Patch 1.30 Mercy Buff is fine

Hum i quite disagree with that. She has her sleep which is her best defensive option and her grenade can save her life. I know that it depend a lot about the situation and skill’s management but i do think Ana is the best solo healer currently.

Not the most stable because you need to hit you targets but she do have a good healing burst (+block heal) and more than decent heal overall (80hps increased under nade effect). Plus with the buff to her ultimate, that’s another 300hp burst.

Sleep Dart only protects Ana from one threat, assuming she lands it and the target isn’t immediately woken by another ally trying to peel her. Self-healing is also a huge waste of potential for Ana’s grenade.

Mercy gets self-healing for free, and her mobility and ult are way better for staying alive than any tools Ana has.

A solo healer needs to stay alive as long as possible while being focused and sustain their entire team. Ana can manage this, but Mercy’s kit is basically ideal.

For sure, Ana’s kit is harder to use and Mercy’s one is really the best on that side. That mobility is really one of her core strength and your placement as a support is really important.

However i don’t think that makes everything.

I can fly away everywhere with mercy, that’s not going to stop my team from being obliterated on a brutal push if my healing can not maintain them alive.

And this is where i think Ana shine with the healing part of her kit.

i’d rather she is underpowered but fun

this buff/revert does nothing for her

rez should be earned


You guys don’t get it. This is not about Mercy but money there’s a so many mercy main players aquired all her roots. Game developers get pressure from investors to generate more money.

Yes because you had one good game that means the hero is alright! Forget all the other people with hundreds of hours on the hero giving feedback for over a year telling Blizzard whats wrong. /s

No really we need more time to see what this buff really did. Plus the concern behind the complains arent only about Mercys viability. It is about this forced and failed rework ending in terrible and boring gameplay. Mercy lost any strategic mindgames she had going on after the rework and her skill ceiling dropped down which is why many former mains despise this rework.
But before I get too much into the details here I will just link a very good thread talking about her issues and problems.

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Mercy was never nerfed in the first place. It was just a revert.

I mean its nice that Mercy can get her low impact ult faster and that it has its 60 hps back, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is very low impact and (this second part is more so my opinion) goes against her play style of “strong consistent solo-target healing/boost with team based movement.” Ignoring the second part, her ult is still where it was a patch ago (which was still very low impact), but now she is weaker outside of ult.

The half buff half revert is nice, but its very small.

I find her to be correctly powered (balanced) and very fun to play in her current state


since I want to win games, if I was given a (ala magical geneie type wish) choice between more power or more fun, I would choose power; because I find it fun to win and more power would increase my chance of winning

Factually, this is a buff, not a revert

Factually, 60 is greater than 50, and as such this does increase her effectiveness. Said another way, it does something positive/empowering rather than doing nothing

With apologies, I disagree - Valkyrie is earned, and I personally dont think that Mercy should have to earn both

This entire post is either strange opinions or false statements

But thats just my opinion

One game isnt enough to base ones opinion. I think she should get another rework, or something other than Valk. We already had valk at 60hps, and it wasnt really good then

By the numbers, Valkyrie is a very strong ultimate. Just use it for engaging rather than saving teammates.

Its not intended to be used like Sound Barrier is, for example.

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This was a revert for her healing in Valk. Not a buff. Only buff was charge time, and we all love more spectator cam

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Factually, her healing in Valkyrie was 50HPs/s in what was previously the current version of the character as defined by Blizzard

Factually, her healing in Valkyrie is 60HPs/s in what is now current version of the character as defined by Blizzard

Moving from 50 to 60 is a buff - an enhancement of the power/effectiveness of the character

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Her healing before that nerf was 60 all around. For valk, and basic healing. Then she got nerfed to 50 for her ult and basic healing.

Now they brought her healing back to 60hps for Valk. It’s a revert, but just for valk

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The 60 HPS is poo, nobody cares about it. As others mentioned, it’s moreof an initiation tool. As such, Valks value comes from brainlessly sticking dmg boost on everyone while hovering above the angry Katana master.

The only buff was the 15% ult charge rate, and since her base healing is still 50HPS, you can charge valk just as fast, if not faster, using her pistol than you can by healing now. If you have half decent aim

do poor healing, damage boost and hope your team can aim, go kill widow or fly back to spawn. Do whatever, it lasts long enough that you’ll get some kind of crap use out of it

Factually, Blizzard defines what Mercy is, as Mercy is their intellectual property

Factually, the current version of Mercy is what Blizzard defines her to be, not any previous version. By extension, the version of Mercy that existed just prior to the most current patch was - up til the release of the patch - the definition of what Mercy was - not any previous version selected arbitrarily

Factually, what was the current version of Mercy prior to the most current buff received two changes in this most recent patch that increased her effectiveness/power

As such, this is a buff

But due to the version that was nerfed the devs wanted to return her healing back to her ult because of how underpowered it was after they nerfed the 60 hps to 50 hps. So they returned her normal healing to her ult.

So factually it’s a revert for Valk

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I played 1 game as Reinhardt and I never got stunned by Brigitte? Why are people complaining that it happens all the time when it didn’t happen to me in the 1 game I played?

With apologies, I disagree with this statement

I care about it, and so do many other Mercy players I have been talking to since the PTR change was announced

With apologies once again, I disagree with this statement

I get value from Valkyrie not just by boosting the damage of my teammates, but also from the chained healing, and in many other ways as well. I have seen other Mercys do the same.