Overwatch lost its identity

Your heroes stand around playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.

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You do need to sit back a bit and try to see why they are removing it.
In a 6v6 setting you got a second tank to either support you or your team.

In 5v5 freeze would be generally a death sentence for the one tank. Sleep Dart can miss or be blocked in some way. You can’t really miss freeze on a tank.

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I mean, on a tank you’re not really going to miss. You can miss-time it, sure, but you can also shoot it from all the way across the battlefield, whereas Mei needs to get in your face to freeze you.

What I saw of the 5v5 tanks seemed somehow even more depressing than what we have in 6v6. I’m not holding high hopes.


I personally don’t mind freeze going, I just have an issue with it being removed which is alot of utility for Mei (crowd control, ability blocking/disabling, stopping ults, bringing down shields etc.) and replacing it for a budget sym/zarya left click with less range and harder to use

It’s keeping the slow… so there’s that.

From Jeff’s post on a 3/2/1 experiment that evidently morphed into 5v5

The devs themselves admit to changing their base thinking on the game. Maybe not on the specific things you addressed, but definitely feeds into them


Hardly, if you look at the slow it’s like being hit by 1 tick which is basically pointless. They also better buff her ult to what it used to be because in it’s current state if you don’t stack left click with the ult you aren’t freezing anyone.

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My concern for it is the primary damage still being bad. It works with freeze because it holds a target in place to use your awkward secondary. That doesn’t work well if it only slows a target. It’s damage would have to be significantly higher and capable of actually killing something on its own

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Blizzard might stay the same. The main thing that was lost was the ability to guarantee a long freeze on one person.

I think people will still pathetically run from a Mei m1-ing them tho.

It looks like it is higher from what I saw during the presentation stream.

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It’s that creepy smile. No good can come from looking into that demon’s eyes.

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I know they were going to fiddle with it. I only hope it’s enough to be taken seriously


If blizzard stays the same it will become the worse ult in the game. It’s hard enough getting value with things like bubble and hyper mobility in the game right now with being able to stack M1, without it you’ll literally just be solo ulting.

It is higher.

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Idk, but some of the changes were actually complaints from people in the past, if I recall.

People used to rely too heavily on shields and now have to use them in more careful manners (somewhat) and start to use natural cover.

I actually prefer Valk over Mass Rez lol… killing a whole team just for them to come back in is pretty crappy if you’re the opponent, and I think Valk is implemented well.

Disposable armor as a regular ability had to go lol, Brigette and Torb benefited much more from fights with those abilities IMO. Rally is cool for an ult, and Torb’s overheat ability is decent since it only lasts for some time and then reverts to normal

People hate hack too, but if they take that away from Sombra she’ll def need a rework.

And I’m all for DF becoming more than a niche pick one day lol

I don’t mind the changes too much, outside of the loss of 1 tank in the near future.

It’ll be definitely harder to use it during a match. Zoning is one main method I see people use it in or during a push on payload. Making an area around the objective a danger zone is one of the best ways to use Blizzard in my opinion.

Honestly overwatch fell on release with it identity from a core gameplay perspective, they pitched the idea that play will have switch character and told in order to overcome obstacles but yet everything about the game makes switching mid game a terrible idea


My take on why it’s lost it’s magic:
Not teaching the community how to play the game, steer the community and very slow patching in the first 3-4 years

Tank is till this day the most underdeveloped role in this game. Blizzard never really steered the community and they let the community run with the game.
In other games it can work, because the audience is very focused, Overwatch on the other hand is very heterogen with many different ideas.


The only part I can agree with is hitscans/burst always feeling too dominant these days. Most of your other points feel like a good direction. I don’t want an Overwatch where barriers and sustain rule and the game is painfully slow and nothing dies. Thats what Total Mayhem is for.

The heroes who are designed to screw over tanks are being reworked for OW2? Good. I think a rework for Sombra/Mei is in the best interest for both them and tank players in OW2. I’m worried that just the extra freeze damage won’t be enough for Mei, but I’m sure all those details are subject to change.

Bap is barely any different from launch. Do you miss Immortality lasting 8 seconds or something?

i wish it was the OWL to blame for this.

the problem stims from the lower ranked players that…make these kinds of posts. early in overwatches life, it was filled with some weird and crazy heroes. but the thing is low elo players love to complain. so theyd nerf things under the guise of “pick rates and statistics”

for instance genji right now is largely the same as he was during season 1, the only real difference these people would notice are the lack of triple jump, the animation cancel combo (that only high elo people even used) and the shorter duration of dragon blade. his weapon does the same dmg, and while the spread on his alt fire was changed most players wouldnt of noticed. yet genji is considered to be one of the weakest dps in the game by anyone above plat. genji is a time capsule of overwatch, he was nerfed at a time when zen boosted dmg by 50% then never buffed to make up for it because people love to complain.

pharah got several nerfs in a similar manor, such as her splash dmg being nerfed or her jet fuel being nerfed. nerfs that largely didnt make sense because she was brain dead easy to kill.

years of this has put blizzard in a tough spot. on top of all of the weird nerfs they also created heroes like brig, and even over tuned heroes like mei/mccree (mei got several buffs over the years) all too try and balance things and failing.

in the eyes of people, a hitscan being strong isnt near as bad as u can dodge there bullets. the only reason ppl complain about widow or mccree is because they can one shot you, different ways to do it mind you but they both can. no one complains about ashe now that she cant 1 tap with dmg boost.

people have complained about CC since launch (which is a valid complaint) and with the development of overwatch 2 they finally have an incentive too reduce it. and probably rework heroes like tracer/doomfist so you dont need as much of it.

at the end of the day, blizzard has no idea what too do. years of nerfing dps and buffing tank/support; means that with the big 5v5 change they have to solve a problem that they created when you had 3 tanks.

an over abundance of CC with that CC being a key aspect of certain heroes identity.

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The root issue in OW is hypermobility; they refused to tone back Tracer in particular which leads to many, many issues in the game.


come on man, even THEY told us why tor bw as changed, his armor backs were either there when you were winning, or not there when you were losing

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