Pc vs Console Arguement. Easy

Have any of you actually mastered hammond on the pc and then tried to play this hero on the console? You want to ctrl-alt-del yourself trying to play hammond using a controller. Hammond is all about mechanical reaction times along with properly using grapple quickly.

Yea. There is a massive difference between pc and console. The Mechanical differences are huge.

The only thing that stays the same between platforms is Game sense and Positioning. But the mechanical and mobility suffer badly on a controller.


And that is exactly why rank on console is at least 1-2 ranks below the same rank on PC.

As you said any GM on console is lucky to make Diamond on PC, but that does not mean they won’t climb, because of that game sense and positioning experience carries cross platform.

But the mechanical skill does not. It takes time to learn that mechanical skill both ways.


One of my group members is a Master Hamster main on PS4. He can do anything that can be done on mouse and keyboard. It’s literally a matter of preference and comfort. Just because YOU struggle doesn’t mean everyone does.

Here’s an Xbox DPS main that just got top 500 on PC using a controller: https://twitter.com/Hcpeful_/status/1208863481329532929?s=19


I think instead of saying PC players are “more skilled” it’s more accurate to say they’re “less restricted”

Overwatch was made for PC, it’s the optimized platform for FPS games

Console players have to learn it differently and while the basic knowledge of the game carries over, the mechanical skill does not. I’m like mid plat average on console, but mid silver on PC. I also play on a laptop, the only computer I’ve ever owned.

My PC friend is gold there but when he plays on my Xbox it’s like watching low low low bronze

They’re not really comparable, your skill scales with the platform you play on. The “console is like 3 ranks lower than PC” argument is stupid, of course the players used to the optimal controls are gonna do better than the person used to a controller. If you’re plat on console, you’re plat amongst your crowd. If you’re plat on PC, you’re plat amongst your crowd. It’s an entirely different game and there’s a learning curve regardless of which platform you started on.


I tried OW on console last xmas when I went home to family and played little bro’s ps4 and I wanted to die with how slowly you had to do 180s and track tracer/genji jumping and dashing all around you


Mobility is better on controller imo because a joystick offers unparalleled control over your movement. Velocity control and omni-directional input trumps WASD every day of the week. I prefer controller and mouse when I play on pc, and that is how I use Hammond on pc.

When I see video of players using hamster on pc, the movement always looks so clunky because of the limitations of WASD.

I’m not gonna lie and say that grappling is any easier or worse on console, but I will say it does take longer to line up grapple angles with a joystick when compared to a mouse. One cannot flick on a controller like they can with a mouse.


And you’re wrong too. Circci has been #1 on PC multiple times. He was a Mei one trick from Xbox. He got rank 1 in season 12 with Mei when she wasn’t even meta. Joystick is a T500 main tank from console. This asinine notion that everyone is automatically two ranks below on console is a straight up ignorant lie.


Hammond is pretty easy to play on console.
The ones that are REALY hard to play are fast flankers, such as tracer, genji, doomfist… its just that you cant make a quick 180, and these heroes COUNT on 180 turns.
180 helps hammond but it isnt a must for him. He can play around it


I’m the same rank on pc and console. Or was. I dont play 0n pc at the moment but still…same rank.

As a console player I have to say it feels normal for me with most heroes but it’s especially bad with hammond since he moves so fast and the controller is just not precise enough for his speed IMO but keep in mind I’ve barely played hammond at all and I do know people who play on controllers and are pretty good at him

You literally can play Wrecking Ball easily on console.


:smiley: I’m bronze on both!


well , heck. With that logic, lets just cross platform and start combining console and and switch into the pro leagues.

I mean, afterall, you say there is no difference right?

Yea no. There are differences and this is why you do not see pro players using controllers, and why you do not see console users in the pro scene.

This is feasible and really should be considered, particularly for QP and arcade game modes. Paladins has this and I do just fine vs pc players with my console/controller.

This, however, not so much, but they should, at least, have their own tournaments if the interest is there.

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Simple and Fast

The speed OW is played on console is a lot more slow-phased

The speed OW is played on PC is tremendous.

This is not about Frames por second is just the difference fight enemies with KB-Mouse with a mentality more “competitive” is what make PC a more serious OW experiencie

4000 SR on console is like 2000- 2500 on PC

DspStanky (once considered one of the best Lucios) came from console too. Same with Gator,an owl Pro player.


That… Is not even logically sound. Like, I do not even care about this debate, but that argument makes less sense the second time you read it. I mean, I got it the first time, but maybe give it a second pass? Lul.

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Yet none of them are newcomers to the game, none of them instantly is able to perform at that same rank on PC until months to years of playing, that character they were already t500 with. Also this usually never extends to heavily mechanical heroes. Mei has very little mechanics to worry about, so does Genji and Lucio, two other famous cases of Console to PC move, to still get 4k+.

Yet none have been able to do it without making account and being above level 100 through pure competetive game spam. They quite litterally know most about the game and has grinded out so much in such a short span of time on PC, that they are able to achieve the same rank.

Dspstanky wasn´t known as the best lucios, he was a meme reddit lucio, who was insnely good.

Neither of the characters require any amount of Mechanical aiming that makes the advantage of M/KB so relevant. Gator mains tanks, he hasn´t got really any disadvantage to using either and he grinded 1000s of games on PC before he was even in contenders let alone OWL.

For all of you people completely unaware of what is actually factual. Then look at this way. There is a reason, that cross platform play isn´t available in OW and that in the games that it is, it is a huge problem for the console players, unless it is fortnite, where their aim assist is so insane, they can compete.

This prevents no one from transferring the rest of a games skill sets over, which multiple characters in this game only relies on.

This is also why, no one here can give any example of a highly aim intensive character, going from console to pc within a low amount of games (like any other high ranked smurf) and getting to 4k+ within lets say sub 40 levels or a little more. They quite litterally all need to learn PC gaming with M and KB

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You were too use to playing games with a keyboard and mouse is usually the biggest culprit of it.

Similar to a lot of players who make the switch from console to PC, I’ve noticed lots are more frustrated with close range weapons with recoil than ones that are intended for more long range.

TL;DR: Transitioning always sucks.


Did you really just reference Hcpeful’s tweet? There is plenty of console players who are top 500 on pc with a controller because that’s what they are used to it. I never understood why people consider them a “Main” of a certain hero that’s like saying you’re a one trick, but with a different word for it. I don’t doubt your friend nor do I doubt Hcpeful because I used to be an Xbox bot myself.