“People just need time to figure out Sym”

Considering how easy Turret Bombs are to deal with, using them effectively takes skill by itself. They are the reason people shouldn’t act like she doesn’t still have some form of lock on, because she does, and it’s fine due to the risk/reward factor.

She has always been like this. It isn’t new. Torbs gun, while still inconsistent, is still understandably better that Syms because his turret is worse and far less lethal than Syms turrets, meaning her gun is inconsistent on its own.

And you’re incorrect. The signifier of a good Sym is one that can kill without the turrets despite her guns limitations. Smart turret play is a thing she has to do now as well, and turret bombs are a part of that. She’s an area denial hero. Turrets are her thing.

Auto aim to aim is not a slight increase in difficulty - If you cannot aim the character just got 100% harder to play than she was before

If only Blizzard would do this, this would stop the “war” going on between Sym mains.

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That’s absolutely not true. Hanzo was a troll pick for several seasons. Once he lost his scatter and gained Storm Arrows, Lunge, and a faster projectile, he immediately saw regular play. Doomfist was considered a troll pick, but once they fixed a bunch of the bugs that straddled him, he immediately saw regular play. Same thing happened with Mei when they allowed her M2 to hit multiple targets, and the same thing happened with Zenyatta when they buffed his ultimate and orb speed.

As a former Symmetra player (2.0), I will never truly play her as one of my mains again until she gets one of the two back:

Lock-On Beam


Photon Barrier as an E-Ability. (The one from Symmetra 2.0)

The only real problem with Symmetra that people don’t realize is her Primary Fire is useless unless you have an enemy Reinhardt/Orisa Shield that you can charge it up on. She doesn’t have enough survivability up-close to even charge her beam to make it useful, which is why I would like to have her old Photon Barrier as an E-Ability (still keeping her BIG shield as the ultimate), or if they don’t bring back her old E-Ability, she needs her Lock-On beam.

The only thing keeping Symmetra somewhat viable right now are the lucky plays she can make with teleporting her turrets, and the occasional time you land a few Orbs on people who weren’t paying attention, but that’s honestly not enough.


It’s actually even more interesting than that.

You see, in 2018 OWL, they were expecting stage 4 (scheduled to start on May 16th) to run on patch 1.23, which was the one with the reworked Hanzo (Storm Arrow, Lunge). Expecting that, all teams started scrimming with one of their players becoming a Hanzo specialist, and working strategies around Hanzo and stuff.

However, they found out a bug that would affect all escort maps in case of a forced pause, thus, forcing the stage to be played on patch 1.22, with the old Hanzo that we all collectively agreed that was a troll pick and worthless of a party slot. But since all teams were working so hard around Hanzo, they started using Hanzo anyway. He was one of the top DPS picks of stage 4, and key to many teamfights, even outside of DragonBall combo.

And he did that without needing a rework, at the first opportunity the pro players just decided to utilize him in the team.

Pair that with the perception that during the height of dive, Reinhardt was considered too weak and “desperately need buffs”, but now six months later after receiving a grand total of zero buffs, and is seem by the community as “too powerful” and “mandatory in every team”. And then you notice how people simply mirror pros without understanding how the game they play are different from the game we all play, and how efficiency within a coordinated team is different from efficiency in a team of 6 wild cats running in 7 different directions.

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Because his rework made him overpowered and even after nerfs he is still overtuned.

Not to mention the meta following his rework favored single shots that were largely uneffected by armor.

Two different characters with two very different circumstances.

We need some justice towards Mercy, Symmetra, and Bastion players!


Justice is blind. Mercy, Sym and Bastion or fine.

I like how people still bring up her auto lock as if she was able to just run up to you and latch her beam on you. Also symmetra 2.0 had such a SMALL player base, if she was barely played why is there all this hate if you didnt play against her? I swear people only see the phrase “autolock” and just started sweating and slamming their keyboards


Because autolock was mainly hated by flankers. Suddenly all those deflects and jumping around are not helping, and you are being melted.

To some players, even idea of having useful “no skill” hero is driving them crazy.


I dont think when a ton of people are complaining they are fine

Balancing by mob rule… not a good idea.

By your own words then Sym 3.0 was a mistake because removing her primary was mob rule.


I’ve told you countless times, her autolock was not removed because of “crying gengu mains.” Stop spreading that lie.


Nope. Her primary was CHANGED due to the ease of use holding it back in terms of power.

Had nothing to do with mob rule and everything to do with sensible balance.


What was sensible about it? If it was easier to use before it was likely more effective in more hands and I don’t remember Sym outperforming other heroes. She still isn’t now but I’d think its arguable that an easier Hero would more often be more effective than a difficult one for more people.

Never said she did. The issue was that due to the ease of use it could not be buffed any further without removing the lock feature.

It was a poorly designed weapon as it required sym to be within murder distance of the entire cast. Extending the range or upping its damage profile while leaving auto lock in place would have been unfair.

I don’t recall a single Symmetra player asking for maasive beam buffs, because we knew her beam was not her main contribution to the team. The closest I’ve seen was asking for a very small buff for stage 1 and 2 damage, usually from 30-60 to 40-80.

The most requested buff we had were throwing turrets, and that’s one aspect of the rework everyone loved (the turret stash being halved is divisive, like everything else in the rework).

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Help her

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