🤨 Part 2.5: Why Do You Think Torb's Rework was more Well Done, then Sym's?

that’s because the community was toxic as heck torwards her being a “support” and not healing. and from someone who mains both… Torbjorn got gutted way more then Symmetra did. and is the weaker of the two right now.

Look I am not going to tell you you are wrong about Torb.

Instead I am just going to wait.

I refer to him as a glass cannon much like doomfist right now. on cooldown he’s a sitting duck but if he off cooldowns he’s strong.

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Because they set out to make torb spend less time around his turret and that was an easy fix, meanwhile with Sym they tried to make her kit viable on a mode she wasn’t meant for which would have taken longer but because their precious streamers threatened to leave they rushed the job and ended up ruining her all around. They weren’t trying to make Torb good on attack they were trying to make his job easier, while with Sym they wanted streamers to stop complaining that “sYmM dUnT wErK oN 'tAcK pLs MaKe HeR gOoD, aLsO sHe NeEdS tO tAkE sKiIiIiLLL” so they tried to make her an attack oriented character and rushed it.

torb can survive alone most of the time, no turret included ,you have nice escape or damage options, in the other hand sym is too team dependent and fragile.she can do great damage but the teleporter is too slow to be used as an escape tool.
if the teleporter was more reliable and if sym had more hp,she could be more viable.

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Well consider this. Blizz has stated Torb is not doing as great as they wanted so they buffed his…Ult?

Buffing an Ult is great but that’s not his primary issue. Ult tweaking is to slightly change a hero’s effectiveness when using that Ult which can be 2-4ish times per game. This minor damage increase to his occasional meh Ult will do little to nothing for his main issues.

I truly expected some changes to his Turret CD or adjustments to his Overload (ammo/animation) but they go and chose the one thing that will help him the least in a full game.

they should have removed torb arc projectile and make it shoot like mei…
and maybe put ashe style reload so he can reload faster if he is almost full…and reduce secondary fire ammo cost…
but that is a personal opinion

Torb’s kit is straight forward. He just lack the punch that other heroes had. Symm’s kit has a lot of versatility. Bumping her up to other DPS while maintaining the versatility would make her OP. They opted to keep her versatility over straight damage buffs. This was the right choice in the long run.

his arched projectile is part of the reason i even main him. he can shoot targets behind cover if you understand distance >.> I’m actually upset they took alot of it’s drop-off away. making it less useful (same reason i main rescue ranger in TF2)

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I do not mind his Arc projectile. It makes it pretty useful in a lot of cases.

For his ammo I think they should have increased it slightly and have Overload auto reload his weapon.

The Ashe comparison doesn’t work for his kit. His reload would be longer if he had to load individual rivets which would give him more downtime (which is why I assume they were trying to do by gutting his turret and removing his armor).

It works for Ashe because she’s a sniper hitscan. She has 12 shots and she can near damn wipe a team alone with those shots if her aim is perfect.

Doesn’t translate well to a 18 ammo (I think?) projectile weapon

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nothing better than sniping a crying widow and yea it would have made a complete hero with the turret support, the sniping capability and the powerfull short range shotgun. a bit like ashe is curently.

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I kinda think Symm’s just needs some tweaking, but the large problem to her lack of success is just the current meta.

Teleporter has some coordination power to it, but that’s the huge issue… You need the coordination.

I just stand by that it’s currently not the right meta for Symm, a little bit like Doomfist… “apparently” he broken for a while, but he wasn’t in the right meta to really highlight the strengths.

Because Torb gets

*a turret that’s tankier than he is on a 10 sec cd
*an ult that’s extremely useful in all situations
*damage, damage, damage. Symmetra is one of the few DPS classes that sucks at DPS. Torb can 1v1 many heroes easily. Sym? Not so much.

translate well to mei and she hasnt much more projectiles.

Mei is 1000X more tanky then current Torb. Also she has one of the slowest rate of fire+less ammo then Torb.

They are functionally different heros. Meis projectile is the fastest too at I believe 120 m/s (Hanzo is 110 I believe)

Mei also has the lowest dps of all dps heros (except maybe Sombra). You’d be gutting the only thing Torb has atm and that’s raw damage.

no i think it would work, the 2 other pistol with slow projectile that shoot straight are mercy and baby d.va guns and they work great too.

With his Overload ability, yeah, I can see this, but not when it’s on a cooldown (and it’s a long cooldown). His crit-box is gigantic enough that even Mercy can kill him a second just by shooting at him without trying. I’m definitely not saying Sym is any better, but at least she has a much thinner hitbox than Torb does.

I really do think if they just bumped Symmetra’s health up to 250, made her teleporter deploy a little quicker, and then fixed the god-awful tick rate on her primary fire, she would probably be in a decent spot or only need tiny tweaks to make her not F-tier for the third year in a row.


They do a decent amount of damage for a last ditch effort weapon. They are in no way even close to reliable sources of damage. Even less so outside close range.

It works for Orisa because her gun shots the same projectiles but she has a mini turret of them to use, not a pistols worth of ammo.

dont forget in the torb case each bullet will still do 70+ by impact and not 20.

they also have a stupidly high rate of fire. dps mercy can melt a tank if she chooses >.> i am very much the mindset if my pocket dps isn’t killing the current threat to my life i will kill it for them.