OW1 skins will be more "rare" in OW2

OW1 skins are carrying over to OW2 ?

If so wouldn’t OW1 skins become more “rare” like pink mercy or noire ?
It makes me think there’s going to be a way to possibly re-earn these skins… I’m gonna be honest I wouldn’t buy a battle pass or anything like that when I can just rock my OW1 skin :neutral_face: Weapon charms aren’t my thing…and I like the dance emotes more than anything I think… :face_holding_back_tears: the more cheese i eat the smarter i get

I think they will be included in a new shop system. So not really but they will take a lot more effort to get or even money in OW2.

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I think I will. I think skins based off of the OW2 redesigns plus the improved detail will be great.

This question would be a good thing to answer in the stream.

However I don’t think OW1 skins are going anywhere. Most of them will most likely still be obtainable.

Believe me when I say that they up the skin game A TON in the future because thats now the main source of income and not smurf accounts.

Yeah that’s what I was saying, the chances of being able to re-earn them are pretty high. I know smite there are “limited” skins that they flat out tell you they’ll never be up for grabs again though.

If there’s not, have you ever seen the price of a pink mercy account or a noire code lol they would probably sky rocket.

I am sure that Battle Pass and a new occasions will create the same situation in OW. I like it to have/see rare skins tho.

I originally imagined that all OW1 skins were going to simply be available in OW2 as they are now, I don’t think they’ll be rare tbh.

I do think there’s a post a dev made saying pink mercy skin will never be back though. I believe most are going to still be available…but I’m hoping not all of them :ok_woman:

think of overwatch 2 like a patch.
it’ll all be more clear

Didn’t they say that they simply didn’t have plans for the skin to return at the moment? Either way, I prefer Winged Victory and Dr Ziegler :heart_eyes:

Yeah you’re right on that one I found the post

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Yes but it changes the shop model completely. So the question is valid. I hope to see something in that regard in a few hours.

Noire probably isn’t that rare. A lot of people got the game at launch, it’s just that most people quit.

BlizzCon Bastion is probably the rarest. Maybe not, since you can buy it with a code. Pink Mercy might be the rarest, because I recall people saying it was a dumb $15 skin so a lot of people didn’t get it. A bit insensitive considering the cause behind the skin, but that’s gamers for you. Not only did a lot of people not get it, you also can’t obtain it in any way.

You can buy pink mercy accounts. You can buy accounts with every skin. They’re outrageous though.

I think just because you can’t actually obtain the skin without breaking Blizzard rules, Pink Mercy is the rarest. Maybe it’s actually some really obscure skin, like 2018 Valiant Bastion (the green and gold OWL skins that aren’t available anymore).

A lot of people said they missed Kerrigan Widow. It was obtained by logging in at a certain time. I can’t remember the exact date.

Oh yeah I remember that. I have it, but now that you mentioned I really think I see more Noire skins than the kerrigan lol

I mean I don’t blame people for not using it lmao

My guess is that if they introduce some sort of battle pass system, there will be a “free” version for players who don’t subscribe to it, with the OW1 skins being all pooled in the “free” version.

Gives new players something to earn before committing to a subscription and existing players don’t get screwed over by not maxing out the loot tables in OW1

Are you telling me that we will finally get bikini skins instead of “BMX” or “Football” or whatever other butchered sports skin?