People dc from comp games very often! Affecting our SR!


It seems that lately a very large number of people are getting disconnected from the competitive games! This is affecting our SRs and is not fair!
Please do something!

imgur. com/Ujz9Yj

All disconnections will count as losing the match and will be penalized appropriately. Details on this policy can be found here.

Right now there really is no mass reports of disconnections and anyone having issues are showing signs of user-specific problems. Please consider starting with this troubleshooting and avoid Competitive play until the issues have been resolved.

If you need more help post in the #technical-support forum. Not the bug report forum.

There are no mass reports because people don’t usually come here to complain, but every day I see people disconnecting from comp games, and I’m not talking about the situation where 1 gets dc, but about the situations where there is only one person left in that team. I know that they are being taxed for leaving, even if maybe it;s not their fault (sometimes happened to me and it was due to OW servers) but what about the rest of us who are still in the game? We have no way to win the match. Please do something about this! Do not tax my SR when I’m in the game by the end of it with no possibility to win it!