Overwatch players are weak

WoW sucks and devs ignore all player feedback > Community boycotts and moves in masses to FF14. This got the devs to start listening to the community and dragonflight succeeded because of it.

COD cancels Nick Mercs and removes his character from the game > players and streamers mass uninstall

Overwatch devs delete a tank make the game worse for everyone but dps, delete ranked and replace it with QP with medals, tell us we’re getting a huge pve mode coming later this year to generate hype then come out and say it’s canceled and they’ve known it was canceled since back when they told us it was coming > Overwatch players “OMG I HATE YOU BLIZZARD! OMG COOL SKIN TAKE MY MONEY!”


basically yeah that’s the concept of us

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I wouldn’t really call Dragonflight successful but yeah, they did try to fix some of the issues.

Overwatch players complain and the devs care about little other than money, hence why whenever a big issue comes along and the community starts to complain, they make extreme radical changes like Role Lock and “OW2” to make it seem like they care but most likely are doing it to get some momentary hype and profit.


They’re two separate groups of people.

Just as there are still WoW players and there are still CoD players who buy microtransactions and play, there are still OW players who do the same.

There are also those of us who quit.


I just wish this community would organize a boycott…it’s well overdue. I miss overwatch. It’s my most played game of all time, but I just can’t bare to play it anymore. So many problems.


Rank is still here? Also there is OQ too

But the overpricing of skins are rediculous.

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That’s because overwatch has a PvP game we’ve already been psychologically trained and have accepted overwatch as a pvp game yeah PvE not coming as it was promised and being lied to is definitely bad and we should definitely hold that against them.

Overwatchs pve has always been lack luster we get our skins we get our titles and then we move on. Thought there are a lot of people out there who really care about pve still there’s not enough people who do to go to the extents of what your talking about within the current environment.

Essentially rioting for a PvP game about PvE when we’ve already payed for and accepted a pvp game for so long.

Am I saying your emotions or invalid? No. Am I saying we should just ignore and move on no.

Your just missing multiple psychological requirements that would require players to get on board with this.

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I disagree about your feelings on weak OW players, but I hope you find a game you like. It probably is hard to let go after playing so much. WoW was the same for many.Good luck out there! HAPPY Gaming


No, it’s an illusion. I dove deep into the ranked system and found it’s just straight up fake. A ranked system puts you with other similarly skilled players and you play with and against better and better players the more you win. OW2 puts bronze players in diamond games, gold players in GM games etc. It’s just not a ranked system. Matchmaking is no different in ranked than it is in QP. More info and proof here Exposing Blizzards Boosting


Outside of matchmaking itself still being messed up the rank bugs have actually been fixed. Yes I know the people have already been boosted but they are dropping back to there original ranks its just gonna take a minute.

I don’t think most people are saying “OMG I HATE YOU BLIZZARD!” Just people on these forums. Which is like .0001% of the player base, lol.

It’s more like “PvE is cancelled that sucks! But I still have fun playing this game, and wow that skin is cool take my money!”

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If there was another hero shooter as high quality as OW2 that would happen here too.

But in this genre there’s no FF14 to WOW.


pretty sure they boosted ranks in s4 to match your rank icon to your mmr. So if ur mmr is diamond ur getting the diamond title. Also why does everybody show ow1 seasons like people can’t improve?

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Calling OW players weak is a bit rude, don’t you think? Not everyone feels the way you do. Believe it or not, many people like OW2 more than OW1, myself included.


has been like this for years and that is why the game has been bad for so long.


It’s because people in there games are playing this way or that way or some way they don’t like. But tbh there could be a lot of things going on. For example I went from plat to masters on support. Whenever there’s no one in coms however I play like a bronze player.

The way I climbed in overwatch 2 was that U developed a all new way to use Baptiste Ultimate that wasn’t even used by pro players or even owl that I called “Ult breaking” heck apparently it’s actually became semi popular I’ve even noticed ashes will hold there bobs for entire games until they see a Baptiste use window.

There’s also the addition of new heros and how heros change, legit only reason I never climbed in ow1 was because of symmetra and double shield or pirate ship something people would always fall back on. If I had “true skills” I could of out player her. But thats the thing thats not a skill comp and heck if no ones in vc you kiindda just lost all 2cp maps against sym.

Even in ow2 people still do it and you can still see people on the forums complain about it. And this is the difference between ow1 and 2 now I don’t need to do quantum physics to figure out how to play against double shield bastion sym and hit every single sleep and do this and that with Bap to actually do something now I can just kill people.

There’s like so many things different in ow2 (entire maps and a entire hero being removed and new heros added) that people just don’t factor in. I was hard stuck gold/plat in ow1 on tank you know how I got to diamond? WITH JUNKERQUEEN DURING HOG ORISA META! On my profile I maintain a 56-57 as of right now a 58% win rate this season with jq. These people meanwhile have the nerve to telle I don’t deserve to climb then when I open they profiles its zarya dva season 1 and hog orisa season 2. Heck I could of probably abused op broken crap as well in ow1 if I was that kinda person. And then got on my own high horse about how people are so boosted and bad and yada yada. That’s all they do in higher elos anyways is abuse meta. But I just found that boring.

I legit didn’t notice how much fun I wasn’t having in ow1 until ow2 now it feels like everything I do actually has some meaning or some purpose. There are 5 people on the enemy team all I have to kill is 1 this is a big factor in ow2 you only got to kill 1 person so hay if Im missing shots or if I die and get outskilled a lot of the time unless my teams really bad there’s no one to blame but myself.
I’ve lost a lot of games because of 1 major mistake I’ve made. But hay at least now I could of won had I not made those mistakes.

You know what my mistake was in ow1? Not getting a stack and going freaking pirate ship or double shield and tping to point every game whenever I started losing…

(Sorry that was longer then I intended read it if you wish can’t really do a tldr).

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To protest your ridiculous post, I just proved you wrong.

I budgeted $25 a month for OW1. I don’t have kids or a partner, and my dogs are extremely pampered.

I am STILL spending the same amount of money to show Blizzard their poor decisions won’t affect me. I just bought 2.2k gold. Boom :exploding_head:


Nope that’s proven false with the screen shots in my post. That person didn’t even play enough to place rank the first 2 seasons of OW2, played 10 games S3 and were gold 2 right where they left off in OW1, then S4 they’re diamond 5 for winning 2 games with a 20% win rate. Best case scenario if they won all 10 of their season 3 games, which is very unlikely, that should only be 250 SR which would have put them in plat 5.

Idk how much you guys have to be lied to by these devs to believe they’d manipulate ranked in shady ways too. Blizz are literally the shadiest devs on the planet right now. Sad that some people still can’t see that.

You can’t exactly organize a boycott when only A FRACTION OF A FRACTION of the playerbase actually participates in forum discussions on any and all platforms.

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I for one am the only console player on the forums (ps4).

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