OW2 Balance Team new Q&A

Oh damn, guess I need to keep up with the “pro discord” more…. Really wish someone summarized all these things.

Or at the very least to add onto it: open the thread for an hour, let Andy filter through the responses to find the questions to avoid repeats and non questions (as those are always in threads like that) and then they can make a thread of responses (say one post per response) and then the community can respond to to that and then they can in theory see the responses to their responses and do follow ups as needed/able.

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It’s not really useful criticism, that’s the problem. The forums is basically a collection of the most extreme displeased people.


Stylosa did but it was a 45 minute Youtube video that I’m not sure anyone wanted to sit through lol

A written thread would have been great lol


If they got rid of the forums maybe Reddit wouldn’t be 95% Play of the Game gifs.

To be transparent with you: it’s challenging to schedule these earlier in the day due to the rigors of day to day development. Later in the afternoon is easier, with folks having more open schedules around then.

That said, it’s a point of feedback that I’m happy to take into consideration.


That’s not the forum they do Q&A on anyway. They use the competitive subreddit AFAIK.

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For those that are interested, I recommend watching Stylosa’s breakdown. It’s a great synopsis of the AMA presented in a format you can have on in the background while listening to.


I personally put it at 2x speed and was still able to understand what he was saying :slight_smile:


Time saving tips. I like it.


A good solution would be to create a thread there players can ask their questions and the development team can pick the questions which are possible to answer and can post these answers in a big Q&A thread. Many other studios doing this too and I think this would be a cool addition to give players from different time zones a chance to ask questions too!

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And lets not forget “worth answering”. Because when something like that happened in the past, they tend to avoid the good questions but answer stuff about pineapple pizza or Genji-s thingy or generally stuff that no one cares about on the grand scheme of things.


Yeah those were bad but I think it depends on what the AMA is about + who’s answering.

I’m pretty sure the stuff you just mentioned was answered my Michael Chu, the previous story lead. Obviously he won’t answer balance and game direction questions.

If it’s just a general developer AMA then, really anything goes. I’m glad they chose the competitive subreddit for their most recent AMA at least.

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Maybe it’s the raft of personal insults to the developers that continue to plague this forum and get in the way of constructive criticism and debate?

I bet if we were less reactionary, we’d have more shared.


They don’t all matter. Some are dumb, rude or just meaningless. Makes sense for them to want to create a more structured thread where trolls who love to spam nonsense can’t derail any conversations.



I dont expect more tbh.

He legit said, there have been no role changes.
Only Doom has been tried as a tank.

You read too much into stuff with your silly conspiracies jesterskull.

They might do it they might not even try it. Stop spamming this.

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Pretty happy with the information we got and it goes exactly in line with a lot that I’ve been telling people. The 25% healing nerf was just an experiment and healing is too impactful in 5v5 in their current build. All the complaints people have with the gameplay shown in those videos should be taken in that vacuum. Glad to also see that some of the damage spam is also being looked at so that tanks aren’t in a fluctuating state of immortal to pile of ash. Would be interesting to see a tank Doom. I actually think it’s practically the only way to go with him with the direction of OW2.


Well here is where you have completely different expectations from the reality of what OW is and will become.

Healing equal to damage would mean infinite team fights. It just cannot happen.

And supports are not just healers - they never have been. That is not new with OW2.

I’m afraid you will always be disappointed with the healer role.

They should be above such things. And besides, the community is like that because the result of their actions.

Why hate just because I disagree withy you about mercy?

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