Patch notes are up [Oct 10]

Yeah, I guess this is pretty experimental. We’ll see how it goes and leave a feedback. Hopefully, that group respawning feature will be smart and act differently when you’re close to overtime (last fight).

Woot! I can finally test other games when OW goes full stupid xD


Some people will just leave the game for good, others will troll hard during the match to make it end as quickly as possible. The report system may ban them eventually, but OW2 is desperate for players.

These devs will not fix the core issues this game has, but they will punish players instead. So, the issue won’t dissapear, it will only transform.


I’m still waiting for the patch where they will let us choose what game modes to play. But that would make queue times for Push and Trashpoint so long that those maps would never appear again, and these devs don’t know how to accept their failures.

Their ego is far more important than their customers.


Every patch note drop is only giving my theory of there being a gas leak in Blizzard HQ more traction.

That would be good for QP, but for Comp they need to just straight up copy what R6S does, where they give you five randomly selected maps before the match starts, and the players pick one to play. It’d give the players more control over their experience, but not so much that they only ever play their best map/mode.


Patch notes review here because Blizzard would never let us criticize it on the main post:

Sounds neat, but Blizzard have a history of screwing up their PvE modes (and if you think I just mean the OW2 stuff you’re a naive lil babby), and the more lazy self-pleasuring Blizzard company crossovers and references I see in this game, the more I dies inside.

We didn’t need an entire rework to realize these changes should have been made years ago lol

This has been a feature in class shooters, again, for obvious reasons since 2007, and queuing for Competitive doesn’t automatically mean you’re smart enough to group up. I appreciate the effort and concept but this WILL get changed soon because it’s implemented poorly.

They haven’t taken Flashpoint out of the queue and this either won’t affect Custom Games anyway, or if they do then I’m done with matchmaking and so are many more people even if they don’t realize it yet.

No one cares.

Only Blizzard cares.

Making an obstacle course score mode that didn’t let you share a replay is laughably poor foresight and I’m not going to applaud them for un-screwing up slightly.

Again, no applause for slightly un-screwing up the game

The tank changes are welcome but won’t fix the game


The problem with this ability in combat has always been that you randomly take crit damage and your hitbox takes forever to start moving where you roll. Letting Cass tank more damage unrelated to those two issues is really silly.

Once again I stay winning, because yall hate even fake CC so much that I just get to melt you ASAP again lol

Welcome nerf, but I’m still confused as to why they’re nerfing the most intimate and teammate-appreciated part of her kit instead of the parts that are obnoxious according to literally everyone else.

All great additions. Options you can ignore if you want and extra bits of compatibility.
Only hoping the options don’t screw with existing settings like they do sometimes, and that no-CD glides like Echo/Mercy gain an auto-option like they get in many serious Custom Game modes anyway.

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Torb nerfs no compensation?


Best change ever. I suppose ill have a new reporting hobby with how the forums are responding now.

The big problem is that Activision paid for the production of Overwatch. And they also set the rules to get their money back via patents of engagement; which are intrinsic to the matchmaking.

Is the very same reason why Devs have being telling us stories all these years about adjusting the matchmaking, season after season, game after game, and is always the same algorithm that already killed OW1.

By penalizing leavers from that very insanity they’re calling engagement, they are taking the last bullet on the only thing that made this game remotely playable.

And when people actually Engage, in other games during suspension, well, no need to say that’s a one way ticket right there.

In the meanwhile, the more suspensions, the worse it will get for the remaining playerbase on every match.

Congratulations to Activision-Blizzard, now we have a proximity date for when Overwatch 2 is going to die.

Sadly, it won’t be long before we hear about OW3.


Cassidy going to DESTROY the ladder this next season, mark my words if Cassidy doesn’t have the highest win rate and highest KD in the game I’ll take a sample of my own stool and ingest it PO.

Cause of roll damage reduction???


So am I going to get penalized for leaving a mystery hero game when the enemy team has 2 orisas, 2 heals and a bastion and our healers won’t heal me?

75% damage reduction, he’s basically got Orisa fortify the timing right, he can negate any ability by 75% if timed right, I wish they just gave him back his ranged instead of this because he’s going to be OP unkillable this season, wow

Leavers are going to stop ruining games and quit OW? Sounds like a win to me!


Just don’t leave…that game is prob going to end very quickly :wink:

Define ‘‘literally everyone else’’ because otherwise there wouldnt a discussion about it at all.

They are going to make people hate playing this game if they can never leave any game mode. I understand implement these rules for competitive but doing it for mystery heroes is stupid.

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Wait, so you can hold your knife out to line up the shot as JQ? :thinking:

That’s actually a really good change. :+1:

Hadn’t had any issues like that for 6 years in overwatch, and I am a grinder. A good change! Don’t blame the game If your ISP/connection or PC sucks.

Bruh, mcree had 2 playable states “McMachieneGun” with 0.45 fire rate, and recent ow2’s 25m fall-off damage state (instead of 20). All these 225/200 hp, and roll damage reductions do not matter along with his worthless magnade. He is the worst dps in the roster by far.