Overwatch World Cup to Return in 2023

Overwatch World Cup to Return in 2023

The competition will feature new ways of spotlighting countries and regions on a global scale!

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So looking forward to this.


Are we going to start getting data about these matches in the hero lab?

Having people be able to show off what is going on in these matches, and let people argue about stuff from them, that helps in getting the spotlight on them.

(I AM super happy that 2022 OWL data has been added!)

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:+1: Looking forward to it :+1:

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Too confident to still have enough players till then eh?


Balance the game first


Ok so in world cup do you still have contract players or will player be based on region?

ok just read it, this sounds fun, hoping my country is listed.

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This is huge, and one of things I thought that could really bring ow2 back, BIG W

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Huge. Looking forward to some local qualifiers in Australia like in 2017/2018.

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I didn’t know this was a thing

PLEASE release a Nigeria Flag player icon.


Why is there not a chance for every country to participate?


Will players have an option to buy country styled skins like USA Tracer or Germany Reinhardt ?


Korea versus


Waste of time and resources imo. They should estabilish a strong playerbase first. Otherwise, we’re just heading to a OW 1.5 where they start focusing on OWL too much and forgot about the core game and playerbase. That’s just my opinion, of course.

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Are we going to have more transparent rank statistics to be able to measure our progress when ranking up or down beyond the extremely vague, win 7/lose 20?

There is way more going on under the hood, and players are extremely confused on what is being measured in order to attain higher ranks. Having a Diamond prerequisite won’t mean much if players are constantly shifting rank “arbitrarily”.

Please please please give us a better system to gauge our placement, or else this tournament will just appear as another advertising/marketing shill.

World Cup?

Laughing out loud.

When all the players are from NA or Korea?

Not very global is it?

How you about you have a Korean Cup, that would be more appropriate I feel. Not that I’d want to watch it.


How does the competition committee work? What are the requirements to apply?

I’d like to participate somehow.

Nice… Players from 2021 are still waiting to receive their drops. I guess those what will afk in front of this tournament may receive their tokens by 2025 or 2026. Who knows ?