Palestinian Flag Icon?

yea history is messy - lies about Jedwabne and your post are an perfect example of that - like i said, i know many details on this topic

yea, and what is wrong with that law?
like i said do you know details of those events to spill such things in forum about a GAME?
media like BBC are in dark and repeat what they heard… what do BBC journalist know about how law operate in PL?
they know nothing, and even citing that law they twist its meaning

I don’t get you either. Blizzard would 99% like to add Palestinian flag. Why not? They’re company, they don’t care about politics … but their government does …

And what do you expect israelis to do I wonder? Just sit tight and watch palestinian attacking their country? “Oh, well, go on boiz, keep it up, just kill more people, nothing wrong with it, we are just in UN, u know, resolutions and other stuff”

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hehe you know 0 (zero) details on subject you are pushing… absolute ZERO knowledge and pure ignorance

where sould i start - OK, ill start with full detailed list od ALL aushwitz guards

find me even ONE (1) polish guard

I remember Blizzard mentioned they need to go through a lot of obstacles to get certain flags in the game.

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yes, this was preety recent case with removed player icon flag
but things like flags are something like ‘public’ property and they cant copyright them as part of OW game
they could get sued

I kinda find it absurd that using public/national symbols could cause legal issues. Think about how many commercial websites use flags for localization, or sport games.

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I mean, let’s get a Syrian and North Korean flag because why not right?


if you want to claim that sort of symbol as your own, like big corpos like to do (to protect their rights)… then they cant use originals, they would have to bring before court differences between their product and flag that is alvalible everywhere
they must modify it, so lawyers that are in copyright buisness could give it a green light

And what do you expect Palestinians to do I wonder ? Just sit tight and watch Israel attack their country ? “Oh, well, go on boiz, keep it up, just take all of our land and kill our children, nothing wrong with it, you are just violating over 60 UN resolutions and other stuff.”

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Putting the Palestine flag in the game would be a political statement, like it or not. So of course the discussion about this issue includes surprinsingly politics.

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i agree with u but some ‘‘legal resons’’ i think they will not add it idk
i feel like palestin is a country so it should be a flag so i hope they will do it

they wont do it …
this is flag of Taipei in OW world cup

this is real flag of Taipei

knowing about US population, relations with israel and other stuff, there is no chance for Palestine flag in OW
sadly this conflict is still going on and it doesnt look like it will end, because recent events only fuelled it (i mean border and recent settling)

the question blizz had to ask it self is

  1. should we avoid conflicts like that, by not adding flags of countries
  2. should we add flags only from oficial UN list
  3. should we piss off big demographics inside US

but honestly - i dont believe they will add Palestine flag, because potential of selling their products is much much bigger in China than in Tibet… the same goes for middle east

Don’t be so passimistic.
I’m sure Trump will be able to wrap this up over the next 6 years.

i will be honest - there is no even slightest chance for that

Never say never grasshopper.
The reality we’re living in is often stranger then fiction.

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Well, not funding the UNWRA any longer was indeed a good and important move by Mr. Trump.

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This thread has derailed hard, now people are talking about a lunatic solving a century old conflict the greatest minds couldn’t solve…

Yeah, now kids in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan won’t go to school. They’ll join terror groups instead. What a progress.

Believe it or not - it is.
Having the U.N take care of them for decades on end meant Lebanon and Jordan could just let the situation remain as is.
Now its a problem that they will HAVE to deal with, because it would explode in their faces otherwise.

UNRWA isn’t part of the solution - its a method of perpetuating the problem.
It allowed Palestinian “refugees” to remain refugees several generation’s later - unlike every other group of refugees in the world.
Removing this agency will help prevent this from continuing.