Overwatch players are weak

The WoW community largely acted the same because there wasn’t a viable competitor to it that could at all compete with the amount of content or the base level quality WoW had. The second a decent one entered the scene promising to improve upon WoW’s promises appears and actually shows that they’re willing to do it (alongside sponsoring the hell out of WoW streamers to transition), the community moves to a better solution.

What would you propose take that place for Overwatch players? A lot of players do play for fun, and unless you give them something to fill their days with worth learning, Overwatch fills that niche for them better than anything else.

But also this.

You went on about this in other threads, are you the guy who was hardstuck plat telling people higher than plat that no one above plat was real? Or were you the guy stuck in silver who was plat once upon a time claiming that they can’t rank up and it’s their teammates that are the problem?

Not to say that the ranked system is fantastic, but it is still a fair one. Everyone is just as likely to have bad teammates or a badly proportioned team as each other. Competitively speaking it is fair on average, and people who are better than their rank will win more often than they lose, and since it bases rank on wins vs losses, it will rank people pretty accurately.

Is it always correct? No. But over time with more and more data people will approach their true rank.

Should it be improved? Oh my god yes. It’s not good at the moment.



And as discussed by others. Mmr could still be affected by other game modes. If they were just a qp player, they could have improved drastically. The system has plenty of reason to rank them up.

Failing that. Outliers exist, a single screenshot isn’t proof of a conspiracy. You need a clear trend of data. A proper dataset.

Neither? I peaked masters and have spent most my time in diamond.

That’s not a ranked system. A system that’s puts bronze players in diamond and gold players in GM is not a ranked system, it’s casual quick play with medals. Ranked systems put similar skilled players in matches together. Diamonds and bronze players are far from similarly skilled.

This is not true anymore… because ranks don’t exist and just before I quit I deranked for winning more than I lost. There are plenty of high rank streamers saying they cannot take ranked seriously anymore either because they too understand blizzard has seriously destroyed thr ranked system.

I have provided proof that blizz is boosting players to fill out the less populated higher ranks, and it doesn’t take a scientist to understand when overwatch queue times are all 1 minute you are NOT getting competitive matchmaking.

MMR is not effected by other game modes, the devs have confirmed that. This is just you making up excuses because you don’t want to believe what the evidence I provided implies. I’m aware it’s one screenshot, I acknowledged that in my post and predicted responses such as yours which is why I provided an easy way for everyone to observe this themselves. If you are higher than Plat, examine profiles from players in your games and do the math on how they achieved diamond + and you will find that on average, half the players in all your games are boosted. This is extremely common and I could gather far more data on this if I wanted to spend the time doing that but it’s easier for me to just tell you to do it yourself.

Besides, if I did take the time to put a lot of evidence together, people like you would still make up excuses because it’s normalized these days to ignore objective truths and deny evidence that goes against what you want to believe. So I’m not going to waste my time. I provided the simple methods you can do yourself if you are actually seeking truth.

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OW players aren’t weak, they’re divided.

There are enough players who were never interested in the PvE so it being shuttled isn’t enough to spur us into action.

Even the changes to the store, or the switch to 5v5… while annoying… didn’t destroy the game in my eyes. It changed it to something different, but not necessarily something worse, and certainly not a worth a “gamers lets rise up!” moment.

The stuff happening with COD right now is a little different in my eyes. If any of you, or any streamer, were banned by blizz for saying something as innocuous as “leave kids alone”, then I’d stand with you.

been reading about that nickmercs thing. seems crazy how he got in trouble for saying a simple statement about “leave the kids alone.” i guess people interpeted it in different ways but still i think that activision took that too far and its just trying to cover its butt. its hurting their “stocks and dollar” $$wallet$$ now which is the funny part

still i cant really relate to that issue since im not a streamer and just a guy who logs on a video game to play it. maybe politics of gaming is the problem. a lot of the time i kind of wish i never visited any social media platform regarding a game. just the instruction booklet lol… and then play the game to have fun. not read about so or so did this or that

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Huh. Nevermind I must have been confusing you for the other guy with that pfp.

No. It’s a ranked system. A ranked system with a terrible matchmaker.

It still is true. I’ve played a hell of a lot of matches. The lowest I’ve been matched with at masters is high plat, the highest I’ve faced is top500. It’s typically a game of high diamond to low gm for me and that’s fair enough.

Ranks do still exist. When my silver friend plays the people she plays with ranges from bronze to gold. When I play on my dps I get into games within 3 divisions of my rank. Etc. etc.

Maybe you’ve had a pretty bad streak of it, but my experience differs incredibly to you.

The people in top500 also have to deal with the fact that there is not enough people at their rank to form games. The match maker actually has to give them players down in masters and the like to fill their games. But this is rare for those in those lower ranks because population differences.

