Paid $50 for a sombra skin and now they're giving it away for free

This… I want that Bizzcon Winston and Bastion skin as well.

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You paid $50 for a Blizzcon ticket, not a Sombra skin. A skin they clearly stated would be made available again in 2019.

Well, i did buy it for the skin, why would i ever want to buy the blizz ticket for the other rewards?

You called it huh? What gave it away? Was it when they explicitly stated that it would become available to everyone the following year?


If im not mistaken they didn’t say that at the start, it was then people cried over it and they changed it?


To be fair, when they recategorized it as legacy a lot of people were concerned, myself included. Legacy skins is their category for skins that will not be returning to the game.

You buy the Virtual Ticket to virtually go to Blizzcon. That’s literally the purpose of it.

And again, as you can see below, there’s a very clear disclaimer about the skin:

It literally said at the bottom of the page from Day 1 that the items from each game would be made available at a later date in 2019


You paid $50 & for a ticket, not a skin.

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Maybe you should learn to read. There was small text that said skin will be added in game for everyone in 2019

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Meanwhile, there is no sign of them releasing the current skins for Blizzcon in the future

Actually wrong, I bought the ticket when it was first announced and the ingame items were not revealed yet, had the pleasure to find out the skin would be free a year later for everyone. Kinda regretted buying my ticket after that.

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You are mistaken.

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I specifically said it would be a weekly challenge, and free.

And I was right.

Wait… is the skin really available???

They learned their lessen, never promise anything. Remember the fans have been giving Blizzard heat over the Sombra skin for about a year, with zero feed back from blizzard about when or how it would be released.

I still don’t understand the timed exclusive skins tbh. Lock it behind a paywall if you really want but why deny yourself money from a skin you spent time and effort to make just to draw in a few extra sales from FOMO.

Seriously I just can’t imagine the sales from people wanting an exclusive skin out weigh all those who might of wanted to buy it in the last year. Add to that just how few skins we get these days (most boxes are duplicates to any one who’s played for over a year). Especially the default loot boxes, their a complete joke.

Yet what 5 or so skins recently been all timed exclusives with all the OWL skins and the mini event ones.

probably skipping it.

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So you didn’t buy the skin, you bought the ticket and then they later added a free skin to it?


For everyone’s reference:

More details:


Fine prints… :weary:

No I bought the ticket for the items.