Overwatch wont launch

Hi, i’d really appreciate some help. When i open Battle.net and click ‘play’ on Overwatch, my whole screen will go black like the game is starting up but then it kicks me back to the launch screen on Battle.net and nothing ever opened. I’ve tried scan/repair, reinstalling, i’ve updated my drivers, i’ve reset in-game settings but none of these have worked. Please help

Hey TheBigToe,

This crash may be related to the known bug with Razer Chroma. Check out this post here and see if those steps help.

Hi, i have uninstalled Razer Synapse, Chroma, and i also removed the files that were left behind. Unfortunately though its still not opening, I still have the same problem.

Can you add your DxDiag here for further troubleshooting?

Looks like you’re still affected by the issue with the Chroma software.

Make sure after you completed the steps at this thread:

… that you reboot and make sure the files specifically mentioned there have been removed.

Thanks so much! Turns out i still had those files on my pc but they were just in other places. My problem has been solved though, i just opened Overwatch and it works. Thank you!

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