OW's Most Pressing Problems and their Solutions

I guess we’re dropping the Tracer issue then…

Torbjorn and Bastion are the kinds of heroes that could shut down dive outside of CC. Hard to burst and deal consistent damage, but immobile. Reaper’s new buff just counters damage resistance specifically. Who has those, in a position where Reaper can do anything? Some of it is in a GOATS-like comp, but the biggest strength of GOATS is mass healing and sustain, not damage reduction. This wouldn’t really help all that much, and overpacks the kit. Reaper still gets crushed by D.Va or Hog with focus fire.

what im seeing here is giving mercy more survivalbility but less mobility… which is bad in my opinion.
I don’t want mercy to be more stationary and 250 health to make up for it I’m sorry.
the only thing I like is the valkyrie changes, but they imply with the other changes I disagree with, tweak the numbers a little bit.

Look closer.

Just remember that, at the same time, most of the healers and a good number of the tanks are getting power crept.

thats still less mobility though, you’re taking away what mercy mains enjoy the most. 40 meters could be good but if so whats the point of valkyrie’s mobility other than flying?

Again on a positive note, i like the valk changes, I just feel like gaurdian angel is one ability that shouldn’t be touched

I want to keep Torbjorn and Bastion in check versus dive. I think this reflects player preferences. Who has damage resistance specifically? Tanks with a lot of armor. Mass healing and sustain replenish armor too. “Overpacked” kits is obviously something I don’t view as a negative.

There is no power creep if the intention is to have them be at higher power levels in terms of performing their roles. There are further adjustments in favor of neglected heroes.

One, you just contradicted yourself. Two, that is literally more mobility. The point of Valkyrie’s mobility is being more likely to survive.

Guardian Angel is straightforwardly buffed.

A lot of your balance changes are like this (I want to keep X in check vs. Y), but the only way you know how to do it is by adding a specialty CD and then looking for “problems” with the added CD to add more of them.

Just let things get countered ffs.

I added two specialty cooldowns to supports because I think they accomplish a key purpose and are fun additions. Notice I’ve refrained from actually reworking heroes. Ana required more creativity on the ultimate front. I think these cooldowns are enormously more fun for players as opposed to making Ana and Zenyatta have 500 HP and move faster by default. The only two other such cooldowns I see are on Tracer and Reaper.

I phrased that poorly. Extra special abilities in general (whether CDs or passives) are pretty much everywhere.

Ana’s self-boost ignores her archetype of the squishy-but-powerful healer, has such a long CD that it’s completely unreliable, and probably ends up with issues interacting with other CDs. Also, combined with not one but two biotic grenades, because of the reduced CDs, and an extra sleep dart, plus the extra DPS, it enters the realm of Hog’s original hook or Beta Bastion with a frontal barrier. Please put that thing away before you hurt someone with it.

The Nano Shot thing is confusing (both for new players and in description), complicated, and ends up with a mass Nano Boost, which is both ridiculously OP (30% DR and 300 healing, for everyone?), extremely bland (seriously, how much different is this from the other AoE almost-invincibility ults besides the slight damage boost?), and ignores Ana’s theme as the powerful single-target healer.

Zenyatta’s ability is also breaking the “glass cannon” schtick, makes flanking him pointless, and is nowhere near strong enough compared to the other supports.

It’s remarkable that for all your participation in this topic here and on reddit, where you’re keeping a count I’m not, you still don’t get fundamental things.

Ana’s reworked ult is pretty neat and is in the theme of her challenge level. The damage reduction is 50%, not 30%, but I did overlook the initial heal. Obviously this can be readjusted and I’ll probably edit something in.

Great analogy with the s’mores; I’ll use this the next time this sort of thing comes up.

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nom nom nom nom nom

Like how you haven’t realized the problem is in the roles you’ve made, not the crappy balance ideas?

Also, “pretty neat”? You have to ask everyone to line up and get their nano shots to press Q and be pretty much invincible, or waste value if you miss a nano shot. And it’s still a massive, long-range AoE buff as the ult for a healer that is otherwise all about the single-target output. At least Reaper will get six shots of a bit more damage than the others during that time.

So we’re going to go over this one by one, expect a long post, there’s a lot of issues here.

Here’s issue one. Understand that Blizzard does not view any tank in this game now and in the future as “main tank”. All tanks perform the same exact role, how they go about it, is unique to them, but all tanks are “main tanks” and you need to understand this principle before going making blindsided comments and changes like these. Until you do. You’re forever, destroying your own arguments when do not adapt to basic fundamental logic behind the Tank role.

Effectively, this is an additional 100 health.

So he now moves as fast as Genji, and Tracer.

Rocket Hammer already has a cleave effect and enhanced range greater than the basic 5-6 meter range, and with the increased movement speed you’re going to make it even harder to escape Reinhardt’s melee range, when it’s already difficult to do so.

