should be either completely removed from the game, or be made ult, and its cooldown replaced by either weaker valk, or some AOE/cleanse ability.


I think that when people say this, they’re mostly referring to Widow & Hanzo having the ability to basically spam oneshots with just their primary fire. No one’s calling for the removal of things like riptire, or Orisa ult, or Dva bomb, or Rein charge, or tracer ult, etc.

I think that there’s a place for oneshots in the game as long as they feel somewhat fair and are mostly on ultimates or easily telegraphed abilities.

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Rez is incredible sustain. I wonder why mercy can also put up the most healing in the lobby if she want to also.

She’s just too good rn. And killing the game. She’s in every game. They need to cycle her out just like every hero. She’s been super strong for almost 3 season now.

She at least deserves a minor nerf


Yes! Bring back the original huge rez!


Personally, the Widow changes are good. I don’t think Widow should shut down an entire map or create as much pressure as she does.

But, similarily, I don’t think Mercy should be able to just get a rez off and create as much pressure and shut down a teamfight in that way either.

The reason I made the comparison to one shots is because they’re an instant +. A kill being rezzed is an instant - from the person that just got the kill.

If you kind of think of it that way, if I’m making sense, it’s odd to think an instant + (one shots) are not ok. But an instant - (Rez) is ok.

I hope my logic is clear but this is why I made the comparison.


I meant as it is now but just an ult :melting_face:


I dont really mind her healing capabilities, nor her damage boosting gameplay. I mean sure, its annoying, especially when paired with Pharah, but i’d rather have her loose the rez. Its really annoying, to have a long sweaty fight, just for 360° spinning mercy to fly in and press E to bring back finally killed tank. Most of top tier Mercy players know exactly the range, and positioning and combined with Ult they can rez almost anything. Its as game changing as Kiriko’s kitsune or any other q abillity can be.

I love her lore and stuff, but in game shes just very aids.


Yeah but its still not really the same because of the frequency with which oneshots can occur vs rez.

Widow has oneshot potential every 3 seconds. Hanzo is roughly similar. Mercy gets to rez once every 30 seconds. She’s also mostly locked in a long, loud, and very noticeable animation. Maybe if Hanzo or Widow had those same restrictions locked to their oneshots it would be a better comparison.


The frequency is irrelevant. This is proven by old Roadhog.

He didn’t get one shots extremely often. But people had enough of an issue of it to where it was completely removed.

It’s not about the frequency, what you’re replying to isn’t even my entire argument. It’s just explaining why I compared it to one shots.

You still have to take into account my other arguments which is the “fun” factor and how much more effective rez is in a 5v5 game.

Which is clearly very important because people don’t like to get one shot by Hanzo or Widow because it’s not fun, similarily, it’s not fun to get your kill rezzed.

The only time Rez is actually OP is when Mercy revives the tank, and this happens far less often than people like to admit. I’m not saying she’s perfectly balanced, but her reviving a DPS or support is the exact same as her reviving in a 6v6 setting. Since in 5v5, a tank is basically 2 players, then it becomes very strong.


In a 5v5 setting snipers are more effective because of the pressure they create.

That pressure is harder to alleviate because of 1 less tank.

In a 5v5 format, rez is also harder to contend with 1 less tank and that 1 less tank makes kills harder to get so the rez is also much more impactful in a 5v5 game.


Rez is obviously strong, but has a massive cooldown and literally self CC’s the mercy, unlike snipers who can just delete people effortlessly at any time from anywhere, they aren’t really comparable


I don’t know why you said “effortlessly” they don’t have an aim bot, that’s a strange thing to say.

So, that’s first thing first, NOT effortless.

But second of all, it doesn’t matter how you describe the ability, it isn’t about what hypothetical scenario you create, anybody could do that with anything.

The discussion is simply, people don’t think one shots should exist but I don’t see the same scrutiny put onto a rez that is a reverse one shot, in a way if you think about it.

I think that’s weird.

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This isn’t true at all. The frequency with which hog could oneshot definitely played into why it got removed. It was on an 8 second cooldown, was way easier to land in 5v5, and had barely any risk for hog.

Fun is subjective, so I can’t really take it into account that much. I find plenty of things in this game unfun. That doesn’t necessarily mean that those things aren’t balanced.

Also, oneshots are still more impactful in a 5v5 game. Is Mercy getting one rez off every 30 seconds really more impactful than a Widow or Hanzo deleting 2 / 5 of your teammates every time you leave spawn and dictating the flow of game from the other side of the map?