Patch notes are up

This took a backseat because fanservice.

I cannot believe one fugging skin is getting all the attention in the midst if CC additions and uncalled for nerfs among a filler season patch…

Ya… so that’s not true at all?..

Half the server and activity is literally on Mercy’s new skin.

“Is it free?”
“I cannot believe its happening!”
“She’s so CYOOT!”
“Nerf Mercy now.”

Yaa… it doesn’t look like “half the server”, whatever that means.

You looked through the list of topics?

There’s, what, maybe three or four on-going conversations about it, alongside complaints and concerns and opinions on all the other changes.

I don’t know what forum you’re looking at man but it’s time to stop freaking out over something not worth freaking out over.

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Safe to assume thats never coming to overwatch. a lot of console games still dont have it and ftr they run like crap on ps4 and xbox one anyway with noticeable input lag

I was asleep. This is going to be terrible. Bloody slow meta with Life Weaver now being forced into playability. And Grip becoming more common. Who the hell is going to want to play tank in any capacity?

Top500, GM, some in Masters. She has something like a 15% pickrate there. And whilst a lot of it is due to Widow. A lot is because she’s just too powerful atm. I don’t think spread was the right thing to nerf.

Was at least 10. Stun plus headshot would kill Tracer, and headshots did 140.

If you think that:

  1. These are the highest skill ceiling heroes
    Or that
  2. they are going to really notice these changes.

You are lying to yourself.

It depends. The wording is weird, with regard to it seeming like he has to be within 1.5 m of the hero he uses it on, but honestly a few parts of the patch notes were so unclear that it’s likely another bad explanation. If so, he’s going to be even more annoying to go against and the damage is far too high on the ability for that effect. Crazy.

Can’t have him out of the meta (even if he’s still one of the top DPS picks) for more than a season without making him even more obnoxious, it seems.

If we get more cree, then it’ll just be back to business as usual, but I also don’t see widow or hanzo falling off all that much with the visualisation of widow’s change and nothing truly meaningful happening to hanzo beyond QOL for his enemies.

Funnily enough, the 3 main examples will still be problematic. Sure, she can’t snipe you out of spawn now. But the instant you get around that corner for that incredibly long sightline which each of these maps have with the incredibly difficult to push high ground and little to no cover, she’s going to be dominating just the same.

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I have to say, I wasn’t shocked yet was still disappointed to see that all they did was the hitbox reduction and stat buffs for him. And as it stands, the changes won’t be enough. He needs his problems fixing, not to have his numbers increased. All that’ll do is make him annoying to play against and boring to play. …ok, I guess that is the standard for OW2. Bland but annoying.

Next season appears to be a bust already. Even the cinematic we’ll finally get is for the most bland character in the game lmao.

Perhaps the Tiny Tina’s Wonderland rip off will be fun for a bit longer than 10 minutes this time, however.

He got I think 8 straight buffs with one mild nerf, and another that effectively doesn’t change him. I’d be surprised if this doesn’t make him ‘playable’.

Yup. Give life grip F to accept and give him a rework to make him less clunky.

And horrible to play with.

Glad I wasn’t the only one noticing that it just seemed… Completely void of life. Literally as if the script was written by chatgpt or something similar.

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OW2 in a phrase.

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‘Cassidy isn’t the top DPS, what do we do?!’
‘Nerf Reaper and Moira to make him counter them, give him infinite range on grenade, nerf Tracer and make grenade counter recall, give the grenade as much slow as Mei’s initial left click’
‘But what about the complaints?’
‘Don’t worry, Lifeguard Mercy will keep them quiet’

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[curls mustache]
“And keep us from drowning in money”
[evil hue-hues ensue]

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Nothing we haven’t heard a million times already every single Season and every single Season it gets worse.
Matchmaker is in the worst state it has ever been, so don’t expect anything to change.

My favorite change is “Groups who are different sizes by wide margins will prioritize putting them against the same people” so basically hopefully I don’t have to help 2 diamond/masters players carry gold jimmy716 in my freaking diamond lobbies.

I mean that’s the thing; it could make him playable, but it doesn’t deal with the issues he has. Only thing that was really addressed was how easy he is to kill and I suspect that really wasn’t enough, because 10% of the petals alone is nothing - he himself is still bigger than all other 200 HP heroes. On top of that, he’s just plain clunky and unintuitive to play as.

I really don’t agree life grip is the problem outside of low ranks, tbh.

Yes, because he’s so underwhelming. Rather have a mercy lol.

Yeah, this is the issue I keep having each season - it depresses me. This game doesn’t feel like Overwatch yet I still keep coming back to not have any fun. I could win 10 games in a row and not have fun because so many instances in-game feel frustrating and most of those wins were steamrolls because matchmaking and I know for a fact that my next session will be the reverse anyway.

Exactly why I put it in apostrophe’s.


I’ve played with gm life weavers and am currently masters. It isn’t that they’ll always misuse it. The problem is it ruins player autonomy and makes the Life Weaver into the team master where no one else gets to control themselves if he thinks he deserves to.

It’s terribly unfun to play with and is why I’ve not really touched tank over season 4, and sure as hell won’t be touching it until it gets f to accept. I want to make my own decisions, not sit there and be a dog on a leash for someone else.

Because he ruins player agency.

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I think everyone is just tired at this point. We need a collective forum nap before we go :orangutan: :poop: on the patch notes.

Honestly, I feel that. Had that a fair few times across ranks.

Rather have a Mercy because his power is so much lower and he doesn’t enable aggression as well, even with Life Grip; better to be offensive than defensive with utility.

Been playing on my offroles, and whilst it feels worse in plat and diamond, because well they make more mistakes and misuse it more. It doesn’t magically fix itself by players being ‘good’ as people keep trying to tell me.

The funny part is his concept is to enable aggression. But since it’s purely reactive it doesn’t really in practice. F to accept would help it actually serve this purpose since people would be able to be more aggressive than normal, treating it like Reaper Wraith but on steroids.

But instead it’s just “You look like you’ll be in trouble vaguely in the future, you are coming back now.”

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