The already dominant and premiere tank becomes an even greater must-pick. You’re making these changes in a vacuum, even if you’re already putting him as the only tank on the team.

Why? He already has the largest barrier than clips through most chokes in the game, he doesn’t need more coverage.

Again, why? 100 damage Fire Strike is already the most powerful cooldown ability in the game. Not even Ashe’s dynamite or Genji’s Swiftstrike comes close to the coverage and damage potential firestrike does and you’re making the Tank even stronger with this.

When combined with additional effects like Fortify, Orisa already has about an effective health of 600 HP, with this addition 50 armor, you’re giving her 700 effective HP. Making even easier to keep her alive for any Support, and wll continue to favor them over any other hero in the game.

All of these changes are functionally bad, and really doesn’t understand the basics behind why Orisa’s weapon, movement speed, and projectile power are so important to her. Largely, it’s designed to create pressure and open space for the rest of the team. By reducing these numbers, you’re basically weakening Orisa’s most important ability as a tank - to create space.

So basically, creating the same situation that existed before where Orisa could rotate Fortify and Barrier at will and basically remain invincible. There’s a reason why these reductions happened, even if she is going to be the sole tank on the team, you don’t make tanks unkillable or take a full team’s effort to kill.

Basically you’re setting up a .2 second window where Orisa can get this right, so if you’re latency is greater than 80ms, you’re basically screwed every time.

Hm, do I want hero with 600 health? Or would a prefer a hero with 800 like Reinhardt or 700 like Orisa? Once again showing no understanding of the tweaks being made here.

Who cares. Orisa can deploy a fresh 1000 barrier in less time than it takes for Sigma’s barrier to recharge with the same immunities. Plus and extra 100 effective health, and Fortify.


From 70 back to 90. Pointless, Reinhardt’s better in all cases.

Another pointless change, Gravitic Flux takes too longer to charge as a sole tank, and Reinhardt AND Orisa are both better every shape, way and power imaginable.

So 450 health, and 100 armor. Puts him just under Sigma.

Apparently you don’t do math very well. If Winston’s is the sole tank on the team, the only other case where a four second stun would be relevant would be against targets with greater than 240 health. That basically leaves other Tanks. Since optimal Winston play includes utilizing Jump Pack damage, there’s is no case where Tesla Cannon’s stun will be effective in most situations.

Pointless change.

There was a reason why Winston’s barrier was push up to 12 seconds. This change, hilariously, means that his barrier cooldown is now shorter than the maximum duration of his barrier. Even if he is the sole tank on the team, you don’t want players shooting the barrier forever, and since Winston can easily enter Primal Rage and regenerate his health and exit Primal Rage with cooldowns recovered, this means he always have his barrier available. Another immortal tank.

Like Tanks before, there is no such thing as an “off-support” in Blizzard’s eyes. Never has there ever been a case, or will be a case where they intentionally design a hero around being an “off-support”.

So I’m noticing a pattern here. All Supports and all Tanks will have increased health, while the class that’s largely struggling for relevancy remains largely at 200 health.

Highly evasive, highly mobile Mercy gets a base health increase to 250 HP, a constant 10 HP recovery on top of a 20 health recovery when not taking damage. Another immortal.

So heroes that deal damage less than Soldier with accuracies of less than 40% will never be able to damage a hero being healed by Mercy. Tanks will be unstoppable - Reinhardt especially.

30 meters is quite the distance coverage, but hey, let’s make even greater than the distance Tracer can cover with all three charges of Blink. Or 2.5 times the distance of Genji’s Swiftstrike, or twice the distance of Doomfist’s Rocket Punch.

So a maximum healing potential of 4,500 to 6000 across 5 targets for 8 seconds. At 150 HP/s, unless you’re Bastion in Sentry Mode, or Soldier with 100% accuracy, you won’t ever be able to damage through that healing potency for the next 8 seconds.

Yep. Definitely giving the top-end Supports even more perks.

Better healing than Moira.

Even a 50% reduction in healing against Mercy’s Valkyrie form is 75 healing per second per target. Only the highest end damage dealers will be able to cut through that much healing and only if they’re headshotting and have 100% accuracy.


What’s more powerful than Nanoboost on a Tank? 3 Nanoboosts.

Yeah, just give every Support 50 extra health while denying the damage crew any bulk against the new tanks.


Why? The healing increase from the orb of harmony isn’t high enough to justify this damage reduction.


Covering over half the capture points with healing spray.

Winning every single duel within the damage group who doesn’t have more than… 60% accuracy on Moira.

Evidently, you’re clearly don’t understand how Fade works. It’s not about distance coverage, it’s about movement in a limited duration. To increase to 2.5 seconds and still cover 40 meters, Moira would need to move at least 18 meters per second, or 300% movement speed buff.

