Patch Won't Go Live Until Next Year!? WTF!

I have trust level 3 stats also and have never once received trust level 3. Only ever been suspended from the forums once, and this was a year ago during the Mercy debacle.

I have had 2 posts edited by mods for censoring swear words, but other than that, never had trust 3 ever.

Ok i stop OW, it’s not a joke. Cya.

I like how you are acting so annoyed over a report that is full of holes. When its proven false are you going to come on here and admit you messed up or are you going to wait until the next fake story and get outraged over that.

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To be honest with you, I didn’t even read the report. I’m annoyed that current patch has been on PTR how long now 2-3-4 weeks? I’m watching streamers, following youtube, nobody even plays PTR anymore, just release the patch already.

I won’t admit anything, to tell you the truth I expected patch to be today, so unless they magically put PTR patch today, I have nothing to admit, nor apologize.

And you think this is gonna change in ow2? I don’t think so, hence why I got no hype for either ow 1 or 2 anymore.

this happens when people speak without thinking and no context, your reaction is justified but they guy you are quoting forgot to mention that the patch in question is a new raid (the last from the expac no less), with the race and everything starting right in the middle of the holidays, people will kill themselves rushing it… also employees taking time off, etc. Bastly different escenarios, so it doenst apply to ow.

Also, the trill twit seems to be outdated and missinforming, there is another twit already saying that and trill washing his hands from the issue as “well i said i dont know if its fake”

If the PTR doesn’t see a big change within a week, delaying it till mid Jan is incredibly stupid.

Unless this leak is false (always a chance of that,) why is Blizzard delaying everything so much? I was just contemplating how they’ve been dangling the Key Ring for Classic WoW in front of us, and now this patch?

I get the feeling they’re clearly trying some silly strategy to build anticipation.

Really not a fan of it.

A. Release PTR soon.
B. Change PTR soon and release later.
C. Give incentives to playing the PTR so that they can actually test the bloody changes.

But I’ve been trying to communicate with them on the forums for nearly 15 years, so I have little faith in their stubbornness to do any of those.

Oh look at this guy who figured out how programming works!

Bugs are a hoax, people. You just “flip numbers”, and everything works perfectly!

Thanks to you, GreyFalcon, decades and decades of computer programming will now be revolutionized. All with a simple yet brilliant idea! Just flip the numbers! f L i P t H e N u M b E r S!

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which is another big complaint people have. It really seems like the patches are often held up between seasons of OWL. People complained to much that OWL was several patches behind the live server, so now every thing is held back so OWL can have a “New fresh meta” each season. It’s also why we get hatchet job nerfs and buffs to try and shake it up.

Maybe you can try sending a support ticket? I’m really curious why. Is Level3 given out manually and you just got missed by the mod?

I’ve been missed for apparently over a year. Lmao no idea.

Not all that worried about it. I haven’t been nearly as active recently anyway, so even if I did get it, I would probably lose it shortly.

I would like to see them push the patch through with 2-3 other patches to pick up the slack for unforeseen changes that they would need to address. They are getting pretty close to the next season of OWL and they need to let this patch settle before the new season or we could have another really boring meta like last year.

If a professional programmer can’t assign values to a variable, I think they should look for work in a different career.

It has to be 4 weeks because consoles. It wasn’t going to go out last week because Thanksgiving break (if something goes wrong people have to come in). That left either this week or next. With the event coming next werk, might as well bundle them together to minimize chances for bugs.

They’re…they’re joking, right?


I know they’re really slow, but they cant be THAT slow, can they…?

If Blizz would just accept that they make mistakes this could of been released already. Tons of people are waiting for this patch, tanks will be able to play aggressively, dps wont be shooting shields 95% of the time, and healers are going to have to adapt different playstyles.

Imo it would be in Blizzs best interest to release this asap.

It’s really starting to feel Blizzard is actively trying to KILL Overwatch 1. Not giving us a significantly improved patch and not having priority que after cancelled games or server scuffs… This is sucking they joy out of the game.

Is this done to pump up OW2’s tires? What’s the endgame here Blizzard, or are you just utterly incompetent?

The number of people in this thread that never touched a piece of code in their lives…

I’m baffled that people think the only thing changing is a config file. I mean even if the balance changes only required a config file change, if people read the patch notes then they’d also know that other things were changing as well.

Like…if y’all are going to complain for hours or days about a patch, at least spend 10 minutes reading the notes :roll_eyes:

I get it. The patch looks good. Let them test it as thoroughly as possible so it will actually be good when it finally releases.

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Again leaks are wrong…