5v6 in OWL= pause or even a reset. MEEEEEEEEANWHILE

I agree let us tick s box if we happy to back fill… It’s not fair on losing team either.
Backfill should be an option in comp people opt into if they on with.
I would be happy for a match to be paused for 2-3 min if my team or other team had fair match.

You should just do comp for the gold weapons. SR isn’t worth the time spent on it.

Who the hell will want to backfill?

Nobody is going to feel shortchanged because a backfill was good enough to carry. If normal matchmaking rules applied to the backfill, that person could just as easily have been in the match anyway. And even if someone did feel that way, surely it’s better to wonder how much of an impact the backfill had on the result than to wholeheartedly know that the leaver lost their team the match.

It wouldn’t disrupt MM nor would it cause “unnecessary inflation”. Backfilling would account for a very small proportion of players across competitive. I’d count any (small) “inflation” as a valid and appropriate price to pay to offset the disappointment and frustration that playing <6v6 incurs.

IMO the only real problem with making a fair backfill system work is balancing the window for the leaver to rejoin with the time a game of comp takes. Some do make it back.

As for who would want to backfill, I think the sting would be dampened from the player knowing that they won’t lose SR but could gain it.


They could offer incentive if you back fill. Less SR lost if lose. free loot box. Yes some won’t care but some will be willing to do it.

In wow I was glad as a backfill in a dungeon as often was over fast.

They would need incentives around Sr loss or gains tho or not worth risk.

I’m sorry, and I’ll quote and screenshot this for later, but I’ve had at least two instances where I was on a group, everyone joined the match while one of the teammates was sent back to the main menu with an “Error starting game, trying again”, with the “Play” button retitled as “Rejoin Match”, and clicking it doing nothing. The teammate was still grouped, but they never connected to the match, resulting on the match’s cancellation, and penalty to the teammate, requiring them to restart the game so they could access the “Play” menu. So no. Not even when the errors you specified happen Blizzard takes the blame.

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Also, i call hella BS that you can’t tell the difference between a person hitting escape, and then selecting leave game or exit to desktop and then further clicking exit after the big red warning … and a disconnection.

Seriously what kind of terrible coders cant detect a player manually leaving vs a connection problem. Just a terrible excuse.

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So you want people to be forced to yank their internet cable instead of just quitting? Because it will change nothing. In the end you can’t differentiate between an intentional or unintended disconnect, so intentional and unintended leaves count the same.


Yes you can and yes, i want to force people to kill their connection. Why? Because it takes effort most wont do, those that know how anyway. Id wager a significant number of players don’t even know how.

Beside the point tho. There is no good reason to not have backfill.

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It is not possible to truly tell the difference between the legitimate disconnection and those who unplug their router.

Backfill is also something that is not likely to happen for competitive play, this is to ensure that the original pairing is fair for both teams. If a backfill came in and carried the team that had the leaver, especially if the other team was winning throughout the whole match, it would be unfair for the team that did not have to leaver.


Multiple people in this thread and others have pointed out that there are countless reasons to not have backfill in competitive.

And Blizzard is not going to waste effort coding in a even higher penalty for players who leave through the menu vs those who pull their internet.

If everyone in the thread disagrees with you, you may not have made a valid point.

Yes there is. Track the sockets timeouts on the servers and track the menu clicks on the client. Done.

If a player has rare socket timeouts, its probably just internet weather. If a player has a high number of socket timeouts its on purpose or a fixable networking issue, either way they shouldn’t be playing comp so ban them.

If you cant track menu clicks whilst also having a giant red warning screen then you have some busch league coders on staff.

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Not everyone disagrees. You don’t account for everyone.

I’m fine with the backfiller losing SR but you’d need to adjust the SR loss based on percentage time of the game.

yeah bro I’m sure you’d be saying this if you back filled into a team that just got rolled on A.

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No. No there isn’t. EVERYONE disagrees with you on this, because you are factually incorrect. Muting the thread because you are both bullheaded and wrong. I suggest reading a book.


Unfortunately they penalize every single time it happens, this is to ensure that those who do have a technical malfunction are encouraged to not continue to play competitive play. sorry but this is the way it works and it does help ensure that we have less leavers in more games of Overwatch.

As one of the forum MVPs, I see this argument quite often. And right now more players want more penalties and stop players from leaving games. Remember each time a player leaves, it affects 11 other players in that match.


Yes there is, if you knew anything about networking you’d laugh at the insinuation that it cant be done.

Give people a full days ban if they leave in the middle of a match.


In competitive, I wouldn’t mind seeing the game go into a pause limited to 1 minute the first time a player disconnects per team - so max 2 minutes of pause time. Under such a system I would also like to see the DC’ed player return to where they were when they disconnected instead of in the spawn room with no ultimate. After that minute, the game should resume but the DC’ed player should still be able to rejoin.

I would also like to see competitive get a ready check that pops up right before putting you into a competitive game so that players who alt tabed and missed the queue popping won’t cause the game to start and cancel out. That will hopefully make those matches where you roll the first fight only for the match to cancel much more rare.

that’s how they supposed to feel, they should feel ripped off, all of the players in that game, should feel ripped off if someone ruins the game of BOTH PARTIES. What you said basically meanS "Having a leaver in your team is your fault, not the enemy team and you should be responsible for that, that you are unlucky and it’s your fault to be unlucky. this is pure BS.