OW Server Crashed - Anyway to appeal SR loss?

We crashed twice in the middle of a match, I joined back in and we won but I still lost 50 sr- is there anyway to appeal that and have them put it back on the account?


Sorry but no. Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here:

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the new ffa map dosnt load so i get kicked do you know i can stop or fix this

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its a load of bs right? happened a bunch today. Blizzard says its not their fault and ‘your account will balance out’. sure maybe but doesnt really make the user experience very enjoyable. really dropping the ball on customer relations on this one.

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I loaded into a comp game around 1:20 am 10/24/2018 on volskaya map, selected a character then got booted to the main menu with an a rejoin option so I clicked on rejoin which then attempted to for a second then brought me back to main menu with NO option to rejoin, lost of SR and a suspension? WTH!?

It’s happened a few times over the years that I’ve played overwatch.


yea i think the real goal of this game is to make happy people toxic


So I logged in got to Menu and joined a comp match. it made the sound it makes when its going to take you into a comp match and then instead of taking me into a match the only thing that changed was rejoin match. never left menus to get into match. kept clicking rejoin match and it still wasn’t doing anything. then after about 10 seconds it took sr and put me on suspension. minute later while I sat in menus the game disconnected me from server…typically if it was my internet I was DC first but that never happened till after I loss SR and was suspended…never left menus ever through out the whole process

My error was as follows: game server failed to connect. I was just matched with a competitive game. not even started. I lost 50 sr and 2 hour ban on competitive matchmaking. How do you explain this??

The penalty still applies if you disconnect during the search queue or at the start of the game. This helps prevent “queue dodging” and to make sure those who have a malfunction do not play Competitive again right away without fixing the problem.

I know the logic behind the ban time. But earlier, disconnection led to 15 min ban for 1st game and increased thereby. This is not even my fault

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they don’t care, they don’t take responsibility for it. It’s always the players fault lmao

Even though we have clear evidence that Blizzard is at fault now that we have replays

Replays do not prove the cause of a disconnection.

even with replay someone could be sneaky and press alt f4 while moving to make it look like they “disconnected”

Even if the replay shows multiple players being disconnected throughout the game? And shows multiple players unable to move during disconnect while others are fine?

Because it still does not explain why those players left, only that they left.

Are you from Australia? There was an issue with an major network backbone hub, that affected multiple players yesterday. Which was a problem outside of Blizzard’s control.

Remember if you get disconnected, stop playing Competitive, and try to take the time to figure out if there is an active issue with your connection. Play several games of Quick Play before attempting to play Competitive again. If disconnections continue to persist, follow troubleshooting steps or check the technical support forums for help.

Stop playing competitive while already in a competitive game? Sure man.

And yeah, I’m sure 5 players just conveniently rage quit the same time during the first round, re-joined and then 7 players decided to rage quit at the same time again later in the game.

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“Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately.

Do you even realize how buggy Role Queue Beta is and how many legit disconnects and bugs are happening in the past weeks with it?!

This is not appropriate punishment. Being stuck in the Menu, without ever being able to enter the comp loading screen (which has been a bug documented in the Forums since 2018) is something Blizzard needs to fix and it is not appropriate to punish the players with an endorsement decline, SR loss (which doesn’t even vary but is always 50) AND a lockout.

“Are you from Australia? There was an issue with an major network backbone hub, that affected multiple players yesterday. Which was a problem outside of Blizzard’s control.”

It wasn’t just multiple players, it was the MAJORITY of players who disconnected. In my games, half of my team alone disconnected along with two players on the enemy team. I’m just one player of thousands and can count those DC’d players on two hands. Now multiply it appropriately.

It might be a problem outside of Blizzard’s control (not sure how it is outside of their control if it’s their servers) but it is NOT outside of Blizzard’s control to refund the SR lost to many, many Australian players on that day. You are arguing with ‘we can’t identify real leavers with DCers’, but if it’s a known issue, why not adjust the SR loss/penalties on accounts to find a middle ground?

Blizzard is not doing a great job to keep their loyal players in game if they stay completely oblivious to their server issues and bugs and don’t accommodate those who suffer from it even in the slightest.

Why would you lose 50 SR if you literally connect back to the match within 20 seconds? Why would you lose 50SR and get a stacking penalty if you never get into the match and are stuck in menu? There are many ways to find a solution.

Yesterday, everyone on XBOX LIVE was pulled out of their competitive games, costing 50 SR to each person across the board and administering a ban. And that happened about 45 minutes after the patch went live. It was very inappropriate.

Hi Bliz, completely understand that it is all but impossible to check how or why an individual left a match or if there is an infrastructure issue that is not something that bliz can control - so I understand and have no problem with the leaver penalty for individuals, However I cant believe it would be more than a few lines of code to dectect **that all 12 players left within seconds of each other ** and nullify any SR gains or losses appropriately. This would go a long way to restoring the faith and loyalty of us your adoring fans. (Keep up the awesome work - love the game despite situations like server wide disconnects pissing me off occasionally)