She already moves at this speed.

Smallest target in the game gets a boost in health.

Good luck killing anything with less than 28% accuracy.

Unecessary complexities are unecessary.


If you’re going to give every Support a secondary weapon, you need to come up with both a primary fire that’s different from the main weapon and optional secondary fire. Since you want to give every Support a third ability tied to a secondary weapon, but won’t bother coming up with a primary weapon fire for the secondary weapon. You need get rid of an ability to fit in the second weapon’s effect to the alternative fire. Since every Support comes fixed with an alternative fire, you need to be ready to get rid of some abilities to fit additional ones in there, and Supports are already heavily loaded as is.

Cause we need to make Bastion weaker.

It’s already capable of critical hits, it was never taken away.

Tank shots are hit scan. And the knockback isn’t going to affect the Tanks since they’ll have their barriers up 100% of the time, or in the case of Reinhardt and Orisa, Steadfast and Fortify to prevent the knockback. Remember these are you balance changes.

So a lot bad work here. 1% of 550 from Reinhardt is 5.5 damage, with armor this reduces to 2.75 damage, multiplied by 10 is 27.5 damage towards Reinhardt. Plus the 75 per shot damage is 102.5 damage per shot. You’re effectively reducing Torbjorn’s current damage maximum of 105 per shot, by 3 and half points just so you could fit in this unique mechanic that is ultimately worse for Torbjorn in every shape imaginable. Torbjorn doesn’t use his RMB on anything but wide-targets like Tanks, and you’re just making it worse here.

Unnecessarily complexities are unnecessary.

Unnecessary complexities are unnecessary.

Unnecessary complexities are unnecessary.

Unnecessar— you know what? Where does this third ability go? What button?

1.8 to 6 damage is Tracer’s damage range.

So she’s basically a better Tracer thanks to her inherently lower spread. What turns off Gun Akimbo? Going back into stealth? Why not just permanently add the second machine gun?

Or better yet, just increase her max damage from 2 to 8, to 6 to 12? Tracer’s damage.

Unnecessary complexities are unnecessary.

Already takes longer than that.

Alternatively, you could just say Tactical Visor increases damage by 50%.

Unnecessary complexities are unnecessary.

You’re basically turning Tanks into gods with all these changes, overly favoring Supports with added bulk and more complexity, and hurting Damage output for sustain heroes with increased healing further putting pressure and demand for burst damage.

There’s a reason why GOATS happened, it wasn’t because of Damage, but because Tanks and Supports are just that strong. You need to understand that.

Ana is a high skill hero, which is something many people enjoy and find attractive. Maybe she isn’t for you, which is partly why I’ve included Mercy as the only support that will constantly be a main for the foreseeable future. Every main support is supposed to fit the role. Therefore Ana needed a reworked ultimate. I’ve made this role because I find it important to have a 2-3-1 and even a 3-2-1 composition as opposed to rigidly consign off tanks to less playtime. I’m not converting off tanks to damage.

I’ve made a couple of changes to Ana and Zenyatta in the latest edit.

Issue one is that you started typing without thinking why this thread was made. I will probably go over your post point by point too but at the moment I don’t have the time.

Goodness gracious. You know what, let’s have Jeff Kaplan himself contradict you:

Looking over the rest of your post I’ll clearly have to spell out a lot of things for you, which if necessary I don’t mind too much except for that tone of yours, which I don’t mind too much either ultimately.

I see no contradictions with what Blizzard, and Jeff Kaplan has stated.

I don’t think you understand what Kaplan is saying here when he defines what players call “off tanks” and and how he frequently quotes “main tanks” and “off tanks”.

Those are not Blizzard’s official words those are the way the playerbase wants to describe them.

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They wouldn’t be trying to make Roadhog into a “main tank” or a DPS if “all tanks perform the exact same role”. Don’t try to split hairs when you’re clearly wrong. You also wrote this gem:

Jeff Kaplan is making a clear distinction between “off tanks” and “main tanks”. He clearly recognizes there are a number of tanks that cannot be played solo as they are off tanks and they either need to made main tanks or DPS.

Time to go over the rest of the stuff, although I’m just going to skip some of it.

So it seems like you didn’t read the first sections, jumped to the lists of changes, and are just posting the first thing that comes into your head as you’re progressing through the post. All designated main tanks are being buffed to be adequate and feel better played solo. Reinhardt is among them. The intention is to have them be of similar power levels so that players have options.

Protection against Sombra. He is most vulnerable.

This is a change for fun’s sake, with a slight increase in the cooldown. The ability is already annoying and potentially lethal but it’s not really a game changer. As most of what Reinhardt does is hold up a shield I wanted to spice up the one ability that he aims and deals damage with.

So Orisa is strong in competition with Reinhardt who is “already the dominant and premier tank”. This is my intention.

