OW2 Beta - High latency on SA servers

Is anybody else getting really high latency (170-200ms) on consoles for the beta?
I have multiple friends who are getting 170-200 on both consoles (xbox and ps5). Is this expected to go down as time goes by? Are there any SA servers currently working for consoles?

Most matches I get in are with NA people. Would really like to know if this is common for other people and whether Blizz plans on fixing this.

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so we pay very expensive for the acess and theres no SA server!!

Hope this is just for beta, cause if we don’t get SA servers after lunch, you guys better give refund…

Same here, 150ms is really bad i am kinda disappointed
It’s like i am shooting ghosts

Yep… I’m really worried that we all paid for early access (US$40), specifically mentioned SA servers for PSN, and are all still getting high latency.

Is there any news on whether this will be fixed during the beta?

Hey all,

As with the previous Overwatch 2 Tech Beta unfortunately the Beta servers are not active in the South America (Brazil) region.

When Overwatch 2 officially launches in October the same regional servers currently available in the Live version should still be available, including the South America (Brazil) server.

Ohhh, that’s REALLY bad.
Why did the OW team fail to mention the fact that a whole continent would be unable to play the beta? We should not be expected to crawl through the forum to get information on whether or not the game would work for us.

And the servers are not expected to be active during the whole beta, right?

It’s available to play, just not with an ideal ping. But I understand it doesn’t feel great.


This is really disappointing.

so you senlling a beta acess for 180 reais what is very is expensivie in brazil and its impossible to play whit 250 ping …

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So people are PAYING a full price game to play the BETA in latam, as blizz use it as marketing “Play the BETA now!”… but with 200ms servers… That isn’t in any place at the AD…

It’s a SCAM

Blizzard this is WRONG, so wrong you should be sued… Its false marketing cause playing an fps with 200ms is NOT OK!

Grow up Blizz, treat the gamers in latam with respect at least…

The Brazilian forum is full of angry people for PAYING to play this Beta just to find out they cant… You sucks!

Greed company

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Ohh, lucky I didn’t pay for early access, it’s unplayable. it’s really embarrassing to charge for this and not even make it clear that there would be no SA server.

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