PATCH NOTES --- legendary custom Bots V11

welcome player,
I work very hard to bring you the best AI experience. In Patch V11 you can now play the modes: Assault, Payload and Hybrid. Currently i work on an AI Rework but it will take multiple months. I already working 4 months on it and its still bronze state. The pve modes are delayed but i will post some information soon. Here the Codes + Patch Notes


Patch Notes

AI Settings

  • Player can now choose 3 different Team Settings
    → Setting 0: Normal 2-2-2 Setting, Bots will try to fill missing roles
    → Setting 1: Random Heroes + Custom Bot Number (Player set the number for each team)
    → Setting 2: Player can choose Bot Hero for each Slot.
  • Player can now enable Replacer Bots
  • Player can now enable AI Active Setting (Bot replace player if the is AFK)
    → Player can set the AFK Timer
  • Player can choose AI difficulty (1-5 (3 is default))
    → Difficulty change AI Abilities like custom Reload, Jump, Facing, Reaction Time

Bug Fixes

  • Brigitte/Reinhard Bots no longer cancel their Shield for 0,25 sec.
  • Sigma Bots can now complete their Ultimate Animation
  • Healer AI Focus updated

More is on the way. But the big AI update will be available early 2022.


Honestly, I wish your bots were an option in Practice VS AI, much like how Dota 2 added fan-favourite custom bots.

Would be a miracle if Blizzard did so. :+1:


Alright! Can’t wait to play it!


I have been waiting a long time for this


What is this? mmm: :innocent:


October can’t come fast enough.


wait what!? is that screenshot real? was there some kind of update i missed that lets you make a settings screen like that?

Edit: Wow, I had no idea something like that existed. I am very pleasantly surprised.

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Let’s go me and my friend was waiting for this =D

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:eyes: :eyes: :eyes: i can’t wait


Update. Check main post


Hey I’d like to know when the vs AI for FFA is. I heard the difficulty was getting reduced soon.

When i release the V11 you’ll get V11 versions for FFA, TDM, CTF too. That means you can choose in FFA AI Level 1-5. Only the AI Team setting is different.

Okay cool looking forward to it

Patch is out have fun <3


is there a way to make the bots work on competitive rules (rounds 2+)

This is planned for the bot rework :slight_smile:

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Bots are great; only 3 problems.

  1. Workshop overload on Hanamura.
  2. Payload, hybrid, assault maps, the defending bots seem to be stuck and confused at first until they’re dead, then they’re fixed after.
  3. Some nav issues like King’s Row defense and falling off.

Definitely recommend and be trying this with my mates; multiple custom options. :+1:

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Is there a way to have bots shoot a you when you’re shielded as Zarya? They completely ignore you when you have a shield.

Oh hey does Deathmatch have a code by any chance?

Your bots are an absolute blast to play with, but I did find some small issues, though.

● The kill feed only works on the Control mode.
● Players who leave don’t actually get replaced by bots.
● When players get taken over by a bot, they can’t aim.