Overwatch World Cup to Return in 2023

Now that they have their BP and cash shop can we just stop with this OWL foolishness.

All it does is ruin the balance of the game and no one cares.

They make balance changes based on what would be fun for spectators to watch, before making changes that actually make the game playable.

Yay…I’ll just go ahead and congratulate South Korea now……

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OH YES! I’ve missed the world cup very badly, can’t wait to see it come back.

I’m super excited for the overwatch World Cup to return but please, please please please bring back the replay viewer. It was so cool to watch players from the different countries from their perspective of the player.

I don’t know if you recall, but USA were the winners of the 2019 World Cup. South Korea came third place., losing out to China.


I actually don’t think Korea does good in 5v5, I say US or EU takes it next year

Can’t wait to see more thrilling Winston - Sojourn - Reaper - Kiriko - Lucio matches

Blizzard, spend less time on things like this and more time on improving the actual game.


I am eager to see what new comps and weird plays we see from the best. Specially curious about who is going for each country.

Damn you can’t stop with the negative comments, can’t you?
OWC is gonna happen no matter what mate, chill.

Your 3 players world wide are eager to see it :))

So is this replacing OWL? I struggle to believe Blizzard can have these run simultaneously without cannibalizing each other.

At least not current Blizzard.

no. It is one more thing they are wasting money on instead of on the actual game.

Can you give us back LFG already

No one cares you do understand that.

time to save up all your tokens to get every single country skin for your favourite hero :skull:

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Who needs to spend money on the game when this playerbase pays them even after a 3 year content drought because they are so addicted to mediocre skins that you cannot even see yourself.

If I was Blizzard, I would keep money out of the game too. No point to invest in something that the playerbase is highly content with.

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You probably don’t watch sports judging by this response, but whenever it’s a World Cup, only nationals are allowed to represent each of the respective countries. For example, only Korean nationals are allowed to be on team Korea, and only team Korea, only people from USA are allowed to be on team USA etc…

At least an Overwatch cup I’m seeing, now, if you made skins for every country and released them… Just like the OWL skins…

Come on Blizzard, you already have 20€ skins, and this would be recolours, let us have a little bit of fun…


Didn’t USA win the last one?

Flukes/outliers happen…

whats the minimum age required for these tourneys. As I will be 17 during this world cup but wanna take part in some way