OW2 Playtests + POVs

Very dumb. Like… not a very good “new things” showcase

Dva seems to be used a lot though, also WB slam seems to be LOS now. Jecse wasn’t lifted when he got slammed with shields up but his tank did.

Edit: Upside, Hog was used for awhile and did pretty okay until Dva came in.


Because of the Burst damage.

Watch Super’s POV, he literally insta died in the first 2 seconds on D.Va

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TBF, Super went under the bridge where he was in constant LOS instead of going up.

It’s kind of like Gibraltar, where he went under the bridge instead of over which lead him to get mulched since he was in their LOS far longer.


What you expect, be tank and survive 5 seconds during the fight? Some wishful thinking here, gez.


Enjoy the VODs everyone.

Just to drop a reminder: everything you’re seeing is in development and highly subject to change. Please use that knowledge to help inform how you all participate in this conversation.

Looking forward to your thoughts and feedback


Give D.Va headshot resistance…

or give Tanks headshot resistance.

Has this EVER been Brought up with the Balance team?

– Thanks


hey andy! can you confirm that ball got a reduction in size O.o he seems tiny

Is WB slam different? From Jecse POV when he was playing in the second round, he was slammed but it didn’t lifted him due to lifting up his shield whereas Jecse tank did.

Curious if swapping between day and night on certain maps will be a thing. It’d be a nice change every once in a while IMHO.

Dorado at day, looks hella weird though.


Mei feedback: she needs a passive which makes it so enemies hit by her deal less damage for a duration of time and a mobility tool like all other dps have; her rate of fire still seems clunky with the delay

Observations from these new videos:

  1. New gun sounds are excellent.
  2. Like the lighting changes on Dorado and Havana.
  3. New support passive is useless. They die far too quickly for it to have any impact.
  4. Honestly, everything dies to quickly. Hopefully undoing that support nerf will help.
  5. Glad to see some of the classic OW play is still there, just muted. Looks like Push will be the new avoid mode for me. Too deathmatch like.

Please a question, will the maps rotate in time? Will they be randomly day, night and afternoon? , it would be something new :stuck_out_tongue: , i like new sound effects


Aren’t they supposed to change maps to have more natural covers ? (Refering to havana) Or it hasn’t been changed yet ?

yeah they were supposed to released them yesterday

But we got jebaited
Anyways, already seen all the “new footage”
My concerns are pretty much the same as before

Damage boost and nano boost still look ugly impo

However the new Lucio speedboost detail showing on ally’s feet is kinda nice.

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lol at Zenyatta getting hacked and instantly dying.


I still fail to see where is the “OW2” part in all this.

The maps looks exactly like OW1. They just did the same thing they did for CTF.


I hope they add a “select daytime” for every map so if I want to play with night maps I can just chill there and don’t hurt my eyes.
A darkmode menu feature would be also very needed specially for people like me with very delicate eyes and poor vision

I watched all the videos already.
Agree on everything you said.
Damage is extremely overtuned and supports feel useless.
Tanks still explode in seconds btw.


Only 2 CP get reworked, most of the hybrid map stayed the same.

New York looks nice, alongside enough entrance/flank routes despite it being super open.

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bruh he looks bigger to me lmao
And Reinhardt looks smaller
Maybe im just crazy at this point

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