People say snipers are stronger in 5v5 but what about rez?

It is because the cd wasn’t reduced, it was just completely removed instead.

Yes, and just like many people think getting one shot isn’t fun, a lot of people think their kill being rezzed isn’t fun either.

Mercy rez is more impactful in a 5v5 game.

I’m not talking about Widow, I already said the Widow changes are good, stop bringing this up.

This isn’t my argument.

Agreed. Seeing your hard work being denied by an ability with ult tier quality on a cooldown is broken.

Most of my pulse bombs are denied just like that…


I dunno, I think there’s still a good amount of grumbling about Rez, despite its drawbacks (cooldown, cast time, proximity). One shots are getting more attention at the moment but that’s not to say that Rez is universally accepted.

Because it is effortless you click on an enemies head they die you do it from across the map before they even know you are there. You can’t be contested and even I can pull off a surprise one shot with my dog water aim. You do that twice you win the team fight and the enemy have to fall back and switch to contest you no other character can hold a lobby hostage like a decent widow.

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If it was as easy and effortless as you describe why do aim hacks exist?

And why isn’t every dps player in OW2 getting CONSTANT headshots with Widow or Hanzo?

If it were like how you describe, I’d just queue Widow every game and get 30 elims every game.

But that’s not reality.

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insta kill.
charge time less than a second to insta kill.

not instant, has a cast time
on a looong cool down

mercy rezzing is an easy kill, can’t do it all the time.


Yes because the concept of a oneshotting Tank is completely ridiculous to begin with.

Ok, but does that mean that its not balanced? I don’t think that dying is fun, should we remove the death mechanic?

This doesn’t really answer my question. And i’m not convinced that Mercy rez is more impactful than being able to delete 40% of your team off cooldown.

Well as far as I can tell your argument doesn’t really hold up. :woman_shrugging:


It should potentially be on a longer cooldown since we’ve gone from 6v6 to 5v5.

But that’s all irrelevant because it’s about the pressure and impact.

Should one shots be allowed? they create instant pressure and impact, some say yes, some say no.

By the same token, should an ability like a rez that has so much impact, almost like a reverse one shot be allowed? I say no.

To be fair though, theres also one less tank able to protect her during a rez, and back in 6v6, one tank could protect her while the other got rezzed.

I think it evens out by there being so less safe opportunities to use the ability


I don’t think its cooldown should be changed. 30 seconds is a long time.

Yes. From abilities with cooldown, or very specific situation like reaper in your face.

Yeah, it has a massive cooldown.

If i was to compromise, i’d say maybe the time to rez should scale to the hero being rez’d health. Rezzing a tank should take longer for example.


But people also seem to have a problem with a one shotting DPS, so is it whether it’s a tank or DPS or one shots in general?

The recent changes suggest it’s one shots in general like I said.

Does that mean that old Roadhog wasn’t balanced?

According to the devs he had quite a low winrate, so while being balanced his one shot was removed because people didn’t like it.

I’ve already explained why, there’s nothing more I can say as to why it’s more impactful in 5v5 than 6v6.

As far as I can tell you strawmanned me with the Widow example for half the time, so I’m not convinced you entirely understand what my whole argument is.

I mean, personally I went from ~6-8 rezes per match to sub 3 with the transition, mind you this is all QP where people aren’t getting two rounds+ to play it out.
Without a second tank to draw aggro and attention, cycle damage mitigating abilities to keep the rest of the team alive (esp if I’m Rezzing our other Supp), or straight up blocking me from most damage that is nearly free to land if there isn’t convenient cover I’m really only getting super safe Rezes off since being a sitting duck is more of a death sentence. Like reset Widow duel Rez, our x died right before we finished off the enemy team Rez, someone got picked super early and we’ve got almost all our resources full Rez.

I think Rez is a dumb ability that can never be balanced, and loathe it but from personal experience it’s both far weaker since it’s less achievable but higher impact if you bring back the tank mid-fight, or someone the enemy team had to hard invest resources in taking down.

Unfortunately they backed themselves into a corner, Rez is most of Mercy’s power budget and playmaking potential. Without a new rework that overhauls her ult, takes the training wheels they keep adding off her base kit and Valk, and reintrouduces some playmaking potential that doesn’t go against the more core tenants of her design and feels in place with her playstyle Mercy isn’t going to be losing Rez.
They’re adamant that the only thing wrong with her is her turbo-buffed GA, and are woefully wrong, but until stats actually convince them it need massive changes she’ll probably retain E-Rez.


Right but there’s also 1 less tank to peel for a Mercy using rez. Which is my point that if the tank is dead, the chances of Mercy ever reviving that tank against a semi-competent team are very low because there is no one to cover her.


No, they specifically have a problem with snipers deleting their team every 5 seconds from Narnia. Like I said already, tons of DPS have some kind of oneshot ability, but people aren’t clamoring for the removal of all oneshot abilities. Not all dps can do what Widow & Hanzo do. — Not as frequently, not with as much range, and not with as much safety. That’s where the problems lie.

No, he wasn’t. The only reason Hog was able to get away with being a “one-shotter that can’t be oneshot” for all of OW1 is because there were way more precautions against his hook, namely shield-stacking and the existence of the off-tank. Once those precautions were gone it was just more obvious how silly a design that actually was.

You don’t explain how it’s objectively more powerful than instant sniper deletions in spite of all the balancing drawbacks that come with rez.

I just think that its flawed because you’re comparing apples and oranges. Even if we don’t talk about Widow, Hanzo is still just as annoying. So either way you want to look at it, it’s problematic.


Rez is pretty easy to counter on the account you don’t have an off tank to fly in and protect the mercy on a rez attempt. Unless you’re playing with a zarya specifically.

Like if your in line of sight to the enemy, then that’s kind of it for a rez in many cases.

Be it of course you get those corner rez’s and other moments with cover that you can fall behind while rez’ing.

but it’s not that hard to pump damage, stuns, knock backs into a target that is mostly still.

Now that Widow’s been addressed, of which I never defended, we’re really only talking about Hanzo and his kills compared to current Widow/Old Widow rarely come from Narnia, compared.

Source? I can’t link the video where they showed he had a low winrate therefore being balanced.

But Google, “Roadhog winrate devs” and it’ll come up for you.

That’s because that’s a strawman and not what I said.

I said rez is stronger in 5v5 than 6v6. I’ve explained how already.

You just showed exactly what I’m talking about.

You find Hanzo annoying because he 1 shots, but Mercy rez is also annoying and it’s a reverse 1 shot essentially, but that’s ok and not problamatic?

But it’s because of the frequency apparenty, so in that case you’d be ok if Road, (who was balanced because he didn’t have a high winrate) kept his one shot but hook had a longer cd right?

Seriously it really pisses me off when my team finally kills the enemy tank to then have mercy rez them.


This is the oxymoron argument I touched on in my post.

You posit this but that means that there’s no good Mercy players getting rezzes off. Which is wrong.

You’re actually taking the skill away from the Mercy player when you say this.

Widow also cc herself when scope in, just saying.


If mercy could rez every 1 second, instantly, from long distances, i’d agree.

but no, its nothing like a “reverse 1 shot”.