Overwatch Patch notes : Mei, Reaper buffed, Moira fixes and Zen and Dva nerfs


New PTR Update with and the patch notes


The only support nerfed was zen?


What? Moira didn’t get any nerfs. If anything they’re buffs


Tbh I’m just happy moira’s visuals got fixed



“Moira fixes”

looks at patch notes

Oh… they are literally fixes, and not “fixes”. Good job Blizzard not caving in to whiners!


when moira is the top picked support everywhere outside of bronze and gm
but then zen gets the nerf instead
lol and moira mains say that they are oppressed when they are the child of the support category despite the hate towards her
not fond of the zen nerf rn, lets try and see what happens
call me crazy but sometimes i legit feel that the drama queens yelling about “DONT NERF SUPPORTS!!!” 24/7 are the ones indirectly causing this with all the negative energy they expell from their posts resulting in exactly the opposite thing they want