I mean. I’m not going to disagree that the queue times could stand to raise a minute or four.

But that doesn’t mean people are being boosted. Those rank sectors are percentage based since the win/loss rates form a distribution pattern. For every person boosted there, another must fall.

  1. Mind giving me a source for the article or stream or whatever where I can find the devs stating that? No offense but I’d like to double check.

  2. Fair enough. I’ve just never really had a reason to, anyone doing badly was pretty easily explained by them just having a bad day. Will check in the future.

  3. If it is so common, getting more screenshots shouldn’t be difficult. You know it’s easy, yet you refuse to add more information that you know would make your point dramatically stronger?

All I am going to say is get me in a room alone with Hearthstone guy and Roadhog rides again. Other than that, I am not sure what you want me to do. Listening to all the Post Rock in the world wouldn’t save this game.

It’s lower I promise you. Plat is just what they appear to be but you’re not taking blizzards mass boosting into account to fill out higher rank pop.

Low ranks are probably the only real ranks now because population is so high down there.

Again, you’re not taking boosting into account. S1 OW2 we had 15 minute tank queues 7 minute dps queues 1 minute supp queues and balanced matchmaking. S2 we had 1 minute queues across the board. How did they achieve that? If you examined profiles you saw bronze players in diamond games, gold players in GM games etc.

If they ever fixed matchmaking we would have long queue times again but they never did. The only difference is blizzard boosted players to cover it up but matchmaking is no different than how it was in S2.

That would mean I would have to play the game again. Maybe I will but if I do I’m taking it further and try to make a viral video about it. I’m not trying to prove this in a court of law though so as of now I don’t really care if you believe me or not. You can see for yourself by looking deep into profiles if you want to. If blizzard continues to boost players every season though I’ll definitely do it.

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Understandably I will need to see a dataset of some kind before accepting this at face value.

Eh… Heavy disagree. They’re even more inconsistent. I’ve seen it during my vod reviews of lower ranked players.

See. I’d agree with you if the games like this didn’t feel relatively well balanced. Are there outliers? Yes, but I haven’t seen enough evidence yet to label it boosting.

Except the population is higher. We were at 90 minute queues at one point near the end of OW1 in Australia. And the match quality wasn’t exactly better.

You know what fair enough.

Can you accept that I may do this, and come to a different conclusion than you? And that’s ok for us to disagree in the end?

I can’t stand these shills that still play and defend the game. As for me I’m out I’ve uninstalled after the PvE lies.

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No one boycotted WoW. People stopped playing because the game wasn’t fun anymore. The decline in players was pretty steady until Shadowlands where it accelerated because the expansion was just that bad.

People quitting a game isn’t a “boycott”. The people who quit didn’t return despite Dragonflight, allegedly, being a pretty good expansion. They just quit. I’m not boycotting Diablo 4, I just didn’t buy it because I don’t think I’d like it. Neither did I boycott WoW when I quit in Legion.

Ah, a community standing up for transphobia. Now that is something to be proud of, amirite?

Oh man :rofl: I love internet activists talking about boycotting video games :joy:

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No they didn’t. FF14 rarely has more than 20k players on. Completely different audiences.

COD cancels Nick Mercs and removes his character from the game > players and streamers mass uninstall

someone pull up that “Modern Warfare II Boycott Steam Group” page where like 95% of the members were playing it.

yeah it’s only the 4th top selling and 11th most played game on Steam right now (not even counting Bnet or console players).

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Except DF was planned out and being worked on for years before any of this happened…

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And yet you’re on this forum every day lol

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I’m not spending any of my money in any Blizzard games. When they can’t show respect to their players or staff I just don’t want to support these games.
Blizzard can pander how much they want to ESG for some easy points but us players are not stupid and we understand that they do this in case some new scandals leaks out in the future.
This is the same company that has

  1. Been in lawsuits for doing things to their staff (paid 35 million to settle claims)
  2. Canceled the OW PVE because PVP draws in more profit
  3. Went up on stage for a PC audience and tried to push a mobile phone game and spoke down to them when it was rejected. You could spend 100k dollars in the game or grind for 10 years to get the stuff.
  4. The same company that fired around 900 staff after record profits
  5. Appears on the most overpaid CEOs list and paid themselves millions of dollars in bonus to themselves after firing the staff
  6. The same company who banned a Hearthstone player and took his price money for supporting human rights in HK

I hope more people wake up and stop supporting and defending this company. This company doesn’t care about anyone. No matter how hard they will try to make you believe it’s the case, remember that they don’t care about anyone, not their players or their staff. The only thing that’s important for Blizzard is to increase their higher ups salary.
DO NOT support Blizzard with any purchases.