OWL2021 Playoffs - Justice vs Fuel - FINAL


Washington Justice
Dallas Fuel
LP: 9 (9-7 +3)
LP: 17 (11-5 +14)

Final Score


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Post-season playoff details.

  • This is a double-elimination tournament.
  • Matches are played first to three.
  • Higher seed in each match gets to pick the starting Control Map.
  • Loser of the previous map picks the map for the next round. The winner picks on whether to attack or defend first.

this is early…exciting nonetheless

i got my mvp winning this one…dallas 3-1

Okay, I think they were borrowing from the World of Warcraft Shadowlands commercial and that was freakishly cringy.

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So many commercials are cringy from an european perspective. Those CoD Mobile commercials made me mute the stream until the break was over.

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just saw someone shouting you out in chat…guess even YT knows you :stuck_out_tongue:

But what we watched was not a commercial

They were mad that I called the forums a bunch of plebs

so mad for telling the truth?? :sweat_smile:

Oh. I haven’t started it up yet. Playing some comp before.

Its better to embrace it

Having been to Europe multiple times and married to a European, I can assure you many commercials to someone from somewhere else are equally cringe.

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Wont be able to watch the full show because UK time, but it’s great to see the desk back together in-person again. It’s little things like this that I really miss about pre-COVID OWL

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probably #2 behind a live audience…those 2 chinese homestands were great

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Thats true though. We have a freaky green alien with the voice of Cartman shouting at the viewers to use their webshop lol

Congratulations to Pelican for winning the 2021 Rookie of the Year award!


Just opened the live to the news.

Congrats, Pelican!

Fully deserved - he was head & shoulders above almost all the other rookies this year.

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Hmm… good thing I don’t have Atlanta making it very far. I still don’t think Pelican can still play at that high of a ping at this level of competition.

i missed the discussion there…did he not travel?

He is playing from Los Angeles (during the countdown cup, he played from Atlanta during that tournament) has about 130 ms in latency. That’s slow enough to make hitscan headshots unreliable.

Its better than 300 though. 130 is similar to EU accidentally switching to an US server