OW1 Skins missing?

Beside the skins does anyone else also have it that the game recognises you as a new player and have default settings ?


Im also missing some skins and one I had EQUIPPED ON PC but it equipped my console one!

I’m missing all my skins and progress as well.

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Give me my skins blizzard pls!!!

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I don’t know if this is true or not but apparently there was an option to carry over from the first game, with in it or on one of the blizzard sites, hopefully this is not true

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yes all of my skins are missing. as well as my level. spent 1,240 hours on that account.

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Same here my Sombras skins are gone :sob: and all my other skins and stuff I had how can I get them back

i have all my skins except my origin edition ones

I am also missing all cosmetics I earned or bought in OW1.

I’m missing my Hydra Sym skin, not sure which others are gone honestly i didn’t keep an exact memory of what i had in 1!

I’m missing all of mine except for two purple genji skins


I have nothing I’m missing everything

I don’t speak for Blizzard. But more than likely. I have friends that have the Blizzcon exclusive skins missing. So that’ll have to be put back.

I’ve lost everything on mine I don’t have one skin from ow1 I don’t have any emotes it’s basically like I’m a new player but I’ve been playing since ow1 came out and I’m a ps4 player it’s kinda dumb and makes me not wanna play anymore

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I have lost everything after so many years of playing

I’m missing every skin spray emote you name it, nothing transferred over even though it says my accounts are linked.

It wont even register my account merger. says less then 1 mon close the game. do so and it STILL wont merger and give me anything and limits what I can do until its complete

I finally received my skins an hour ago. When I logged into Overwatch 2 the hour it launched I had none of my OW 1 skins. Now they finally fixed my account for it. Everyone else could be in line for it. I’m happy for that.

I am missing everything, it made me reset

I am missing every single skin on my account, no gold weapons, only got a few OWL skins and that’s it.