Paris is nice, but so what


I like everything up til second point on Attack. It’s very difficult–no team I’ve seen has won second point (whether I’m on Attack or Defense), even if they absolutely flattened first point, even against triple sniper comps.


Let’s have some modes that don’t require constant 6v6 pushes. Let teams strategize, should they go 6man, should they split 4 and 2.

Let’s mix it up.

If you’ve never tried CP_Steel, a map with multiple attack objectives, I can tell you that it works, and works extremely well. So well that I remember it even a decade later. So many different strategies, so many different approaches.

Now we have Volskaya (attack straight thru the hole, then turn right and enter the house),
to go with Paris (attack straight thru the hole, then turn right and enter the house).
This differs from Temple of Anubis (attack straight thru the hole, then turn LEFT and enter the house)

No reason overwatch even needs to be 6 player teams.
I love 3v3 elimination, quick and tactical. Why not design a counter-strike style map that uses the elimination mechanic for 6v6?

I duno, something, anything new


Horizon Lunar Colony’s second point is to the left of the first.


having more objectives discourages teamwork so why it is even needed?

Because in other games doesn’t have characters that are dependent on each other like OW.


Horizon and Anubis both go to the left.


I like where you’re going. I also agree that a new core gamemode is needed.

My Tug of War idea was to have maps that consisted of two teams, with their dropships, on opposite sides. A “Treasure” or “Objective” sits on a transport in the middle of the map. Teams fight for control to bring it back to their dropship. Add variation to this mode by not having the treasure/objective follow a set rail path. Have gates or doors, maybe a waterway or flow of traffic with flow switches, be interactive so the team can select a route to take it back to their dropship. Make some routes better for certain team compositions. (some routes good for defenders on highground, other routes good for CQB heroes, etc.)


Cuz that is not the core of the game and it doesn’t feel good to play.

It works in CS cuz there are no tanks no healer, no specific roles everyone is capable of doing any job.


It doesn’t discourage teamwork. It would require and reward more/better teamwork.

With only 1 point (esp with assault maps) if anything, you’re encouraged to just trickle in as quickly as possible.

And there are TONs of other games that have heroes dependant on one another… Heal/tank/dps is far from a new concept…


Dude, look around. you can’t even get people to group up to attack let alone expecting them to read minds? isn’t the game frustrating enough already that you ask for more misery?

How many of them are FPS?


Again, you should blame the players for that. Not the game. Because you can’t get 5 friends to play as a team with you doesn’t mean those of us who can shouldn’t be allowed nice things.

As for “how many are fps” the only difference is camera angle and that a handful of heroes have guns. This is an objective based game before its a shooter, it’s an abilities based game after that, then it’s a shooter.


I disagree with your “core of the game” then.

To me, the core of the game is the varied cast of characters who can fulfill different roles.

The way in which these characters are used has so many possibilities.

You’re not giving players enough credit. Your whole argument lies on “players won’t team up”…
Well if they’re not teaming up anyway, then how is the current mode working? By your logic, it isnt. So then, another game mode could only be better if not equally bad by your metric of people teaming up.

The game has a lot of potential, and they are wasting their resources and time making maps that fit perfectly into their OWL structure – ignoring the massive outcry of people asking for new ideas.


CP steel is horrible though. The map is super confusing, especially for new players. It’s not even a popular map for experienced players.


I think it’s funny that on one hand you say OW can’t be compared to non fps to me. But to other people on the thread you’re saying it can’t be compared to fps.

Make up your mind, be productive, or just stop posting.
No wonder you experience poor teamwork so often.


A brand new map, about 1/2 a year since Busan, is not new content.

Yeah okay. Besides there are plenty of differences between it and volskaya. Boopers have more oppurtunities for instance, especially first point.

You might not like the map, but give credit for it even coming in the rotation in the first place.

Another hero is likely on the horizon, too. Team could be catching up.


Having friends shouldn’t be a requirement to play a game. People come and go. What you are going to do if your friends move to play something else?


REEEEEEEEEEEE :japanese_goblin:


Paris is the only 2cp I actually like. It’s like they took the best parts from various maps and mashed it together.


I’m still waiting for 8v8 or 10v10…


Make new ones, or change games if the player base is toxic to the point of not being able to find 5 people… That should be pretty obvious.

And, having teammates is inherently necessary to play any team game. Which, despite not having a team queue, this game is at the end of day a team game.


That is not how things works. Most ppl search for good solo experience regardless if it is a team game or not. if you you don’t provide, you have a dead game.