OWL Summer Showdown - LAG vs PAR, BOS vs FLA, TOR vs VAN

paris completely flipped this whole match around, which is unfortunate bc i predicted the gladiators going 3-2

Torb!? NONO
Oh they switched lol.
“You gotta problem Junker?”
Where is that coming from?

now im worried about the rest of my predictions…

TBC Classic is that way. :point_right:

It’s a bug, one which Blizz has yet to fix. It was reported on the forums here awhile ago, Blizz has acknowledged it but has yet to provide a fix.


FINAL (Match 1)

Oasis (Control): Los Angeles Gladiators 2, Paris Eternal 0.

Eichenwalde (Hybrid): Los Angeles Gladatiors 2, Paris Eternal 1.

Route 66 (Escort): Paris Eternal 3, Los Angeles Gladiators 2.

Temple of Anubis (Assault): Paris Eternal 2, Los Angeles Gladiators 1.

Nepal (Control Tiebreaker): Paris Eternal 2, Los Angeles Gladiators 0.

FINAL SCORE: Paris Eternal 3, Los Angeles Gladiators 2


The Paris Eternal get a surprise 2-0 week and for the moment hold the top of the Summer Showdown leaderboard heading into Week 2. For the Gladiators, it’s a major wake-up call on par with the Shock’s after the Glads go 1-1 on the week with a map differential of +0 to show for it. The top teams are suddenly looking mortal…

Next up, we have the Uprising versus Mayhem. Let’s rock and roll!


The rest of the matches may be R,L.
My prediction.

Nooo not Johnny he grates on me so much

I’m going back to my nap :rage:

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“You gotta problem Junker?”

Turret hammering is getting value in OWL. This weekend can’t be real.

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A better Torb I have just witnessed.
Use molten core to control the point with most of the team alive.
NEVER use molten core to engage a point that is lost.
Use molten core to defend a point.
Attacking a point with molten core is risky.
They will just kill Torb and roast marshmellows collecting healer ult charge.

I took advantage of the blank slate for Sideshow…

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First Reinforce was the Grand Marshal of the Alliance in Warcraft Classic (and for those of you unfamiliar with PvP ranks, Grand Marshal is basically only obtainable by PvPing
in Classic 24/7, so players that attained Grand Marshal/Grand Warlord are essentially VENERATED in the Warcraft community, some Grand Marshal players even surpassing Forum MVPs in terms of importance in the community)…then he became a desk analyst…and now he’s casting a Overwatch League match.

Blizzard better open the checkbook and pay Reinforce whatever it takes to retain him until he retires from casting, cos the moment Reinforce leaves, Blizzard might as well close up shop, cos Reinforce is one of those Blizzard superfans/champions that actually gives a crap about Blizzard games, and the type of person that Blizzard is in such short supply of (no offense to you, Wyoming).

In other news, CHARLIE NINER IS ON THE GROUND. Repeat, a snowman’s head has been seen flying over Boston! The series stays at 1-0!

AFTER MAP 2 (Match 2)

Nepal (Control): Boston Uprising 2, Florida Mayhem 1

King’s Row (Hybrid): Boston Uprising 3, Florida Mayhem 3 (DRAW)

MATCH SCORE: Boston Uprising 1, Florida Mayhem 0

NEXT UP: Escort, then Assault. If the need arises, a Control map tiebreaker will be played.

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Ngl this might be my final match as a florida fan

I dont know what it is, but they are not playing up to expectations
Maybe being too aggressive

That is not how to support the team you like.
Negative support may yield negative results.

I will help.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

He is just a PUNK.
Out play him!

Valentine, it isn’t your month.


MAYHEM where is the SHIELD?!

STAND 1 ! , STAND 1 !

:clap: :clap: :clap:

STAND1 is the weak link.

Mayhem REALLY need a shield to block Rein’s shatter.

Yea no thats it, im officially not a florida mayhem fan

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Ok who had Boston three and O against mayhem.
What, no one? :eyes:

I honestly feel if they didnt give fate away they would have been top tier

Was “Fate” their star player?
Maybe that is why your support is just a flicker of light for the Mayhem.
Your favorite team player was traded.

Maybe you are more of a “Fate” fan instead of a “Mayhem” fan.
Maybe support any team that has “Fate” playing for them.

He kinda was

he was the one making all the shot calls

Him combined with yaki, bqb, gargoyle and the support that starts with a ‘g’ than I cant spell to save my life were good

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