Orisa’s substantial movement speed penalty hinders the use of her weapon. Minimizing that penalty should not only lead to her shooting more but make her feel better to play too. However, she actually deals a lot of damage. I decided to nerf her damage output while making her reload time less obnoxious. I’m not sure why you needed to inform me that her weapon is meant to create pressure and open up space for the rest of the team. No kidding. Her weapon is for shooting. Her most important ability as an anchor shield tank is to be durable and protect her team.

The reductions happened because the game moved to a forced 2-2-2 and barrier stacking became a stifling factor. In compositions with only one tank where tank players feel aggrieved I consider it a good thing that the DPS being favored should be going for their counterparts on the other team or the double support. That or it should take an intensive effort to kill the tank. On the other hand the 2-2-2 dynamics will change, but at least double shield will not be an aggravating factor. Maybe Mercy’s damage boost, offensive use of supports, and other heroes come into the mix.

It’s a guessing game against the Reinhardt.

I don’t think you understand how armor works. It doubles to 100 health only if you’re dealing damage with many individually low damage instances of it - Tracer, Reaper without his Weapon 2 you’ll later misunderstand, Sombra, these sorts of weapons. While Soldier:76 is affected more than McCree, for instance, both are much less impeded by armor. Sigma is currently only at 350 HP presumably for a reason. Let’s see how he plays at 500 HP. His Kinetic Grasp is a better defensive ability than Orisa’s Fortify.

Aside from the already mentioned misconceptions, it’s a 50% stronger barrier. I think it’s wise to see how it would play out first. Things can be adjusted.

Everyone who has considerable experience on Sigma would likely strongly disagree. I won’t bother commenting on your other pointless responses.

Obviously you were wrong about off tanks and main tanks. In the interest of balance I have created main supports.

Is this the class with the by far longest queues and likely to be played at the allowed maximum of heroes representing it? Quite the pattern you’re noticing.

Not immortal but hard to kill, as intended. It’s how you get that third DPS.

This is likely false and there is such a thing as focus fire.

Or one third more than is currently the case.

It’s this thing called an ultimate, similar to Moira’s and worse than Zenyatta’s. A Soldier with 100% accuracy, for instance, is called Tactical Visor.

Not like it isn’t a basic premise of the entire thread. Tell me, what exactly do you think you’re responding to? Did you read the first part of the post?


Make that 6 Nano Boosts, each with a 10% damage buff rather than a 50% one.

There’s a section called GOATS Busters. The so-called new tanks are limited to one per team.


An extra 50 healing per second as opposed to 30 healing per second. Arguably I didn’t nerf the damage enough.

You’re not supposed to be dueling her easily. I also think you’re pulling these numbers out of your a.s.s.

h ttps://overwatch.gamepedia.com/Moira


So that he deals less damage.

You obviously misunderstand the intent. I’m not a kid like you who’s looking to fill out a test. I think you’re also conflating the primary fire and secondary fire of Weapon 1 with the Weapon 2 slot.

O boy.

As usual you don’t know what you’re doing. You’re applying armor in one case but not the other. The damage against a Reinhardt under the same assumptions comes out to 130 vs 105.

Amusing. What this means is that if you can’t damage the turret it’s going to be hurting you substantially more.

Junkrat hurts significantly more when he’s at close range.

Weapon 2. Rename it if necessary.

Funny how I heard she’d be a worse Tracer. You don’t add the damage permanently because she’d come out of Stealth and murder. You tie the damage to opponents being able to see you.

I.e. not annihilating Lucio’s ult and personal shields.


Would make it less exciting and would deal more damage.

Armor, for instance.

Three damage heroes per composition, buffed “spam” heroes to counter GOATS in particular.

The two go hand in hand along with the compositions, namely the preference for and maximization of damage heroes.

No, they really don’t. I’m not sure if it’s even possible to properly balance the roles that you made, and the changes that you suggest definitely aren’t the right solution at all.

Three DPS compositions or soloing a role feels bad or “unacceptable” due to balance. These changes redress that. You wouldn’t know the first thing about balance if the first thing thats pops into your mind is that something is impossible to balance. You may very well not even be able to conceptualize balance. If anything 2-2-2 under these changes concerns me the most, but it’s patently obvious allowing three DPS per team aligns with player preferences much better.

By making tanks unstoppable behemoths and healers much more durable with minor weaknesses, if any. Because that’s balance?

I check for possible issues. It’s not my fault that most of your ideas are very, very easy to find issues with.

Take a look at yourself and think for a bit.

And you end up with three DPS struggling to break Orisa’s barrier at all. 2-2-2 would be insane because some of the tank buffs you suggest would allow them to replace two normal tanks with barely any issues. Same with healers. It’s not just that they can do their role alone, it’s that they can easily fulfill all of their goals against an enemy team with an extra player.