OWL Summer Showdown - LAG vs PAR, BOS vs FLA, TOR vs VAN

Summer Showdown • Week 1

West Region Day 3 • Match 1


Los Angeles Gladiators
Paris Eternal
LP: 7 (7-2 +12)
LP: 4 (4-5 -3)

West Region Day 3 • Match 2


Boston Uprising
Florida Mayhem
LP: 4 (4-5 -2)
LP: 5 (4-5 -2)

West Region Day 3 • Match 3


Toronto Defiant
Vancouver Titans
LP: 5 (5-4 -2)
LP: 5 (0-9 -22)

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(After Summer Showdown Finals)
#1 NOSTALGIA 195 points
#1 WYOMINGMYST 195 points
#3 KAETZEE 192 points
#4 SICKONE 191 points
#5 JREADY 188 points
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I want the Titans to win something. Probably won’t be today but I’m looking forward to Spitfire vs. Titans in the future. Somebody will win.

Look I know you want breadsticks… but I think even Pizza Hut has given up on them…

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Maybe Canadian fans need to eat more Pringles.
:chipmunk: :chipmunk: :chipmunk:

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hi gamers hows it going lol

So, my family and I are going to bet on horses on Wednesday…hopefully, it’ll be a nice break from these forums, which for whatever reason has had a large increase in arrogance and toxicity this weekend.

On to the matches at hand, though. Glads 3-1, Uprising 3-2, Defiant 3-1.

i missed yesterday’s games so seeing sideshow pretend to be mitch and when mrx was like “whats going on” and sideshow was like, “Im your usual lover” made me laugh a lot

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kevster’s genji is next level

Standing in molten core to get more healer ult charge.
“It just isn’t fair.”
Torb ult feeds…
After this match they may never play Torb again unless they fix it.

birdring’s emps have been so lackluster

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I understand why some OWL teams like Sombra.
However, Sombra is a function of EMP.
Meaning, Sombra must charge ult fast to make the comp work.
Shut down Sombra the comp suffers.

Had an accidental nap through the last two maps, did I miss anything?

Naps are not accidental.

they are when i take naps

How can a nap be an accident while watching?

It’s been a long weekend of overwatch I was warm and snuggly and woke up to gladiators swapping to Zarya/dva for OT on route 66

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In Overwatch they can be…


No no no…

That is deliberate.

Not when the dart flies half way across the map and you realize the Ana wasn’t even aiming for you.

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That is just deliberation that missed.

“How unfortunate.”
(I wanna stand in molten core today)
“You gotta problem Junker?”