Overwatch supporting Call of Duty?

Try to convince me that it’s not. They only take statistical data from GM players. Guess they really don’t give a crap about the majority lol

Oh, wait, Activision.

I don’t play cod…How is this supporting it?

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GM is the most balanced area where everyone knows where the balance should be

Try talking to bronze players and they probably want reaper buffed like mad


If you aren’t near the top your hero choices are not dictated by the meta. You can pick whatever you want and the meta won’t be the top 15 reasons you win or lose. That is mot true at the top

I don’t really understand how this is supporting Call of Duty in any way, am I missing something? Unless you’re implying that Call of Duty also only takes statistical data from the top tier of players, in which case so what?

The top tier is where games are the most balanced, the lower you go the more anomalies in player behavior there are. At the top players fully understand the game balance and the current meta. Lower tier players don’t have the same understanding or just choose to ignore it in pursuit of personal enjoyment over meta play.

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You must be new to the entire concept of competition. You dont ask people who dont know how to play what changes should be made it’s common sense. For every single competitive game on the planet the developers seek input from the top players, not the scrubs.

The people who post here:

Are you having a giggle mate?