OW1 Requires Phone Number Today Too

If you don’t have a phone maybe it is time to grow up a bit yourself


It’s not actually required. You can still play by selecting “I already put in a phone number” even if you didn’t. Seems like they’re just giving people the option to do it early.

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Perhaps read the thread before posting.

Sms authentification work on home phone too.

I also highly doubt you are in an area where internet is disponible but not cellphones.

It’s called the country-side, look it up sometime.

If I go 10 miles in either direction I can get service but at home? nope.

may i ask why? what made those 2 matches so bad?

I am sorry for you. But the good side is that most home landline can receive sms too. So there is a good chance you can authentify yourself that way.

You know, I am not gonna lie - I did, and was thinking - wow a few good games. It never occurred to me that might be it. Only one consoler out of about 8 matches too… bonus!

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I haven’t had home phone service in over 10 years. I use VoIP services like talkatone and 2nd line. The phone company removed their line years ago. You want my deadbeat account?


flips middle finger



Sorry, MicroActivBliz. All your money combined would not be even a ten billionth of the sum of money I would demand for that information.

Per month.

I mean, that is the best reason I have seen for saying “nope this doesn’t work for me”

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VoIP and stuff are the cheapest thing you can have. You pay for the quality of the service and the lack of legal protection I am afraid.

Im guessing this change is PC only?

It could be the only two matches they have played all year :wink:

and that disqualifies me from playing on my 1600 hour account… how?

This is false. I just got off from playing with my clan mates, many of whome have yet to set up their phone number.

One literally can’t. They have to send in a ticket because the number is region locked to the area where you made your account, and they moved continents since making their account.

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You pay for your service.

For a service which they can’t use? That isn’t a good answer.

Just to play overwatch? no, I’m not paying $30/month to keep and maintain a cellphone that I can’t use at home just for this game. Blizzard is delusional if they believe that is acceptable and so are you.


Ummm… No? They were saying not seeing smurfs was a good thing