Overwatch should be 7v7

I’ll admit that I don’t know how hard this would be implement but it seems obvious to me that 7v7 is the way to go with a 2-3-2 format.

There is clearly a high demand to play dps. The only way to meet this demand is to increase the supply of dps slots, but most players would prefer at least two tanks and two healers per team; So the obvious solution, in my mind, is to just add a dps slot per team. Tanks & supports might even get some needed buffs to balance out the extra damage that they’ll have to fight against.


Jeff just said it’s technically difficult to go more than 12 players each match.

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Its doable
Im pretty sure they update their engjne for OW 2 so they can!

Its time for OW to move on from 6v6

They said that it’s not impossible, but would be “extremely” costly because of the technological restraints…The way he worded it made it sound like it’d be a herculean effort on their part.

As much as I’d love to see 2-3-2 happen (because I personally don’t like the idea of trading a tank slot for a dps slot, myself), I’m just going to assume that its something that we should never expect to see, or at the very least not anything we can expect within the near future.

Though I’m still going to hope it’s able to get implemented anyway.


I’m now starting to think that 7v7 is NOT to much to ask for.

They are making an Overwatch 2 and asking us to buy a new game. Maybe they should put the work in instead of just adding a campaign mode & just recycling the current multiplayer.

They are game developers creating a new game. “It’s too much work” isn’t getting sympathy from me anymore

I wish Blizz would go through with expanding their to allow for more players. Even if comp says 6v6, a ground war like mode would be cool.

7v7 and even many more players in one map has been done in custom games with little to no issues.
The only issue I see is consoles, which shouldn’t even dictate the PC side of things, which is the focal point.

Like they worked so hard till today. The game was kept from beign the top multiplayer game because they are slow (they probably need more people)

What i’m trying to say is that it would be only profitable for them to invest on OW.
It feels like they gave up at a certain point

Overwatch should be 4vTonsOfAIRoboys
Oh wait… That’s overwatch 2… Nevermind

overwatch should be No Limits

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It was already tried, and it was a spectacular failure. Pass.

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You are wrong. Overwatch needs to be 5v5, with two tanks, two supports and ONE dps.
DPS players need to stop pretending the game is centered around them.

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Tbh it shouldn’t be

If we ever get an availability for more than 12 per match, my guess would be following the release of OW2

We are all enjoying the content, devs can go dark and spend some of the immense cash they just made on ow2 and try a 14-16 person match.

Since OW2 will likey not be out in the next 10 months roughly by next Blizzcon this also offers time to plan so they can redesign OW2 to at least be technologically capable of 7v7

WoW raids consist of 2 tanks 7 healers and 16 DPS.

also, archetype heroes are generally DPS, not tanks nor supports

these two things are proof that 222 is not ideal. in practice nor in fantasy :slight_smile:

but I guess it is kinda true in D&D, so who knows?!

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Lol I’m down if supports don’t have to be healing bots

We need two Zen’s to just frag on support :eye::lips::eye:

yeah 7 would have been good but the game was designed around 6. Which is ironic because R6 Siege should have had 6 team members but they wanted an odd number. 2015-2016 was a weird time for game devs.