Paris is nice, but so what


This is not what the game needs.
You don’t need more of the same, just to change up the eye candy so people don’t get bored watching goats vs goats during OWL matches.

We need new types of maps… whether or not they are competitive for OWL.
I’ve suggested it multiple times, but we need 5 CP maps that are tug of war style – i.e. each point you cap changes where the respawn locations are until one team caps the enemy teams last point.

Or, perhaps something innovative like CP_Steel was in TF2 – a multi capture point map where attackers would need to capture a main point, with a bunch of secondary points scattered around that would add time and expose the final point more and more to attackers.

Both of these modes would work in a competitive setting, especially the CP_Steel map since it could conform to attack/defend time limitations.

I honestly don’t give two guanos about OWL league. I want the game itself to be fun and exciting first. There’s no reason to be so creatively bankrupt when there is such a good framework to build upon.

I like this Paris map, it’s nice, perhaps you should have added a second level for vertical heroes to enter the castle from… kind of like what rialto has (all those buildings with a ground floor and a 2nd floor catwalk if you will). But stop worrying about “what is competitive” and start making fun maps/modes.

Overwatch isn’t a sport, and it doesn’t need to be. I’m glad OWL is seeing success, but that success will be shortlived if you don’t evolve your game.


It IS what the game needs; new content.


Where have you guys been?! It’s been on the PTR for weeks! flips table


At this point I think it’s pretty insane that they haven’t added a new core game mode yet.

Though to be fair, they have confirmed that they’re working on them but release is a ways off.


It is the lowest form of new content. It feels too similar to Volskaya.

I don’t care that it looks phenomenal, it plays out the exact same.


True… Paris is not even anything new. Everyone knew about it already almost a month ago.

Content has been dry so far.


I’d like to see a dual payload/hybrid maps
One that starts on either end, obviously with separate paths.

Also, a 2 or 3 pt control map.

Assault… well… just no more of that pls.


Are there any 2 cp maps where point B is to the right of point A?


Wouldn’t that just be a 2 point control map and not assault anymore though?


The game need more modes but modes with more than 1 point doesn’t work well in OW.

Also you are talking like OWL is above everything. If the game doesn’t feel good to play who cares about how it is played in OWL?


How so?

It’s never been tried aside from ctf, which is actually pretty fun. People are just stubborn and refuse to learn something new or play different hero pools.


Woops I meant to say when they are not to the right. Like Hanamura goes right, Volskya goes right Paris goes right, are there any that go left or straight back?


Because the teamwork falls apart when the teams splits over more objectives with everyone doing what they feels like (and you get 6 vs 3 fighting for an objective) and ctf was enough of a proof for it. The whole point of the game is be strong by moving with your team.


I want more PvE modes based on animated shorts.


OP’s entire post:

Yes - I agree! :grinning:

I posted before about how multiple capture points could lead to other types of metas. Having a team that needs to spread out to capture different areas would change the type of comps that get played, at least in that game mode. The same way CTF has its own meta of heroes.

I also like the idea of having smaller nodes or capture points that could give your team a map advantage of some kind.

Also, someone else made a suggestion to have a Payload map that would have the attackers, after pushing it to the end, defend it from the “defense team” for a period of time. Maybe it would become a CP instead?

There are plenty of modes - I don’t think it has much to do with OWL or not being competitive enough. I just believe it may take more resources than they want to invest but I of course would love it if they did. (Also why I don’t like people talking down on Arcade modes. I’d rather see some of those modes enter the main rotation when I hit QP than just sit with the same 3 modes)


Really, people actually like the Paris map? It’s terribly designed.


It has a piano.
I love pianos.
So I love Paris already.

~ PyroPanda


Flips table half player base console hasn’t played on paris.


Personally I feel like we’ve hit a good point with map variety.

I don’t think new maps are unwelcome but I don’t regularly find myself playing a map and thinking “it’s always this map”.

There are enough in the pool that you can have a solid two hours and still not have played every map.

Some of the reasons I think other maps have been slightly more warmly welcomed is they immediately played a little different from other maps.

Paris plays fairly the same to other 2CP maps so there isn’t much to blow up about the map in terms of hype other than it’s a very cool setting. I expect to see some awesome boop combo’s on Point A at some point in the future but people really need to get games under their belt for those clips to show up.

I personally believe that maps are not going to provide a significant amount of variety going forward unless a new mode is added - That would require at least two or three maps to be released at the same time I think.

(Reverse hybrid maps could be cool and might just fit into the ‘hybrid’ category)

If anything we’re a little at risk of getting too many maps, I wouldn’t be opposed to them slowing down map releases.

I still personally want to see more heroes, they spice things up the most and they are the key draw to the game not just for me but many players.


No. The whole point of the game is to work as a team to defeat the opponent.

That includes determining whether a 6-0 split, 3-3 split, or 2-4 etc. is necessary / worth the risk.

It works very well in other objective based games.

Edit: the teamwork falling apart can’t be blamed on the game. Just the players.