Patch Won't Go Live Until Next Year!? WTF!

People want this meta to be over and you’re gonna hold the patch till next year? Seriously!? I really hope this is a jebait because this type of stuff doesn’t help on people wanting to buy Overwatch 2 if they’re already fed up with Overwatch 1.

EDIT: Another Link


Just adding a clickable link. I really hope this article is wrong. I’ll be pretty upset if it doesn’t go live next Tuesday.


Take leaks with a grain of salt.

But if true, I don’t think that should be a big surprise to anyone. The PTR has a huge fundamental shift for the game. The developers are going to want it to spend as much time cooking as possible to evaluate whether it’s the right choice before it inevitably unleashes chaos on live servers.



I mean, I trust Trill, but I guess it depends where he got the screenshot.

EDIT: Oh wait, the screenshot is talking about the OPR. Isn’t that the LAN client? Overwatch Professional Realm? That would mean THAT client gets the patch in mid-January for the OWL season, not the Live servers.


Tbh this just basically shows that the devs doesnt care damn thing of their own community. (Except the money they get)

Kinda sad ngl.


yes, of course.

“why not release this now?”

“you fool! have you forgotten? Our first and foremost principle is that we don’t care about the players. we will hold this off for no reason other than to antagonize the community”

the logic that goes on in this forum…sometimes man…


It shows that the devs care more about clearing JIRA bug tickets, than balancing the game…

Seriously, they could just push more balance changes without patches.

Possibly doing 2 to 3 rounds of balance changes before posting a bugfix patch.

The OPR is still on 1.40. They’re holding off on patching that until January. This is a false alarm guys.

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I couldn’t post the link. How are you able to post the link though?

WTH Blizzard, please tell me this is not real.


I mean lets be real here, if the devs really cared their community, they’ve released the patch ages ago.

Almost everyone wants this patch to go live, even their own pros & streamers.

But we have to wait till 2020 according to the rumors even if they’re real or not? Yeah sure, lets wait till majority of the community stops playing this game till then.


Even if it is, I was already mad about this subject.

How hard is it really to flip a few variables?

ARMOR::Mitgation = 5
ORISA::Primary::Slow = 0.2
ORISA::Barrier::HP = 600
ORISA::Health::Armor = 250
ORISA::Fortify::Cooldown = 8
SIGMA::Barrier::HP = 900
SIGMA::Barrier::Regen = 120
SIGMA::Grasp::Cooldown = 10
SIGMA::Grasp::Rate = 0.6
REINHARDT::Barrier::HP = 1600
REINHARDT::Barrier::Slow = 0.25
REINHARDT::Steadfast = 0.5
MOIRA::Primary::InitialHeal = 3.25
DVA::Matrix_UsageCooldown = 1.5
WIDOW::Grapple::Cooldown = 12
TORBJORN::Overload::Cooldown = 10
GENJI::Primary::Ammo = 30
ZARYA::Secondary::Radius = 2.5
ZARYA::Secondary::AmmoCost = 20


That would hold more weight if there had been any tweaks or changes to the PTR but far as I know nothing has been done in response to feed back. No more nerfs, buffs or alterations.

So more time is obviously not being used wisely to further improve the balance changes.

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Please don’t be that guy.

“It’s only numbers! How hard can it be?”

Making games is hard. Things are constantly breaking.


We have custom games, and the Workshop, and yet somehow the idea that the developers can change variables without a patch is unheard of?

Also I’ve worked on server modification for tournament play on a class based FPS game before. Had about 40 servers running it and about 20 teams playing it.

If I could do it 18 years ago, why can’t the developers do it now?

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I would believe that more if the balance changes seemed well though out and weren’t instantly a problem when they get tested. And in the case of a lot of games “just numbers” isn’t a bad description of a lot of the recent changes. Sure picking the right numbers is hard but it really doesn’t feel like Blizzard stresses over that too much.

Instead they toss out some changes and see what works with little to no changes from PTR to Live. As they always say nothing in testing compares to Competitive play, making the 2 month+ testing process pretty useless.

Not to mention a lot of the changes are so lazy they are number values you can change yourself in a custom game…


Shouldn’t the patch be already out now?

You have to be level 3 on the forums to post links except from a few trusted sources. It basically means that I’m on here way too much.

I’m on here a lot but just don’t always post because usually what I wanna say people on here ended up already saying it.