OWL Summer Showdown - PAR vs VAN, DAL vs FLA, HOU vs SFS

Summer Showdown • Week 2

West Region Day 2 • Match 1


Paris Eternal
Vancouver Titans
LP: 5 (5-6 -4)
LP: 0 (0-10 -25)

West Region Day 2 • Match 2


Dallas Fuel
Florida Mayhem
LP: 10 (5-3 +7)
LP: 5 (4-6 -5)

West Region Day 2 • Match 3


Houston Outlaws
San Francisco Shock
LP: 7 (7-1 +12)
LP: 9 (9-2 +15)

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#2 JUNSEI 215 points
#2 NOSTALGIA 215points
#2 WYOMINGMYST 215 points
#5 SNOWMAN_99 214 points
#5 KAETZEE 214 points
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What do these numbers mean?
It’s amazing that the Titans appear to be still winless.

Watchpoint desk showed up to work ready to get back at YT chat. Ya love to see it…

On to the matches at hand! For the first match, if there is any match which Vancouver can possibly take, it’s this one. I think this one will go to 5 maps, with Paris winning 3-2…but not before the Titans finally allow Canada to enjoy their BREADSTICKS.

For the second match, I’m just not sure Florida can hang with the Fuel. Fuel takes this 3-0.

And lastly, I think Danny just cursed the Outlaws wholesale. San Francisco gets revenge in a 6-map thriller, with the final verdict being 3-2 Shock win. I would love to be wrong, though.

“LP” stands for League Points. Teams earn 1 League Point for every regular season match they’ve won. Teams that qualify for the Hawaii-based Global tournament can also earn up to 3 additional League Points.

In this case, Paris have 5 League Points for the 5 matches they’ve won, while the Titans are still searching for their first league point. The 5-6 and 0-10 are the teams records in the regular season, and lastly the final number is the regular season map differential (which is maps won minus maps lost).

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I’m wondering how Mayhem’s rookie DPS-suddenly-turned-main-tank is going to work out for them. Fuel seems like a bad choice to experiment against. Also, OGE is great so I don’t know why they’re benching him in the first place.

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this 0-10 vancouver is heavily reminding me of 0-40 shanghai


Did you see the first look at the Titans on their cams?
They look beat.

They already look defeated.
3-0 Paris.

OGE played pretty well in the May Melee, he hasn’t looked quite as good recently but neither have most of the other Mayhem players.

Unless Checkmate turns out to actually be a decent tank player, this is a great way to destroy the confidence of both Checkmate and OGE.

I love OGE, but I’m struggling to see how he stays in the league after this year. He’s been living off his potential for years now.

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He has been streaky but I think the talent is so clearly there. I felt like he just couldn’t find the right team for his style until this year. He’s super aggressive and it was hard for the rest of Fuel/Glads to keep up with him when he played with them. Seemed like Mayhem was really enabling him in the Melee. He was hanging tough with Fearless, who I think is the best tank in the league right now. One rough tournament that they almost made (weren’t they like 2-2 in the June Joust qualifiers?) seems like a weird thing to change up so drastically over.

But yeah, I agree that he probably won’t stay in the league if Mayhem doesn’t stick with him as their starter.

Can someone post the breadstick grid here on this thread for quick reference?

My gosh,

Why don’t the Titans just play a strong brawl comp to get out?
They have spawn adavantage.

Because they’re the Titans. This puts them at a disadvantage.

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Absolutely! Below is the updated result!

The corner piece they got was “5 Critical Elims”, which basically is headshot elims.

As for the match at hand, there’s one-sided matches, and then there’s what we got here. Canada once again goes hungry…

FINAL (Match 1)

Lijiang Tower (Control): Paris Eternal 2, Vancouver Titans 0.

Junkertown (Escort): Paris Eternal 3, Vancouver Titans 0.

Volskaya Industries (Assault): Paris Eternal 2, Vancouver Titans 1.

FINAL SCORE: Paris MONSTARS (Eternal) 3, Vancouver Titans 0


The Paris Eternal become the first team to clinch a spot in the Summer Showdown Knockouts. For the Titans, I’m afraid, they are eliminated from the Summer Showdown and will look to avoid being the embarrassments of the Summer Showdown qualifiers against the Houston Outlaws tomorrow.

Next up, we have yet another potential one-sided match…the Dallas Fuel versus the Florida Mayhem. Can the Mayhem get things going in the right direction? Or will the Fuel keep the fire burning? We’re about to find out…

P.S. If it’s any consolation to the Titans, we got a one-sided quarterfinal match brewing in Europe, as England are leading Ukraine by a score of 3-0.


:clap: :clap: :clap:

594 tokens and counting. Keep’em coming!

:clap: :clap: :clap:

That D.va bomb omg

I believe they are warmed up now.
GO DALLAS!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

The Fuel steal Lijiang Tower, but the Mayhem overwhelm Watchpoint: Gibraltar, and we are all tied up heading into the second half.

AFTER MAP 2 (Match 2)

Lijiang Tower (Control): Dallas Fuel 2, Florida Mayhem 1

Watchpoint: Gibraltar (Escort): Florida Mayhem 2, Dallas Fuel 1

MATCH SCORE: Florida Mayhem 1, Dallas Fuel 1

NEXT UP: The second half of Fuel vs. Mayhem, starting with Hanamura (Assault) and then Hollywood (Hybrid).

Nice DEFENSE on Hanamura!
:clap: :clap: :clap:

CHARLIE NINER ON THE GROUND! Repeat, a snowman’s head has been seen flying over Dallas! We’re going to a Map 5, folks!

AFTER MAP 4 (Match 2)

Lijiang Tower (Control): Dallas Fuel 2, Florida Mayhem 1

Watchpoint: Gibraltar (Escort): Florida Mayhem 2, Dallas Fuel 1

Hanamura (Assault): Dallas Fuel 2, Florida Mayhem 0

Hollywood (Hybrid): Florida Mayhem 4, Dallas Fuel 3

MATCH SCORE: Dallas Fuel 2, Florida Mayhem 2

NEXT UP: OVERTIME! A Control Tiebreaker map will be played on Oasis. As there are no ties in Control, whichever team wins this next Best-of-3 will take game, set, and match! Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines, and may the best team win!