Paris is nice, but so what


Uh… OK. Whatever. I give up on encouraging you to be friendly and maybe one day being able to make a group of 6 like minded individuals who can play a game together. Clearly you’ve given up totally on the possibility of teamwork and making friends.

So, are you going to provide anything helpful to the thread, or not?

For example, what would you suggest they provide for new content?


30 v 30 when next hero releases? :crossed_fingers:


It is not about me. It is the mindset of how most ppl come into games. They don’t just ask all their friends to drop 20 bucks on a game that they may not even play for longer than a week.

Well, i agree that the game needs different kind of content but I am not discarding the map completely.

It needs more progression systems, reworked competitive mode and more PvE. And yes it needs a new main mode since it hasn’t been one for 3 years. Maybe we can get something original made specially for this type of game instead of trying to adjusts popular modes to it (we have seen that isn’t working)


They’re working on that for 3 years. They just talk and nothing else.


Played literally one game, and turned the game off again. Cool as visual, sure, but the game need everything but not maps. There are already too many maps, and the game don’t even let you choose what to play (map pool), ending with playing this new map like never.
The game need new mechanics, all the released hero after the realease, use some sort of recycled mechanic. Everything is recycled in this game. Just create something new, it’s 3 years now. To feel fresh again this game only need a major update. 5-10 heroes released all togheter. No new maps, no useless skins, no OWL, no replay system who nobody will be ending using. No nothing, just new mechanics, not recycled one.


Hanamura?? Its like northeast of point a


It’s content that we’ve been asking for. We should never complain about getting more content.


Racoon City, Tamriel and Evermore. Also dipped bit in Nexus.

New map is always welcomed addition. Thing is it is just scenery change and it is so rare to get new map in normal QP.

People want new ways of playing this game.

One thing tho I think Paris would be great deathmatch map.


Overwatch Community: We need new content
New Map Added
Overwatch Community: ¡This is not what we need!

This is why Blizzard ignore us


Community: Asks for new content
Blizz: Makes new content
Community: “New content sucks!”






Eh, extremely debatable in OW’s specific case.

That’s because “community” thinks their burnout/frustration are due to lack of content, but they are not.


Last real new content was Ashe in november, we had to wait this month to get only a new map of course people are going to be mad.

For casual players it’s bad and for competitive players it’s even worse still nothing for ranked and goats is still meta after so many months.

Sure Paris is a nice map but the problems are still here.
I guess casual players will have to wait until Archives to get something new and fun.


The two maps you are talking about would require mire then 6v6 which would not work with Overwatch the Heros are designed to work with 6v6 any more and it would require massive amounts of reworks and re balancing not to mention more heroes so we dint fall back into the hero stacking problem of overwatch 1.0


overwatch is very boring to watch no matter what the current meta is people were upset with triple tank, dive and moth meta and now they’re upset w/ goats
the truth is that once the pros figure out what the best team comp is everyone is going to run it

i’d agree with this but overwatch is a 6v6 game and people lose track one capture point i can’t imagine the mess a 5 cp game mode would create
and it seems like you’re a tf2 player and in tf2 it’s a little different because there’s little to no emphasis on teamwork in that game

yes the game does seem shallow and it could use more content for someone like me who has almost every cosmetic item in the game
i personally want more achievements, arbitration-esque (warframe) game modes, crime spree-esque (payday 2) game modes, a permanent horde mode with a difficulty scaling system similar to warframe

it sounds like you want them to throw balance out of the window for the sake of fun and trust me that’ll leave you frustrated because overwatch is an old game now and everyone can easily figure out how to abuse a “fun” feature

well said!


so they should make a game mode that works specifically for you! got it!
also let’s say they’ll add this game mode to QP and you’re playing solo/duo are you gonna leave and re-queue because you’re not in 6 stack?
with a single objective it’s much much easier to communicate the plan there’s no need for voice/text chat just tell them to group up and push from one side
and imo even with multiple capture points it’s not good to split up you’ll always always lose a 4v6 so it’s better to stay together capture one point and move on to the next point and overwatch is a snowball-y game so once you’ve lost one fight you’ll most likely lose the game as a result


I wonder how modes like territorial control would work for OW. It died so fast in tf2 :frowning:


Most things TF2 tries out inevitably dies. The only game modes that are successful in TF2 have been payload, king of the hill, and 5 control point and to a small degree CTF

All the other modes die out and get removed from rotation


Every map is confusing until you try it a few times. Are we going to design maps so brand new players don’t get confused? No, they shouldn’t.
I disagree with you that steel wasn’t popular. People would often vote for that map.
Regardless my post isn’t about cp steel. It’s about having someone at blizzard be innovative and create something new for the game.


Another boring map by Blizzard. Sure, it looks nice, but that’s it.