Fear for Tanks is Real.. (Super POV)

She seems to have only gotten 3 second defense matrix.


Lower TTK, 1 tank, lower healing, DPS are faster, damage is not reduced for tanks, Supports can’t outheal damage so they’re DPS-free-feast, hyper mobility not punished any more, CC is drastically removed but CC chains are kept and CC duration isn’t reduced for tanks…

EVERYTHING we’ve seen so far, hell, EVEN THE NEW MAPS, with wider spaces and tons of high grounds for flankers and snipers, have showned that OW2 is turning into a more generic shooter.

Maybe you need to LEARN to understand what’s going on before you tell people to grow up for disliking that their favourite game is going for a COMPLETELY different approach as it used to have when they bought it. OW2 will REPLACE OW so we won’t be able to play anymore the game we loved. Our complaining IS JUSTIFIED.



Relax. Your reaction to minor changes is unhealthy. You are not well my dude. Wait. Until. The game. Is OUT


Just because I use caps to emphasize MY THOUGHTS doesn’t mean I OVERREACT.

I could wait till the game is out (waiting since 2019 BTW) but I’m passionate about videogames and specially this one since I LOVE IT. But I give MY OPINION in hopes that the devs make BETTER DECISIONS AND DON’T RUIN THE GAME COMPLETELY.


Gotta say, hit detection still looks poor here.

You can barely hear the Storm Arrows, or the fact that Baptiste, Lucio and Hanzo were shooting at D.va before even DM.

Horrible routing, but he was forced to take it due to Support positioning.

Blizzard stated This is intended for both Supports to pocket the Tank.

  1. Faster charging Defense Matrix
  2. Faster movement speed on Rocket Boosters
  3. More Primary Fire damage (?)
  4. More Defense Matrix range (?)
  5. More Defense Matrix uptime

Granted, these are only what I could notice from Super’s PoV for one match. There are three total maps played, where I presume we can see different Tanks.
This does not seem to be a “fear for tanks” thread, but a “fear for d.va” thread as per usual. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OboMPGbfdP8

I’m just going to assume you didn’t see this, instead of assuming you didn’t care enough to consider it. The reason the professional players are playing these matches, is to figure out necessary buffs/nerfs for the heroes.

Also it is worth noting Super was going up against one of the most hard-hitting DPS in the game, Sombra, and Tracer, AND Zenyatta.

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Shut the heck up.

I watched Rein get exploded instantly too.

Hammond as well.

Tanks are going to suck in OW2.

Roadhog seemed the best so far, ngl.

I also said, SUPER’s POV which was MOSTLY D.Va


Can confirm, Rein & Monke still blow up in seconds.


girlie did you forget the healing has been toned down severely :sob:


No I did not.

But that just adds to the stress of tanking too.

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Yes we know, but tanks are the main problem because nobody wants to play them, so their reworks should be the peiority, even more than dps reworks


Why do u guys even bother with this Overwatch dude when he literally said its fine as long as it caters for the dps playerbase? Lol. I never understand why would u argue with people whom are inherently selfish.

Do u guys not all already know that those who will complain the most about ow2 will be dps when the queue times go suddenly higher than they are now? Like, yea sure ow is gonna die for us, but its not gonna change. Blizzard is not going to salvage it for us tanks and supports, we know and knew this the moment 5v5 got announced and we just struggle accepting it.

OW2 is no longer for tanks or supports to play, just learn to understand it. Thats what I understood too, and is why I’ll play only dps on that game if I even play it. Hell I might play it just to add onto dps queue for the sake of it.

All Im waiting for at this point is for the queue times to go so high that those who advocated for those changes that ruin the game for us will feel like they cant play it either. I rather see karma in action than be selfish. And theres nothing I hope for any more than the dps queues skyrocketing, making this game that looks so good for dps players… Simply impossible to play because u cant find a game.

I honestly just think that if u dont like what u see rn in ow2 for tanks and supports, move to dps on launch. I dont think theres a more impactful move u can make for the sake of proving your point than that.


Is this for real? I wonder if anyone would play tank, if that would be the case. Even DPS do not enjoy making themselves into huge target.


No, it is.

And it’s really scary.

These changes are like exactly the same from February of earlier this year.

“There a work in progress”

– It’s been almost a year and the balance looks identical to what we saw at blizzcon.


Actually watching the Tankest Tank Hammond in my eyes minus shields get almost deleted even with adaptive shields was actually saddening to watch


I’m being respectful and reasonable. You should be too. Telling someone to be quiet because you dislike that they pointed out a pattern in your posting is not that.
Though I admit I could’ve worded it better.

And for the first round of Super’s PoV, I saw Hammond doing quite well when it came to his durability. We cannot look at one match and ignore all the potential buffs a character has gotten just to say “I’m afraid because of a misplay by one team forced by the enemy team”. That’s not how we should be balancing.

Reinhardt got 50 more armor, and though the -5 damage to Firestrike does make his amplified burst damage lower in one instance, it increases the overall damage he is capable of doing not only in single-target but in multi-target as-well.
100x2 = 200. 95x2x2 = 380.

Super only plays Reinhardt for one life (on Attack), and never “melts instantly”. He does die quickly to an Echo with a Mercy Pocket and possibly an Ashe (I can’t hear if Ashe shot him before or after he died) after he is below 250hp, which is expected and is how Tanks are against Echo even in OW1.

I can’t see any immediate differences in Roadhog at all, his Hook and Heal are both 8 seconds, he still has 5 ammo and his fire rate seems to be the same.

8 minutes 11 seconds total, with Roadhog, Reinhardt, and Wrecking Ball taking up 6 minutes 43 seconds total. Yes, he played mostly D.Va. But we shouldn’t be looking at only D.Va. In addition to that, we should be looking at all 3 of the maps played to see if this is a consistent issue or if it’s specific to the team compositions.

I missed this in the VOD. Do you have a relative idea of when this occurred? The only thing that comes to mind is Wrecking Ball being shot twice point-blank by a Roadhog. Which… would melt him regardless, as it does on OW1 considering that Roadhog outputs over 200 damage per shot. So that’s 400 damage in a relatively quick time, and that’s only coming from Roadhog.

I know they still have to do a lot of reworks to adapt to new heroes and map layout and 5v 5…

but that gameplay was depressing… not because those pros played ‘‘bad’’, I wish I have a crumb of their skills, but because I can’t see anything innovative, and offtanks seems a joke now.


It’s so distracting watching all the other Maps. The commentary is so annoying too.

It’s still scary how Echo is still a major tank buster with a broken ult.

Well it is hammond, but watching him play against Sombra made me wanna cry inside.

You know what it sounded like for me?

“Ugh, here we go again, this annoying D.Va player making a thread about there character :roll_eyes:


As a Hammond main, that was painful.
Also, they said they were adding “OVERHEALTH” to make everything less complex and more easy, but Hammond has a yellow armor, blue shields when pressing E, and now extra green HP bar.
Yeah really clean and not complex at all.


Subject to change sure but what most people what is their entire design philosophy to change which isn’t. The balance of the final product may differ but what’s not is the change in map design, 1 less tank, and focus on damage. Too much time and effort has already been spent into turning the game into something no one except some DPS players want to play. I say some because the game quality is declining for DPS as well and it has been in OW1 along with every other role for some time now.

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